All Around The World

What happens when two teenagers get to travel the world together?
Justin Bieber is the most popular guy in school. Summer Elliott is the little goody two-shoes girl, that he had been bullied for her whole life.
if she changes, will he fall for her? and will she loose herself?
what happens when stronger feelings than hate gets in the way?
Turn your brain off and experience it yourself.


16. Getting hot in the tub

Summers POV


He stripped down to his underwear and got in. I just gave him a sexy stare, looking at his muscular abs. he was really sexy! "can I tell you a secret?" i said looking at him in a flirty way. he nodded, moving closer to me. "I have never been in an outdoor hot tub" i said. he put his arm around me. "I have never been in an outdoor hot tub, with a view over London, with the sexiest girl I have ever met" he said putting his hand on my thigh. i blushed looking down. he was so sweet! keep it sexy, summer! keep it sexy.. "well i must say, that you aren't bad yourself" i said.


then he put his lips to my ear whispering, "Babe.. is there a reason why you went to the tub?" I felt shivers down my body. his voice floated in my ears and I was getting butterflies in my stomach. "Is there a reason why you followed?" i whispered with my lips very close to his. i felt so freakin' sexy! But it wasn't enough!


I placed a hand on his stomach feeling his abs. I put my lips all the way up to his ear and started to bite the earlobe. I saw how he enjoyed it, so I started to lick his it, softly. i moved my hand down to where his underpants started and gently played with the end of it. he took me around my waist and placed me on top of him. He grabbed my butt and started to kiss my neck. He was turning me on. 


I started to play with his hair, while i gently rubbed my butt against his private part. He started to breath hard and i could feel his Jerry growing bigger. It turned me on. He looked at me with the sexiest look I have ever seen. "how do you want it? tub or bed?" he asked. before I could answer he was lifting me up and carrying me into the bedroom, where he threw me on the bed while all the water I had on me, filled the bed.


He got on top of me, wanting to kiss me. I stopped him, gently bitting his lip instead. he lowered his hands to my private part and started to rub it. I started to moan in pleasure. I could see how he liked it. it was like music to his ears. he started to kiss my neck once again. he was so hot. So hot, that i couldn't stop it. I was horny, and i wanted him. He got up and stared at me very sexily. "are you sure you wanna do this babe?" he said. I didn't even think about it, I just wanted him to come back. "yes" i answered and he then he turned off the light.


I heard a noise and then my eyes began to see in the dark. he came back in bed putting a blanket on top of us. it was wet, like the rest of the bed. and us. He unhooked my bikini top and then started to touch my breasts. he started to kiss them, while playing with my nipples. I couldn't help but moan a little.


He then lowered his hands and took off my panties and started to rub it again. I was getting really wet, so he kissed my cheek and started to finger me. GOD, it felt good. It was almost magical. His cold fingers up my vagina, made me want him even more. I started to moan louder and I could feel how he liked it. After a couple of minuttes he stopped and kissed my stomach. 


The moment took me away, so i lowered my hand finding his jerry. I noticed he had already thrown his underwear away. Damn it was huge. It actually scared me a bit, thinking about having it in me. I didn't know if my body could handle that. I started to give him a hand job, making him moan. He liked it a lot. he was even moaning my name. after i had been going for some minutes, he pushed me underneath him. he looked me deep in the eyes and said.


"are you babe?" I looked at him feeling his body against mine and got to think of the consequences. I looked the other way, with a bit of sadness in my eyes. "no.. im sorry" I said. he leaned down a kissed my lip. I didn't kiss back. "Its okay, babe. We are gonne wait till you are ready" he said smiling. he kissed my cheek and then got off of me, but spooning me instead. I felt his naked body against mine, while we were drifting away in sleep, feeling how jerry got less and less exited. 


In that moment everything was perfect. I was in love. 

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