Change Your Life

Emma Sullivan and Ella Tomlinson have been friends all their life. But what happens when Louis starts to develop feelings for Emma? Will she feel the same way or will she and Louis remain friends.


2. 2. Suspended

Emma's P.O.V.

ding ding ding, i heard the bell ring meaning it was time for lunch! Finally! I walked to my locker and got my lunch. As i was walking down to the lunch room i saw Ella walking down as well, "Hey Ella! Wait up!" i yelled. Ella is my all time best friend, we have been friends since birth. Yes i know her brother is part of a big boy band  One Direction, but i don't care. I mean i grew up with Ella and Louis as my neighbors. "Hey Emma!" Ella replied We waled down to lunch and sat down at our usual table where we always sit and then randomly a group o f guys came over and sat down. Not just any group of guys, it was the mean guys. Adam, Alex, Terrance, Steve, Bradley, and James. They sat down and Terrance said "Move.'" "Excuse me?" i said "You heard him," said Alex "Move." "Yeah this is our spot now." added Steve. "What?!?!" said Ella getting frustrated "This has always been our spot! Why do you want to sit here now?" "Because we want to okay? You got a problem with that?!" said Adam getting all up in our face. "Yes i do." i replied and by now the whole lunch room had focused their attention on us and was watching. "Oh really and what are you gonna do about it? huh?" said James as he took a bowl of spaghetti off of someone's tray and dumped it on my head. The whole lunch room gasped in shock "What the fuck was that for?!?!" i screamed wiping the spaghetti off of my head. "oh nothing." said James. "Why do you always bother me and Ella, Terrance? We never did anything to you." "Just think." replied Terrance implying that something had happened between us. Then it all came back to me, Terrance and i used to date all through out secondary school (middle school) and all of freshman year. I was popular up until this year and i couldn't figure out why, now i know; its because Terrance and i broke up. "Did you remember yet?" asked Terrance "Yeah i remember." i replied matter-of-factly . "What do you want from us?" asked Ella "I came to get my girl back." "First of all, i'm not your girl," i said "And second, i would never date you again." "Oooh" said the whole lunch room. "Rejected" said Ella giving me a high-five. "Ugh shut up bitch." Alex said to Ella dumping orange juice on her. "That's it!" i yelled slamming my hand on the table and jumping out of my seat. "You guys need to just fucking back off and leave us alone! And leave Ella out f this! This is something between me and Terrance okay! And Terrance i don't even know why the fuck i dated you in the first place you are such a fucking dick!" i screamed at them my face red of anger. "OH really that's how you feel?" said Steve throwing his fist at me and before i knew it we were all fighting. I punched Bradley in the stomach so hard that he fell to the ground, then James jumped on my back and i threw him on to the table and started to slap him across the face. Ella shoved a pizza in both Adam and Alex's face and then pushed them to the ground. Now all that was left was Terrance and Steve. Steve punched me in the face and Terrance just stood by watching us. Ella jumped on Steve's back and started to fight with him.The Terrance casually walked over the me and stood real close to me and pushed his dick up to my body and whispered, "You know watching you fight turns me on. Why don't we go to the bathroom." he had a huge grin on his face "You asshole," i said loudly so everyone could hear "You actually thought i would fall for you again?.  And then when i rejected you you thought that you could impress me by pushing your nonexistent  dick on to me." then i grabbed his shirt and pulled him closer to me and held my fist up to his face. Then, of course perfect timing, the vice principle walked in and Terrance said loudly "Please," he made himself seem scared "Don't hurt me Emma."  the vice principal looked over in our direction and saw the guys all over the floor and me about to hit Terrance. "Ms. Sullivan and Ms. Tomlinson a word please," she said with a harsh tone "In my office." "B-but Mrs.-" Ella started to say "Now." she commanded  cutting Emma off. I let go of Terrance's shirt and we walked to the office, i looked back at Terrance and he was smirking. 


Ella's P.O.V. 

We were walking to the vice principles office, Emma still had spaghetti all over her and my hair was still wet. We walked into the office and sat down. "Now girls can you explain to me what happened out there?" "We were just eating lunch and then they came over and told us to move." Emma started to explain "So you beat them all up?" asked the Vice Principle looking confused. "No," i jumped in "We told them that we weren't going to move and we kinda started to verbally fight." the vice principle nodded motioning us to keep explaining. "Then, James dumped spaghetti on my head."  Emma said pointing to the spaghetti on her. "I see," replied the vice principle "I still don't understand why you guys were fighting. It doesn't seem like you girls to start a fight or even be involved in one." "We didn't start the fight," I explained "We kept like verbally fighting and then Alex dumped orange juice on me. So Emma stood up and yelled at them, then Steve punched Emma, and before i knew it we were fighting and then you showed up." "Yeah, we didn't mean to get in a fight. We should have just walked away and left them. It was really immature of us. Were sorry."  "Well girls i will have to call your parents and tell them what happened and then i will speak to the boys and hear their story. Then i will call you all back in here when i have made my decision on what to do." "Okay, thank you." i said kindly before we exited her office. We went to clean up in the bathroom and then went to sit in the waiting room of the office. 

~time passes~

We were called back into the vice principles office and sat down in the chairs in front of the desk, the boys were standing in the back. "Well Ms. Sullivan and Ms. Tomlinson thank you for joining us again sorry for the wait."  "No problem." "Well i have made my decision," she said looking at all of us "I have decided to suspend all of you," "What?!?!" i said shockingly "Let me finish Ms. Tomlinson," the vice principle "Girls, you will be suspended for three days and boys, you will be suspended for two weeks." "But-" Alex started to say "I'm not done," said the vice principle "When you guys all come back to school you will each have detention for a week and group counseling sessions for two weeks so you guys will get along better." "But Mrs.-" "No buts Mr. Tomlinson my decision is final. You may leave boys i wish to speak to the girls alone one last time." the boys left the room. "Now don't worry girls none of this will go on your record however i was required to make consequences for both groups. Just think of this as a break from school for five days." "okay thank you." said Emma standing up. We walked out of the room and to our lockers. "Wanna come over to my house?" i asked "Yeah sure wait outside at the bench for me." Emma replied. "Okay see you there!" i said opening my locker. 


Emma's P.O.V. 

I walked to my locker and started to gather my stuff. Then, my annoying locker neighbor showed up, Alex. "So," he said closing my locker and standing in front of me "Have you changed your mind about Terrance yet?" "No i haven't and i never will, hes a dick." "He still loves you," Alex said "He could make you and Ella popular again." "So? What do i care? So why do we care?" i said walking away from him and as i turned the corner i ran right into Terrance. "You just couldn't stay away could you?" He said grinning. I groaned and pushed away from him he pushed me up against his locker and put his hands on my waist, "You know you missed me. C'mon admit it." i struggled to push him away "What is it going to take for you to leave me alone?" i asked still struggling to free myself "A kiss." whispered Terrance, by no his whole gang had showed up. Lunch had just finished and everyone was flooding the hallways but stopped when they saw me and Terrance. I sighed "Fine. One kiss, but i'm not kissing back." "works for me." Terrance said immediately slamming his lips on mine. 

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