The Summer to Remeber

hey ashley here this is my first fan fic hope u like its ganna be about harry after a tragedy meets this girl who changes his life


1. The talk

Harrys POV

Today was a afful day me and the boys got in to a fight but not one of those fights tht we make up right after it was a real one Zayn acttually said He's thinking about leavin the band because of it. I'm here laying down on my bed wondering what if the band breaks up what about all the work we put in to it the fans those Up All Nights LWWY alll tht down the i just start to close my eyes and fall asleep....


Were back stage about to go on when louis comes gets us in to our regular huddle like before every concert "lets go out there and sing our hearts out have fun LWWY haha LET'S DO IT!!!!" Louis says. Were on stage havin the most fun we've every had on stage. Tonight was special i had a feelin when the concert was done we said our thank yous and for the fans comin out to see us to the band and it was over. "WOOO about the best concert ever right" Niall says "Yeah what do say tonight we go to my place SLEEEP OVERRRR" louis says "SLEEEPOVERRR" we alll say so were on our way to louis flat it looks cleaner than ever Elenour must be here.Were walkin in his flat and is greated by elenour seee i new she was here Elenour litteraly tackles louis like she hasen't seen him in like foever "I missed u to babe" louis says cheekily "So what u guys wanna do" zayn says "wait i just rember i hav a special surprise for u guys" louis says "and whats that " elenour says "A SURPRISE" louis then gets in his car and leaves elenour attamatically got he fone called louis "Louis where are u goin"

"SURPRISE" then hanges up the phone then we suddenlly get a knock at the door 'Hello im here to inform u tht there was a terrible accedent " NO no no no no louis" elenour starts saying though her tears WE alll confert her then i run out the dooor just runnn there alll yelling but i just ignore it im running and then i see red and blue lights a smashed up car to the side of the rode then see louis car tears statrt formin in my eyes i look in the car but seee noone in there i look in the ambulance see who i think is the guy tht smashed louis car hes face is busted up cuts on the head neck arm "What are u doin back there" a guy yelles " Im looking for louis " "oh" his face starts to saden "he's.....He's gone " "noooooo no " i falll to my kness crying non stop

~End of Dream

i wake up sweaty as ever i could feel my hair stickin to my for head so i stipped down got in to a cool shower ahhhh felt so good washed away all the worry then i get a knock at the door " Harry come down stairs ok we all need to talk"i hear louis softly say so i get of the shower decide to put on a black te and some black skinny jeans my white converse my beanie and go down stairs "Guys this needs to stop okay i dont want all this fightin and goin it seperate rooms what happened what to alll the fun things we used to do what to the Up All Nights and havin the best job in the world " louis says "were so caught up in work were taking it out on our selves " louis says we nod and start sayin sorry and we'll try our best to keep it together . So i suggest w e go get som luch cause i was staving niall of course loves food and is the first one in the car we all start laughin he ran so quick to on our way to nandos and louis start to sing

Were on our way to nandos

ganna eat till were stuffed

dont care how much we spe-end

niall joins in soon enough were all sining it haha "WERE HERE " niall yells he litterally is the first one out of the car haha practically knocks this girl down luckly she moves aside of the crazy blone boy haha were in nandos

okay thts it but tell me if u want me to update and what i should add


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