All Around The World

What happens when two teenagers get to travel the world together?
Justin Bieber is the most popular guy in school. Summer Elliott is the little goody two-shoes girl, that he had been bullied for her whole life.
if she changes, will he fall for her? and will she loose herself?
what happens when stronger feelings than hate gets in the way?
Turn your brain off and experience it yourself.


2. Meeting the characters

Justins POV 


I opened the door to the boys toilets. I looked at myself in the mirror for a few seconds. i gently ran my hand trough my brown hair making it perfect! just when i was about to go out my friend Preston came in shouting my name. "damn justin, you know the girl with the big boobs.. whats her name.. ASHLEY! we totally did it last night". preston was a big muscular guy with short black hair and a tanned skin. "congrats man, how was she?" i asked. "she was good man.."


as we went to class, he told about Ashley and how hot she was. Ashley was a catch. see, on our school there were a lot of people and therefor also a lot of popular people. they were listed in three ranks. the pops.. the popular people of the middle class. the pree popular.. the popular people who think they run the school. and then theres my group... the popular! we where the ones so popular that ordinary people was afraid to talk to us. there was 15 people in the popular group. Me, preston and Ashley were just 3 of them.


see, you can flirt with whoever you want, but if you want to keep your reputation, you only go for the 3 ranks of popular people, and if you really want impress your guys, you get the popular girls! just like ashley.


The thing about people is, that they want the best of the best! and if you're a popular girl, you tend to go for boys in other schools. Of course theres a king and a queen of the popular people. it may not come as a surprise, but im the king! Justin Bieber rules the school and everybody knows that. The queen is Becca. she has long blond hair and chocolate brown eyes. she's hot and sexy and i have done her several times. we're not together though, because im not a guy who sticks to one girl. I have probably flirted with all the girls in the three ranks. almost..

Summers POV


I've never liked thursdays, because thursday means history class, and history class means Justin Bieber. I dont know what it is about that guy, but he had never liked me! He always finds his innocent ways to hurt me. i have never had a friend he hadn't flirted with, turned her against me and then dumped her like trash. oh, yeah.. im what they call pops! I've been told im just as pretty as the popular people, but the two ranks above me have just never liked me.. i wonder if thats biebers fault!


I've got long brown strait hair.. i like to make it curly though! and I've got green eyes and a slim body. I have never had a boyfriend though.. I have always been focusing on my school work and thats why im a straight-A student.


Justins POV


As i walk in to class, i see her annoying face again.. Summer.. she's literally the biggest loser i know! she's always reading a book and always making her homework! i have never seen her being at the principals office..


Its not that she ugly as fuck, but i remember her in the kindergarden.. we have known eachother our whole lives unfortunately.. but she was always better than me! making prettier drawings and then she was faster than me! she was number one at everything and I swore to god i wanted to be number one.. my mom always adored too.. she had always talking about how pretty she was and how good grades she got.. she want me to more like her, and that pisses me off!!


I know it sounds silly, but as we grew up she just became wierder and more shy. she's not afraid to say anything, she has just learned that she shouldn't!


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