All Around The World

What happens when two teenagers get to travel the world together?
Justin Bieber is the most popular guy in school. Summer Elliott is the little goody two-shoes girl, that he had been bullied for her whole life.
if she changes, will he fall for her? and will she loose herself?
what happens when stronger feelings than hate gets in the way?
Turn your brain off and experience it yourself.


3. The assignment

Summers POV


I got out of bed, went to the bathroom and took a shower. i loved the hot water on my bare morning skin. when i got out i found some skinny jeans, a tight tank top and then a big wool cardigan and a scarf. i put on some concealer on and some sun powder, i also put some darker color in my eyebrows, making them perfect fitted and some mascara at last. after blowdrying my hair and putting it in an ugly bun i went to the kitchen to eat some breakfast. fruit and tea! my mom stormed out of her bedroom grabbed her bag and kissed me goodbye. she was late for work. my mom and dad was divorced and i live with my mom and little sister June. we have wierd names, i know. "come on June, we have to go!". i removed my bun, which gave me big sweet curls and then we went out the door.


I often get lonely, because i dont have that many friends.. i have two friends from different schools who havn't been involved with mr. bieber. i love them, i just dont see them that often.


Justins POV 


Finally its friday! as i walked into the school everybody was talking about this big announcement. i went to the crowd and the principal was announcing that seniors (thats was me) were going on a study trip, to make an assignment that will appear on our diploma. he told that we had to pair up and that it would last for 8 weeks (2 months). we had to go all around the world and take pictures, figure out the history and the culture in every single land we would go to. we would leave on monday, so we've got one weekend left in America.


This was great!! 8 weeks of vacation! i would definitely choose Preston or Becca.. they would'd care about school work either!


Summers POV


This was amazing! I couldn't wait to go out see the world. my family have never really could affort the big vacations. i have been on vacation 2 times in my life i think.. canada and brazil! it was great though.


i got to class and found Justin Bieber on my seat smirking at me.. i just turned him my back i went down to the bottom of the class and sat by myself. fucking idiot! he thinks he's so cool because he sits where i use to sit.. what a jerk! at least i wont have to look at his stupid face for 2 whole months!


The teacher came in and told that we couldn't choose our own partners. and we would have to be boy and girl, to get a wider perspective on things, and more diversity in our assignment. he told us that nothing was a coincidence  and they had thought of every little detail.


Justin said with a smirk on his stupid fucking face "i want to pair up with Becca!". "im sorry mr. Bieber, but we have evaluated that you're on the same level, in school, and we have decided to mix the different academic levels." this sounded great.. i knew i had to be with a stupid guy, cause im smart!


as they started to call the names, they explained the reason why they matched them. "Becca, you're pairing up with Marco (a nerd) because im sure you will learn a lot from your diversity!"  he kept calling names, until he called "Summer, we have chosen a person who needs to get back on track with his school work. a person who would learn a lot from your amazing way of doing your assignments with perfection.."


That sounds like a person i know..


"we have chosen..."


they wouldn't chose him... they can see how we dont get along!


"Justin Bieber"


Justins POV 


Did i really just hear my name being called? i let out a surprised "what?!" at the same time as summer did. i gave her the meanest stare I could! then i got up my seat and protested "mr. skinner, you cant pair us together! i cant stand her, and i can most certainly not be with her for 2 months!!! 


I could see how summer looked down in her table with frustration. this couldn't be real! "if you have any complains, please save them for the end of the class!" skinner said. and so i did!


Summers POV


Class was over and everybody stormed out except me and bieber. "why in the world do I have to spend 8 weeks with that nerd?" he said madly. idiot idiot idiot!!!! "its not like i want it either! and by the way, I have feelings too!". the principal looked at us and said "as soon as you start accepting your differences and use them as an advance, your gonna i have a great trip!" Justin hit the table and stormed towards the door, he kicked it and turned around "Summer, your gonna have the worst trip, imma make that for sure! if you want to do something about that skinner, i would suggest you to give me a new partner! or else im probably gonna ruin your little favorite student!" he slammed the door so hard that i could feel it in the ground. i looked at skinner, who told me he was bluffing and that i had nothing to worry about. "bye mr. skinner" i said, shocked by justins behavior " bye, miss elliott" he replied. 

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