All Around The World

What happens when two teenagers get to travel the world together?
Justin Bieber is the most popular guy in school. Summer Elliott is the little goody two-shoes girl, that he had been bullied for her whole life.
if she changes, will he fall for her? and will she loose herself?
what happens when stronger feelings than hate gets in the way?
Turn your brain off and experience it yourself.


4. The Airport

Justins POV


"mom im going off to see the world for a school assignment for the next 8 weeks" i told my mom. "oh, honey thats a bit fast.. can't you explain it to me?" so I explained her everything. 

"Okay then who are your partner?" she asked. "it doesn't matter.. its just a girl" i replied. "honey tell me now!!" she said with a bit of anger in her voice. "Sumer Elliott" I said cold. "Oh, sweetie! i remember her! she was always so flawless! im so happy that you're going to spend so much time with a good influence!" she said. I smiled a fake smile and ran to my room in anger. flawless!! yeah right.. i can't find nothing BUT flaws.. i packed my stuff and prepared myself for the vacation! .. oh, i mean student trip! 


Summers POV 


"SUMMEEEERRRR!!! IT'S TIME, WE GOTTA GO TO THE AIRPORT!!!!" I ran trough the house with all my stuff packed into my bags. i stormed out the door and put it in the car.  "im ready" i said, breathless. as we drove towards the the airport my mom talked about how exited she was to meet this guy Justin Bieber, i would be traveling with. i told her he wasn't anything special, and that she shouldn't get her hopes high.


when we arrived I saw justin getting his bags out of his moms car. i recognized Pattie, his mom. she was always so sweet when i was younger.


as i got out the car justin and his mom came towards us. "Oh, Summer is that you? oh, boy you have grown into a beautiful girl! you better watch your back with justin you know" she winked at me, making my face turn wierd. Justin walked right over at me helping me with my luggage. "you know, I can carry it myself" i said. "Summer, enough with that attitude" my mom said. Justin walked up to my mom saying "oh, you must be Summers mom! pleasure to meet you" he said shaking her hand, with a smirk on his face. "oh my, summer! you could learn something from this handsome young man" i frowned. "the only thing he could learn me, is how to rip off girls panties" i said mad. "I would love to demonstrate that miss elliott" he said winking. 


"oookay", my mom said, hugging me tight, whilst wispering "he's a catch! just remember to be safe" be safe? BE SAFE! there was no way i would even need to think about being safe, cause that would never happen! i couldn't believe how fake he was. "can i take your luggage summer?" he asked. "no its okay" i answered without looking at him. "come on summer" pattie said. "let the guys do the hard work, while you can look good!" "okay then" i said.


just as they left, justin threw my luggage away. "you can carry your own garbage" he said, with a mad, scary voice. "well, its not like i want you touching my stuff" dumbass.. damn, i was surpose to say that loud!! i couldn't believe him.. he was such a jerk!


Justins POV


oh, she hated me! i loved every minute of her being silent and angry at me! pure pleasure! "Stop! we have to go in here" she wanted to go into some shop. "why?" she looked at me. "i want snack for the ride!" she walked over to me and threw her stuff unto my stuff with a cold stare saying "wait out here and watch my stuff" i was about to tell her to get her stuff off me, when she was already gone. so there i was, in the middle of the airport looking like a fool.. she was gonna get back, somehow.


after about 10 minutes she came out with two chocolate bars handing them to me with a smile on her face. "it took you 10 minutes to buy this?" she just smiled "well, thanks anyway" i said. she started to laugh, grabbing the bars "oh, im sorry, you didn't think i bought you some did you?" i got angry and looked at her like she was dead to me, pushing her bags away from mine and start walking towards the gate.


as we entered the plane the stewardess welcomed us reaching her arm up "you can go and there mr. and miss bieber" "miss Bieber?!?!!?" summer said like she was gonna throw up. "i dont think so! you can just call me miss. Elliott!" the stewardess fake smiled like she's supposed to and walked away. this was epic!


we sat down and she immediately plugged in her ear plugs and looked out the window. way to get the conversation started! after half an hour i could hear her make some sleeping noises and sooner or later she was lying her head on my shoulder. i pushed her away, but only 5 minutes later she was back onto my shoulder. i gently tried to push her whole body to rest against the window, and that gave me like 10 minutes and she was back again. i tried to make some noise to wake her up, so that she would  get away from me, but she was asleep! i wonder if i could fuck her without her noticing it? nah, she's just not good enough! after three more tries to get her off, i gave in and fell asleep too. not on her head though. 

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