All Around The World

What happens when two teenagers get to travel the world together?
Justin Bieber is the most popular guy in school. Summer Elliott is the little goody two-shoes girl, that he had been bullied for her whole life.
if she changes, will he fall for her? and will she loose herself?
what happens when stronger feelings than hate gets in the way?
Turn your brain off and experience it yourself.


9. London

Summers POV


As the days went on in Spain, i kinda fell a bit for Justins beautiful brown eyes. I couldn't help it, when i looked into them, they were so kind.. i felt so free. so.. myself! but then he opens his mouth and it all falls to the ground. the sound of the voice that will never see me other ways than just boring me.


Not that he has to see me other ways, than a friend, cause thats all i want to too.. 


Justins POV


as the days went on, we became friends more. it was actually nice not to feel a constant hate towards the person you're forced to spent time with. i like that.

Its nice when she is so nice to me. its so peacefull, and we haven't really been fighting.


Summers POV


next stop was London, England! i was so exited! i have always dreamed of going to to london! 

The whole flight we spend on laughing, taking silly pictures and videos of ourselves. when we arrived Frank picked up our luggage and handed me a piece of paper.

it said. "Dear mr. Bieber and miss Elliott. i hope you're enjoying the trip so far. you've reached London and we've decided that you have to be independent and therfore we have decided to hand you these credit cards with $2500 on each. its for the food and the hotel rooms and transport for the rest of the trip. make sure not to use them all. I have promised to say from justins mom pattie, that if you need any kind of money she and jeremy will be happy to pay you extra if you need. they have offered a lot of the money that you got already. the school doesn't pay that many money. miss elliott, you should be happy to be escorted by mr. bieber"

I looked at him and he smirked saying, "I bet you like that my family is filthy rich, dont you?" i just looked down and continued reeding.

"I also promised to say from pattie, that you mr. bieber, should just use whatever thats necessary for you and summer to have a great time. she is a sweet girl" i looked at him smiling. "continue" he said, he said a bit embarrassed. "now, thats all. goodbye and good work. principal skinner."


"this is great! we should go find a hotel! actually i have researched a bit, and there is some cheap ones right outside london, and thats very close to the busses, so that we can transport ourselves into the center and see the things we have to see." i said very exited looking for a map.


Justin POV


"seriously elliott? cant we just buy a big one in the center of london, with a lot of luxury? that would be easier, and i have got the money, you know!" i said. "noooo... i dont feel like using all of your parents money, just for us to sleep like kings. cant we just save money and then make your mom happy?" she said with a begging tone in he rvoice.


"no. im getting a hotel room, in the center. i wanna use my money, and sleep like a king, and see london by night, right infront of my window. this time im deciding where to sleep. you cant be in london and not spend a lot of money. i know!" i said determined. she gave me a glance of disbelief. "are you seriously such a luxury, little rich kid child? im getting cancer just hearing your nonsense. im getting those hotel rooms, just because you said that you couldn't save money." she said and turned around starting to walk.


"come on, summer. dont be silly!" i said, following her, grabbing her arm. "let go of me! i can do this okay?" she said releasing my grab. she continued to walk. "okay okay! just sit down here, and i'll find i train, to the center of london."


Summers POV


We sat down at a bench in the underground with all the trains passing trough. we just had to find the right one, to the center with all the shops. he looked me deep into my eyes with his brown eyes. he cuddled my cheek and put my hair behind my ear. i melted a bit, by the touch of him. "relax now summer. we'll figure it all out. just let me find this train, and then we can see with hotel rooms." He said very kind, while touching my hair. Even though he was a jerk, he really knew how to make me melt. i started to blush. i felt the blood rush to my cheeks, so i just turned my head. "yeah, your right, just go find that train."


I just opened the bag and found the ipad, as an excuse for not letting him see me.


Justins POV


I calmed her down on the bench cuddling her cheeks. she looked like she liked it. it was so funny to see how she looked at me. i could feel, that she felt some sparks, i could see it in her eyes. i was very good at making girls get butterflys in ther stomachs. we weren't anything but friends, but i enjoyed seeing how well i was at seducing her. not that i wanted her. she had some prety green eyes, but i bet her body was borring. she never wears clothe shaped to her body.

but i went to find out which train to take.


Summers POV


I hated myself for feeling the way i did, while looking into his amazing eyes. but who could resist those honey sweets??

I opened the iPad and looked through the apps. i found facebook and thought that i would use some time on that, seeing how the others get along. when i opened i saw i had a message. when i clicked it, it was from becca. i clicked it and saw a reply saying. 

"i know how summer is.. best of luck too you my darling <3"


This wasn't my account. it was justins.. i closed it down at looked around. all i could see was people rushing into the trains, being really busy. but no justin. "i know how summer is?", i thought. i couldn't resist looking once again. i had to know what he had said about me. i knew it was wrong though..


i opened the app and found the messages. once again i looked, and no justin was in my sight. i scrolled up to when the conversation started. it said:


hey <3
Hows your trip hun? Marco is K.I.L.L.I.N.G. me! 
seriously he's so focused on that stupis assignment, like I can't stand listening to him!
I miss you boo :-*
Im in Japan right now! there is this hotel called a love-hotel! its a hotel for young people to go fuck in, cause they aren't allowed doing it at home, i think.. or they dont like doing it at home.. anyways, thats totally a hotel for us, if you know what i mean!
we should totally travel the world together after this! you pay, LOL! <3
anyways, hows things with.. Summer? has she killed you with her borring sense of clothe, humor and every other things she does? Marco is bad, but i wouldn't want to be you!
So, I just wanted you to know that i miss you! <3 <3 <3
Love, Boobies and Kisses


Well.. that was sweet of her.. he would probably defend me. it was from the third day in spain though.. we still had some problems.


Hey sweetheart <3
A love hotel? thats totally us! can't wait for that!
I hope you didn't expect marco to be fun to be around. he is a nerd you know ;-)
But summer is just like Marco. she is always focused on that shitty assignment. luckily i dont share a hotel room with her, because she is steady! 
can you imagine sleeping in the same bed as her? with her grose body and borring hair. 
she actually sleeps with a sweater and sweatpants! seriously, i only sleep in my underwear. i have never seen one little glance of her. luckily! ;-) <3
She really has a boring personality. she never does anything funny. she dresses like she doesn't care about herself. everything about her is just wrong, you know! 
if she became more like you, i would consider liking her, but who am i kidding? she's never gonna become half as delicious as you babe <3
see you soon, babe <3




"i know how summer is.. best of luck too you my darling <3"


Why would he say those mean words about me? i started to tear up, when i stopped myself. no one had to see i was hurt. i closed the app, and put the iPad away. far down in my bag, and closed it. i just sat and stared into the air, with all the people running around, like chickens. everything went slowmotion and blurry. 


I was starting to like this guy. A bit as a flirt, but mostly as a friend. "maybe if she was a bit like you, becca" I could use the money on new clothe. i could change. i could be everything he wants. i could be better than becca. all i have to do is just to be everything, but me! thats easy enough i guess. cant harm. i could be all, and he could never get it. 


"I found a train Summer" 

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