All Around The World

What happens when two teenagers get to travel the world together?
Justin Bieber is the most popular guy in school. Summer Elliott is the little goody two-shoes girl, that he had been bullied for her whole life.
if she changes, will he fall for her? and will she loose herself?
what happens when stronger feelings than hate gets in the way?
Turn your brain off and experience it yourself.


11. The beach

Summers POV


As the sun rised in of the window, i woke up. Justin was still asleep, so i went to the bathroom and showered. It was a long nice shower, washing all of the the old me off. I had to do what he wanted, but still play hard to get. I had to make him love me, so that  could hurt him, as much as his words hurt me.


I put on a loose white top, which stopped at half of my stomach, showing a bit of cleavage, and then a high waist flower printed skirt, with bare legs. i put on my make-up, but a little more than i was used to. i had to say i looked good. i let my hair hang loose, in a kind of messy way, splittet on the center of my head.  


I made some breakfast, and cleaned to couch, and put the the blankest in the bedroom. god, Justin looked so perfect while sleeping. I really wanted to cuddle up to him, forgetting about everything, just by looking at his angelic sleeping face. 


Therefor, to stop my way of thinking i went over to the windows and pulled the curtains away, making the sunlight rush into the room, like a wave of lighting covering the room.


Justins POV


suddenly i felt some burning my eyes. i opened them and light was all over my room. i sat up for 5 seconds until my eyes could start to see again. there she stood, like a godess surrounded by light. she looked at my smiling. "goodmorning" she said, sitting down next to my. "morning" i said smilling, trying to give her my best flirting look, but the sleep conquered my look and i fell back, covering my face with blanket. "why did you wake me up?" i asked from under the blankest. 


"Its time to get up" she replied, getting up, from the bed. I uncovered myself, looking at her while she was walking away. she had a really nice booty, in that skirt! damn, i could do her!


I got up, and put some shorts on, and then went out to get some breakfast.


Summers POV


He came out, without a shirt on, showing his muscular body, moving forward looking at me. "have you made breakfast?" he asked me, looking wierd in his face. "yes..?" a said a bit confused on how he questioned my ways of cooking. "its just, that have roomservice you could call." he said sitting down, grabbing some of the food. "but that expensive justin.. its cheaper to just it ourselves!" i said, starting to wash my own dishes. "money is not a problem" he started. "my parents could buy this hotel if they wanted, so just enjoy the luxury, im giving you" he said smilling.


he was right.. i shouldn't be spending my time on this, when i had it all. it was actually a bit nice. I felt kinda like a princess!


"so, what do you want to do today?" i asked, while sitting down at the table looking at him. "seriously? we are gonna do what i want?" he said, with a look of disbelief. "sure! i mean.. i have decided all the other days, and i think it time to have some fun." i said, trying to look as sweet as possible.


Justins POV


I couldn't believe it. she MUST have bought a new personality along with all the clothe she bought, yesterday. she was so, incredibly attractive. man.. this was it.. I had to bang her!


"well.. i think we should go back to bed and we do some workout" i said while winking at her. 


Summers POV


YES! seriously i ttok a night ans a morning, and he wanted my body. great, now i can finally put the facade away, and start being a cold, sexy bitch that he will never get.


"keep on dreaming bieber!" I smiked. "lets go to the beach!" i said very exited. "well, thats also a possibility. lets do that" he said and went to the bathroom, to brush his teeth.


i packed a bag ang put on a long white spring coat, and some brown shades and plateau ballerinas. when he came out he smiled at me. "you really got some cool new outfit, elliott. i suits you" he said and went on to go and pack.


when we came down to the beach, there were a lot of people. it was a really hot summer day. there were also a lot of cute guys, with great bodys. of course no one, as cute as justin. he was beyond handsome. we put down a blanket to sit on and we started to remove our clothe.


Justins POV


this was the moment i had been waiting for. she was going to remove her clothe. she took it off, and she was only in a little white bikini, showing how perfectly tan she was. damn she looked hot. we sat down and started to put on some sunscreen. she looked so hot touching her whole body. "Justin.. can you put some on my back?" she asked me. She didn't even have to ask, i was doing it in my head, almost. "of course" i said and she turned her back to me, when i started to put it on her. damn, it felt good. i could do it for ages! "done. can you get my back now?" i asked. "no, i want to go in the water" she said, running off into the water. She had left me on the blanket, so i decided to follow her. she was running into the water as far as could, until I saw she fell. she didn't get her head, down the water though.. 


I went out to while she was calling. "COME ON JUSTIN! you have to get out it, so cold, but you get used to it!" she was splashing around water and i saw how her boobs were moving up and down, to the rhythm of her body. she was gorgeous.
When I got close to her she started to splash some water on me. I did the same, catching her and holding her. "say im sorry justin, i will never splash water on you again, and you're extremely hot!" i said. "or else i wont release you". she started to fight to get loose, when i hold her even tighter. "aaauuuccchhh. justin you're hurting me, so strong you are". she said. music to my ears. "well, then i guess you have to say what i told you to" i sid smirking holding on to her even tighter. "aahhh.. okay.. im sorry justin, I will never splash water on you again.. aahh.. you really hold me tight" she said. I squeezed her i little tighter. "aaaahhhhhhh!!!!! please justin!!.. uhm, okay.. what was the last.. uhm.." "and you're extremely hot!" i said smirking, even though she couldn't see it. "im not saying that.." i gave it my last strength and i could feel her body shaking. "AAAHHHHHH!!! and your extremely hot justin!!!" she screamed. 


I let go of her, and she fell down in the water, unable stand up. I carried her up, to make her face me. "you're the biggest idiot I have ever known" she said smiling. "lets go back on the beach" she said.


Summers POV


We were just relaxing for the rest of the day and he was flirting a lot with me. just as he was supposed to!


When we packed the things and was about to go home, a group of boys came up to us. "Hey girl. me and my friends have been watching you a bit for today, and we think that you're really hot. so, we were wondering if you would like to go to a club tonight?" one of the guys asked. i smiled and when I was about to answer justin stopped me. "No, sorry we can't..." he said. "what do we have to do?" i asked him. "uhm.. we.. you know.." "I would love to" i said and got the name of the club, they were going to. 


"why the hell, did you say yes?" he asked me angrily. "well, we dont have anything to do, so i thought it would be funny. why are you even mad?" I asked. "They were flirting with you!" he replied. "so what? its not like i have boyfriend." i said, very angry. "no.. I just dont think its a good idea. we have to make the assignment right?" he said, trying to change my mind. "I dont give a shit about that stupid assignment. and since when do you care?" i said. "i just think.." "well dont!" i said, walking off.

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