All Around The World

What happens when two teenagers get to travel the world together?
Justin Bieber is the most popular guy in school. Summer Elliott is the little goody two-shoes girl, that he had been bullied for her whole life.
if she changes, will he fall for her? and will she loose herself?
what happens when stronger feelings than hate gets in the way?
Turn your brain off and experience it yourself.


14. Lazy day

Summers POV


I woke up, in the arms of justin. we were spooning and I had no idea why. I remember most of the things from yesterday, not in details, but we were at the bar. i was with the other guys and justin got into a fight with them. then we walked home and i dont really remember more from there. I stayed in his arms a bit. he was so warm and his breath on my neck was to melt for. when I wanted to pull the blankets up, I saw that I was in justins shirt. I sat up in the bed, seeing that i wasn't wearing a bra either. i was getting a bit scared, cause i didn't remember undressing myself. 


Then i had glimpse of Justin in his underwear with me in the shower. what the hell had i been doing. I now noticed that I wasn't wearing any underwear. I freaked out. I ran to the toilets looking myself in the mirror. I was looking really fresh considering the amount of alcohol I filled myself with. 


I had to think this through. I was wearing Justins shirt, with no bra or panties on. I had i bit of memory of my and him in the shower only in our underwear. I was in the same bed as him, spooning with him. It was obvious. There were no other explanation then I had lost my virginity to Justin Bieber. 


I started to cry. It was not suposed to happen this way. It was the wrong time, the wrong way and the wrong guy. Everything was WRONG! I stayed in the bathroom, thinking about how I wanted to face him. then i heard a knock on the door. "go away!" i shouted. "I was just gonna see if you were feeling better!" he said in very sweet way. i didn't answer and he walked away, I could hear. feeling better? it must have hurt, yesterday, since he's asking me that.


Justins POV


She was probably still feeling a bit sick. poor thing. I just let her to herself, so she could recover. after half an hour she came out, running into the bedroom. I was in the living room. "are you okay?" I asked. she didn't say anything but I could hear the closet open and close. she was probably getting dressed. she came out, still in my t-shirt, but this time, with some underwear on. 


"We both know what happened.. im not proud of it" she said. i understand why she isn't proud of sleeping in her own puke, having me clean it. "its okay. anytime" i said smirking. she put her head on my shoulder with a sad look on her face. "I dont wanna be grose... i guess this means that we have to be in a relationship" she said. WHAT? how the hell did she get that in her head. "I was just pampering you, making you feel better" i said. she sat up really quick getting tears in her eyes. "It was only a pity fuck? try to take some responseability for what you do. im a virgin.. was a virgin. have some respect!" she said crying. 


Pity fuck? Did she really think that we had sex? "wait what? you think we had sex?" i said. she looked confused. "well, yes.. how would you explain me waking up in my underwear, us in the shower almost naked and you spooning me this morning." she said with a more angry look on her face. "hahahahhahaahhah.. this is the funniest thing ever!! hahahaha!" i laughed "Try to look at this" i said, finding the iPad, showing her the picture of her lying in the puke. "eeewwwwww... did i do that?" she said in complete shock of her actions. "wait, i remember getting up and puking on floor now.. ew, im so grose" 


Summers POV


He explained how it all worked, and i was relieved, yet grosed out. Luckily I didn't loose my virginity to someone who had been so mean to me. although, it was really sweet of him to clean me, but he was still a nasty pig.


Most of the day we spend on watching movies and resting, getting better. We had Frank bringing us some MacDonalds and it was all so nice. no cuddling though. i had to play hard to get.. no wait.. impossible to get! that was what i was. impossible to get!


After a whole day of junkfood and movies decided to go to sleep and make a constructive day tomorrow. I changed to my night gown and went into the bed. he followed me in bed, thinking we were supposed to sleep together. "where are you going to sleep?" i asked. "in this bed, why?" he asked, knowing what was coming. "I just dont like to sleep with stranger boys who removes my underwear." i said looking at him with a tiny smile. "well, I can do that again" he said laying me down and getting on top of me, lowering his hand, to my breasts. "get your fat ass off me!!" i yelled. who did he think he was? "go to hell bieber. if you dont take the couch, i am.." he looked disappointed, and then he grabbed a blanket and went into the livingroom. 


At least he knew how to do as I said sometimes. Even though I didn't really want him away from me, I had too.. i needed too!

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