All Around The World

What happens when two teenagers get to travel the world together?
Justin Bieber is the most popular guy in school. Summer Elliott is the little goody two-shoes girl, that he had been bullied for her whole life.
if she changes, will he fall for her? and will she loose herself?
what happens when stronger feelings than hate gets in the way?
Turn your brain off and experience it yourself.


7. Sleeping too much

Justins POV


I woke up in the amazing hotel room, i bought myself.  i felt so rested and so ready for the day. there was a bedroom, with a huge kingsized bed in the middle. then there was a huge bathroom with a shower and a jacuzzi. there were also a kitchen, livingroom, and a terrace with a beautiful view. and on the terrace there were also an outdoor hot tub. 


i put on some pants and a tanktop.. that made the ladies crazy! as soon as i was ready, i went out the door.


The clock was exactly 10 AM and knocked on the door.. then i checked the handle and the door was open. when i stepped in i saw 3 half eaten bottles of Ben and Jerrys on the sofa table. the tv was at some random spanish channel, which seemed to be a love story something, with really bad actors. her laptop was wide open on a word document, filled with words. more than i have ever written!


As i got closer i saw Summer lying in the sofa, with her clothe and make-up on. she was deep in her sleep, and i really didn't feel like waking her. even though that would be the right thing to do.


Man, she must have worked all night long! i quietly leaned over her, to see her work. she had three pages, just about the things we saw yesterday!  man she was good! 


i took the ipad, sat in the kitchen and checked my facebook. (8) notifications of people liking or commenting on my pics/statuses. (2) messages. one from becca and ashley.


hey <3
Hows your trip hun? Marco is K.I.L.L.I.N.G. me! 
seriously he's so focused on that stupis assignment, like I can't stand listenning to him!
I miss you boo :-*
Im in Japan right now! there is this hotel called a love-hotel! its a hotel for young people to go fuck in, cause they aren't allowed doing it at home, i think.. or they dont like doing it at home.. anyways, thats totally a hotel for us, if you know what i mean!
we should totally travel the world together after this! you pay, LOL! <3

anyways, hows things with.. Summer? has she killed you with her borring sense of clothe, humor and every other things she does? Marco is bad, but i wouldn't want to be you!
So, I just wanted you to know that i miss you! <3 <3 <3
Love, Boobies and Kisses


Ashley :

i like your profile pic.
just wanted to let you know. miss you boo <3
love, ash :-*


I replied them both and closed down the app. i thought it was time to wake Summer. as i was about to wake her, i remembered that she was mad angry at me yesterday, so i decided to make a little prank.


I took one of the pots and moved all the things from the sofa table.. it was made of metal, by the way. so i stood up the sofa, trying not to touch summer, when i dropped the pot, right down on the table, making the highest sound EVER! 


She woke up immediately, in a scream, and started to get tears in her eyes. "I thought i was gonna die! wait, why are you already here? why am i still in my clothe on the sofa? oh, fuck! SHIT!!" she said while quickly getting up from the sofa rushing to the bathroom, slamming the door behind her.


Summers POV


i rushed out and turned on the water. i got my clothe off as quickly as possible and got under the water. 10 minutes later i was done showering. i got out, starting looking for towels. shit! there was no towels.. fuck, what do i do? i tried to dry myself with some toilet paper, but i didn't work.. i had to call bieber.


Justins POV


"JUSTIIIIIIN!! I NEED A TOWEL!" she yelled. i got up trying to find one. "there is no towels out here!" i said. "uhm... hand me some of your clothe!" she said. "why would i do that?" i asked. "just do it, please!! i cant use my own" i gave in.. we were in a hurry though! i handed her my white tanktop, and put my black one on, which i had left yesterday. when she opened the bathroom, taking the shirt i knew she was naked! that made me smile, even though she probably had a borring body, with no curves. 


2 minutes later i heard a voice. "Dont look! whatever you do dont look." just when she said i looked just as an reaction. she came out with only my white tanktop on, covering her privat parts. "DONT LOOK I SAID!!" I turned around quickly, in shock seeing were that little clothe on. not that i even got to see anything, that quickly i looked away.


Summers POV


I hope he didn't see anything. i rushed into the bedroom, putting on some jeans and loose shirt. i put a bit of powder on and did my eyebrows. then we went out to see El Escorial. it was beautiful and really interesting! we spend about 5 hours out there including the transport. 


When we got back we decided to eat some food. spanish food on a restaurant. we had an okay time, talking about the project and so. "Are you gonne come the hotel with me tonight?" he asked "i mean, you obviously cant handle to be alone, cause you go crazy in ice cream and sleep too late". i looked at him. i didn't want to be the little dog, who follows the leader, cause the leader has money and better conditions. especially when the leader is called justin Bieber! "no thanks.. im fine" i replied. "whatever elliott.. you dont know what your missing!" he said smirking. that made me angry. "i do know what missing, actually... im missing quality time with you, thats what im missing.. and by the way.. im FINE with that!" i said trying to sound better than him. "whatever .." he said.


He followed me home to the hotel, even though i insisted that i didn't want to spend more time with him. he gave me the ipad. "goodnight elliott. sleep tight, and dont forget, to get in bed right?" he said smirking, while looking into my eyes with those perfect honey brown eyes. just the way i liked them. "go away bieber" i said smilling. 


When i got to my hotel room, i started to clean.. there was a big mess i left this morning. after i cleaned i did 2 hours of work with the assignment. i watched something spanish, i couldn't understand for like an hour until i went to bed. Right before i went to bed i took the ipad and started to look at the pictures he had taking. i saw a movie, that i clicked in on.


"Goodmorning Elliott! i just woke up and just thought i wanted to show you around in my luxury room." it was a video of him bragging about his.. too be honest.. really nice hotel room. it was actually a bit sweet, but he was still acting like a jerk. 


I closed the ipad and went to sleep.

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