All Around The World

What happens when two teenagers get to travel the world together?
Justin Bieber is the most popular guy in school. Summer Elliott is the little goody two-shoes girl, that he had been bullied for her whole life.
if she changes, will he fall for her? and will she loose herself?
what happens when stronger feelings than hate gets in the way?
Turn your brain off and experience it yourself.


6. Seeing Spain

Justins POV


I woke up to the smell of eggs and bacon. it smelled so delicious that i didn't even put my shirt on, so hungry did it get me. when i came to the kitchen summer was there in her usual jeans and a big sweater showing absolutely NOTHING! she was always so borring to look at!


when i was about to grab some bacon, she handed me a piece of paper. "its a list of the places we have to see in spain." she said. theres was way too many things on this list. "why do we have to see two things today?" i asked with a really sad voice. "look i wanna make the project, and you are just gonna have to help.. i want an A+, so stop whining!" she said with a killer voice.


I got a plate and just when i was about to grab some bacon, she stopped me. "Thats for Frank you idiot!" she said angrily. that ridiculous! "come on elliott.. what am i supposed to eat?" i asked. "theres a marked 2 block down the road.. you can get something there!" i replied. i gave her a mean stare.


I went down to Franks room asking if he wanted some breakfast. he looked really angrily at me and pointed at his table to say that he already had got some breakfast. not that i would call a bawl of something that looked like puke, breakfast.. but I guess thats what they eat in Russia.


Summers POV


he came in the door, smiling at me.. why is he all of a sudden so happy? "Frank has his own breakfast, so i guess this is for me!" he said while grabbing some bacon, starting to eat. i just turned him my back and went into my bedroom saying "be ready in half an hour. we have to get going." he just nodded filling his mouth with MY food!


We went down to find a cap, accompanied by Frank. there was a long way to Alhambra, so we.. despite our problems with each other.. decided to play "i see..". it was actually really funny, and i was way better than him! "i see.. something purple!" i said.. he took a lot of guesses. he said a lady we passed, the cap drivers wristband, and a lot more. "I've guessed everything now! besides my underwear, but that wouldn't be it.. would it?" he asked. "yes! you guessed it!" i said laughing at my own skills. "oh, so your looking at my underwear? do you really find me that sexy?" he asked smirking. "no!.. i was just.. your always saggin your pants, i can't help but notice!" i replied trying to defend myself. he was still smirking. I just plugged in my earplugs for the rest of the way.


When we arrived at Alhambra i was amazed by how beautiful is was. It was part fortress, part palace and part garden. we walked around and I told bieber some facts about the place. "the palace was constructed in the 14th century by the nasrid sultans" i said. he looked bored, but at least he took notes. 


Justins POV


"Justin you have to come and see this" she said with a lot of excitement in her voice. "The view is amazing. you can see granada from here!" she was leaning too see  better, and the wind was playing with her long brown hair. "take a picture of it justin" she said. as i took the picture i chose to get her in the frame, making it more personal, with her in it and all.. not because she was looking so sweet... "come, lean justin! you wont believe the view" she commanded. as i walked over there i could see the peace in her face. she was looking so happy. then see looked me right in the eyes, and that was first time i saw how amazingly green her eyes was. "shall we move on?" she asked. "we have one more thing to see, before dinner. in that way, we will have time to do the writing when we get home" she said, looking excited about making homework.. she was such a nerd!


Summers POV


We went to see Mezquita og Cordoba which was a very beautiful and fascinating building famous for the forest of pillars and arches inside the main hall. "did you know that the site was originally a Roman temple, then a Visigothic church, before the Umayyad Moors built the Mezquita?" i asked. he just took notes and pictures looking really bored as fuck. but he did it, and that was way more than i could ask for!


When we got home, I fell exhausted onto the couch. "can you cook?" i asked him. "i dont need to cook.. I can just buy food.. why do think im rich? i dont have to do stuff by myself" he said smirking. of course he had to be a jerk, bragging about how rich he was. jerk! "okay, you can just buy what you want.. just dont make it too expensive.. i want my money to last the whole trip" i said. "dont worry about money" he said. "i will just buy it for you." and by that, he went out the door. i was a bit speechless. Justin Bieber buying me something. I guess its okay, since he's got so many.


Half an hour later he came in and slammed the door, causing me to wake up from my almost sleep. i could smell chinese, wich was just what i wanted! we started to eat, when he told me about a hotel. "its 3 block away, and way more luxury than this shit! i think we should buy a room!" he said. i didn't know what to think. "cant we just stay here? its not that bad!" i said. "I hate this! i dont wanna live here, cant we just do this?" he asked. "fine.. you can go to your luxury hotel, but im gonna stay here, with Frank downstairs!" i stated. "whatever. im not gonna stay in this shit" he said. 


I wiped my mouth with a tissue and then i left the table, grabbing my laptop, walking into the bedroom. 


Justins POV


why the hell did she have to be mad? we were having a kinda good day today.. not as bad as expected. and then she's gonna get pissed! maybe we're just not designed to be in the same room. history class is far enough! maybe its a good idea that we dont stay in the same room. 

she came out the bedroom placing a piece of paper infront of me. "you have to be ready at 10 AM tomorrow. we gotta go see El Escorial. now get out, its my room!" she said angrily and placed herself on the sofa, with her laptop. what the hell was her problem? i just ignored her, packed my stuff and left. if she was gonna have an attitude, i was too!

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