All Around The World

What happens when two teenagers get to travel the world together?
Justin Bieber is the most popular guy in school. Summer Elliott is the little goody two-shoes girl, that he had been bullied for her whole life.
if she changes, will he fall for her? and will she loose herself?
what happens when stronger feelings than hate gets in the way?
Turn your brain off and experience it yourself.


8. Getting to know each other

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Summers POV


I got up early and took a long shower. i put on soem black jeans and a t-shirt, with the text "high heels, high hopes". i had decided that i was gonna get to know justin today. know how he is, when he isn't total jerk. if he had that side..... 


I cleaned the hotel room and made my bed. we were going to go down into the center of madrid and have a good time. then, without him knowing it, i was gonna get that into the assignment. he was just going to think that we were gonna have a relaxing day, cause he seemed so bored going to all the places i planned.


i heard a knock on the door, and yelled "come in" while i was planning what to do the other day. Justin stepped in, looking very stylish as he used to. "what are we gonna today?" he asked. "we are gonne go down in the center of madrid and just relax and have a fun day". he looked at me with disbelieve. he went over and touched my forehead. "are you sick or something" he asked. "i can have fun!" i said with a bit of anger in my voice. "You'll have to prove that!" he said smirking. 


I was gonna show that bieber kid, that i was fun! he just didn't know me yet!


We went down to the center and found a restaurant to get brunch. it was just a little nice place with few people. we ate some brunch and talked a little, as we moved on to see some of the streets with stores and stuff.


we had a really nice day, and we laughed a lot and took a lot of pictures of each other and together in madrid. we had fun. when the evening came, we were going on another spanish restaurant. of course he paid.. he wouldn't let me.


"So you ALWAYS do your homework? also the ones where we just have to read a page?" he asked while eating his dinner. 
"well, yeah! i dont see why i shouldn't. I have always been told to be the best me I could be. and to be the best, you have to do whats necessary. and if thats making every single homework, thats what im gonna do. besides..  its something i have always done, so i dont see it as a borring thing, to skip. i like learning! but i am aware, that im missing a lot of partying and stuff. what about you? your a party guy, right?" i asked. 
"yeah i guess you can say that. Actually i have the same way of thinking as you. i wanna be the best! but i have just chosen, to be the one people want to be. the one people looked up to, and envied. Im always reaching for the top. and thats why i have chosen to be the best at what im good at.. looking good." he said, almost looking a bit sad."I cant stand not being the best, so if someones better than me at something i will turn it into my advance, and make the people look stupid. i know its a bit mean, but i can't help it." he said smiling at me. wow. I feel bad for those people. 


"how is it to be a pop?" he said smirking, to get the conversation to be about me. "uhhmm.." i started, while smiling. "i dont really ike being a pop... I dont really know why i am pop, either. I dont have that many friends, from the school. Actually, the only positive thing of being a pop, is that your allowed to date everyone. you can date the popular, because your in the category of popular, even though your the least popular of the populars.. not that I really date.. im always too busy with work for that. this is a bit embarrassing, but I have spilt more tears on getting bad grades, than on boys." i said. he looked at me trying not to laugh. it was okay, i could see him trying. "im sorry to hear that" he said. "dont be sorry for that! im a straight-A student! i have got a scholarship, paying my whole college, I am happy, for my hard work!" i said very enthusiastic. "the only thing hard, is that no one likes me. i cant keep my friends, for long." i could see him turn smaller. "And I know its because of you. I know that you never liked me, and i have never understood why. I also know that you have turned all the pree popular and populars against me. including the friends i got, from either the pree populars or the pops. i only have friends, that i are not considers cool on any way. and you havn't ruined them too, just because that you cant, because of your reputation getting ruined." i said, with my voice turning harsh. "But its okay you know.. I have just suffered from no one liking me, and having my confidents crushed." i said very ironic smiling my best fake smile.


Justin POV


fuck. i was in bad trouble. why was i even sorry for her? i mean, its not like i regret it or something. even though i thought we were having a good time, with the possibility to become friends. "im.. i mean... uhhh.. its not like.. i mean.." i tried to say something that would make her feel better, but it didn't seem to work. "okay, im sorry. i would really like it if we could live in the now, and just forget the past on this trip. or else we are never gonna have a good time." i said trying to smile at her. she looked down smiling. "you're right bieber.. lets just forget that you ruined my life.." she said. "sorry.. im gonna try my best to forget." she finished. she wasn't gonna forget anything, but at least she would try!


When we finished we decided to go back at my hotel, to show her the room. it was fun watching how amazed she was. when she spotted the hottub on the terrace. she stormed out looking at it, like she wanted to get in really bad.


"I have a great idea" she said. i smiled at her curious to know what she was thinking. "how about i spend a night here, and you spent a night in my hotel room!" i could tell by the look on her face, that she thought it was a good idea. 


"you can come sleep in my room if you want to" i said smiling. "okay, if you take the other room right?" she said. "come on, if we can spend a whole day together, i guess we can spend the night as well". she looked at me with a look that told me she was thinking. 


"But theres only one bed?" she said. "are you really scared of sleeping with me? dont worry elliott, you dont turn me on.. im used to sleep with hot girls, so im pretty sure that i can keep my hands from you." i said


Summers POV


Really? he thought i was ugly? well that explains everything. i guess i wasn't good enough for him anyways, but it really hurt my feelings. i couldn't spend any more time with him for today.


"you know what? i have to work on the project anyways, so i'll guess i'll just see you tomorrow" i said and rushed out the door. i really thought we were gonna be friends. i actually felt some sparks between us, but that just confirmed that i had to stop thinking that stupid way!! i just couldn't help that he had those perfect eyes and that sexy body!


Justins POV


what the heck? man, that girl must be on her period. she had some crazy mood swings. i hope i didn't hurt her.. well, she was pretty, but not hot! she wasn't my type, and she couldn't be mad at me for telling the truth.

oh, well.. i guess we were gonna be friends at some point.


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