All Around The World

What happens when two teenagers get to travel the world together?
Justin Bieber is the most popular guy in school. Summer Elliott is the little goody two-shoes girl, that he had been bullied for her whole life.
if she changes, will he fall for her? and will she loose herself?
what happens when stronger feelings than hate gets in the way?
Turn your brain off and experience it yourself.


12. Clubbing

Justins POV


Evenning time came and she was getting ready to go to the club. she looked smokin' in her outfit. damn she hot. i decided to go with her, to keep in control that those boys didn't put a finger on her. she was mine, to fuck!


"are you ready?" she said cold as fuck. like the last thing she wanted in the world was to be with me. "yes, lets go" i said following her out in the cap. when we arrived, there were no signs of her little friends. luckily. we went inside and i bought us some drinks with alcohol. we talked a little, and drinking a little. i could feel how she was a bit sad. probably because they weren't here and she was mad at me. I was also a bit sad.. I know alcohol doesn't help, but then again.. neither does milk.


half an hour went by, and we had had some drinks and some shots. we were a bit happier. alcohol had that great effect. we were laughing a bit, until she said. "screw this.. i feel like dancing! are you coming?". I looked at her smile and couldn't resist. we went to the dance floor and started to dance to the music. i grabbed her waist and we started to dance really close. i took her hand and turned her around, so that she could rub her butt against my body. thats was when she saw the guys that had invited her.


She walket over to them, leaving me behind. i think she forgot all about me in that moment. i walket up to them, to check on her. "oh, hey guys. see you already met Summer" i said smiling. "whatever man.. let me buy you a drink.. summer" he said smirking at her. then him and the rest of the guys walket up to the bar. she was smiling and laughing. she was more than happy to receive the drinks they filled her with. I knew they would get her really drunk, and then get her to go with them home. i just sat at the bar, and drank some bears for myself, talking with the bartender. 


An hour went, where they were dancing and drinking. i could see she was really drunk. or maybe it was because i was really drunk? she looked drunk, anyways. I saw how they all surrounded her, and starting to make some sex moves up and down her body. they were trying to kiss her, but she looked really uncomfortable. That was my clue, so I went over and pulled away the guys. "what the hell are you doing? can't you see she doesn't like it?" i said in a very angry tone. "get away barbie. she's not interested in you, thats obvious." the guy said, like i was 12 years old. "shut up, she obviously doesn't like you getting so close to her" i said. "go home, you alcoholic bastard. go home and cry to mom" he said. That was when my alcohol took over.


Summers POV


Justin punched the guy right in the face making him fall to the ground. "who's gonna go home and cry to their mother now huh?" he said. One of the other guys started to punch justin, and they started a fight. justin hit a lot of them, but they got some pretty hits too. I started screaming, trying to get them away from justin. i pulled justin as much as i could, but he took me and placed me were i wont get hurt then he went back to hit the guys, but my distraction, were to the other guys advantage. One of the guys hit him right in his face. making him fall to the ground with his nose, eyebrow and mouth bleeding. I fell down on my knees, checking if he was okay, when the security came and threw them out. I went with justin, with his arm around me. he could barely walk, and neither could with all the alcohol i had got.


We fell a couple of times, and laughed a lot. when we got home i placed him in the bed and he fell asleep immediately and  I found something to clean the blood off of his face. "thank you" he said, almost in his sleep. I cleaned him and cuddled him a bit. I sat with him  for an hour until his scars stopped bleeding. I was also helping him out in the bathroom to puke a couple of times and then back to the bed. At last I driftet to sleep with his head in my lap. 

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