All Around The World

What happens when two teenagers get to travel the world together?
Justin Bieber is the most popular guy in school. Summer Elliott is the little goody two-shoes girl, that he had been bullied for her whole life.
if she changes, will he fall for her? and will she loose herself?
what happens when stronger feelings than hate gets in the way?
Turn your brain off and experience it yourself.


10. Changing who you are

Justins POV


"I found a train Summer" i said. she just stared into the air, with a meaningless look on her face. i looked out, to see what she was watching, but there were only people and trains.. nothing exiting. i sat down next to her with a worried look in my face. "are you okay summer?" i asked her. she just kept staring into the air for a few seconds, until she came out of her trance, turning her head towards me. 


"yes" she said with a feelingless face expression. "shall we go to the train?" she asked, turning her head, getting her stuff. "i guess.." i said. 


I was so confused.. how could she, one moment be smiling and blushing and the other moment cold as fuck?! women! 


Summers POV


I tried my best to just ignore him. just knowing he was breathing the same air as me made me feel sick. i couldn't believe he had said so mean things about me, when we were becoming friends. well congrats asshole.. we are never gonna be friends.


we found our train and he found a seat for us. i just stood up for the ride. it was only 10 minuttes, so it wasn't hard. when we arrived in Londons shopping streets, he wanted to go to a café and get some coffee. "actually.. its just.. we are in london and there are so many cool stores, so i feel like shopping." i said, trying to get rid of him. "oh.. we can go shopping, i dont mind" he said. "actually i wanna do this by myself. you wouldn't find it funny, and i am gonna go trough EVERY store i find. i won't bother you with that. you can just find a cool hotel." i said making me best fake smile. like i was gonna sleep in the same room as justin fucking bieber!


we ended the conversation and went separate ways. justin alone, and Frank followed me. he was gonna carry my bags ;-) i tried to conversate with him, but he weren't the talking type. he just stayed silent. very funny actually!


i decided to use some of my money on getting new clothe. i wanted to match becca's sence of finding clothe that shaped her body perfectly. but i still wanted to do it classic. so, I found a lot of long dresses shaped to my body, short dresses shaped to my body. i also found some cute loose, summer dresses. some shorts in different colors and a lot of girly skirts. loose and tight. i bought some cool shirts shaped to my body, and some big loose ones, who fell perfectly on my body, making me cute. NO jeans. actually i bought some black ones in different shades. but i wanted the not geeky, dress and shaped stuff style.


then to the shoes.. i bought about 6 very high heeled stilettos. in different colors. i bought 5 ballerinas, and 3 sandals. i bought some pairs from the brand jeffrey campbell, and some sneakers, in different print. then i bought some plateau sneakers and ballerinas. very cool. 


i bought a lot of stylish bags too. from the ones with flower print on, to the ones in leather with some cool spikes on them. i think i bought about 7 bags. and some wallets in different styles. 


at last i bought a LOT of underwear. i bought the sexiest lace thongs in every color i could possibly find. almost only thongs, to feel sexy inside and out. i brought some well fit bra's who were comfy, but made my boobs look great.


i went to the hotels i had found online and wanted to get a room just for the night. "that will be 10 dollars" the woman behind the desk told. I put my card in the machine, but it wouldn't allow me to pay. "thats funny. it had worked all day long." i said, confused. she took a look over at Frank, who was standing with all my bags. i have no idea how he could carry it all but he didn't look like he enjoyed it either. "maybe you have used too much" the lady said smiling, like she was happy, that I might be broke.


I went down to see how much i had left on my card and I was shocked. i hadn't really thought of the money. i was more angry at justin and wanted to be perfect, so i just bought everything that suited me. I had used $2497. thats 3 dollars from what was on my card, for the rest of the trip. i was broke. i couldn't believe it. how could i be so irresponsible. 


*phone rings*. "oh, Hey Justin. yes im fine. im at the hotel i found. the cheap ones, you know. well, no im not gonna stay here. i cant. its a long story, can i stay at your hotel? okay, thanks. just text me the address then i will be there as soon as possible. okay, bye."


BULLSHIT! well, if i wanted to make him like me, i had to be with him. he had to see the sexy me! i was gonna seduce him, with my new appearance. but because he is a jerk, he will never have me. i want a good guy. i just have to play the bad girl first.


We went to the hotel, justin stayed in and he came to help with the bags, when he was blown away by the amount of stuff i had bought. "holy shit, thats a lot of bags. what the hell have you bought?" he said with his mouth wide open. "just some new clothe. a girls needs clothe." i said smiling a cold smile.


we got it all up in the room. it was an amazing room. so big and beautiful, with all the luxury you could possibly want! it had a hot tub on the terrace, just like the last one.  and a jacuzzi in the bathroom. and of course a kingsize bed. ONE kingsize bed. 


i packed my stuff into the closets, and put on my big sweater and sweatpants. no need to seduce him, until its night time. i went out in the living room, where he was sitting in the couch. i stood up infront of the tv making him look at me. "im just curious, but where are you gonna sleep?" i asked. "in the bed?" he asked confused. "oh.. okay" i said sitting down next to him.


"can i ask you something?" he said. i looked at him gesturing a yes. "why didn't you sleep at the hotels you found? i mean you were over there and all. i thought you didn't want to sleep like a king?" he asked. "i couldn't afford it" i said looking down in my lap. "what? you have the card, elliott!" he said smiling, like i didn't knew i had it. "i know.. i have three dollars left." i said, trying not to make eye contact. "WHAT? have you seriously spent $2496.." "$2497" i added. "doesn't make it better! is that on all the stuff you got?" he asked. i felt a little bad. a lot of the money was his parents money, cause they have donated a lot. ALSO to me.. stupid me!! "im so sorry..." "dont be" he said. "this means that i have the power, and i decide what we are gonna spend the money on. you owe me summer" he smirked. 


fuck. fuck. fuck. fuck. fuck. shit. fuck. fuck. fuck!


"I dont owe you! i do what i want, understand? you may have the money, but i have dignity. and you're an ass. goodnight." i said walking in to the bathroom to change into my little silk night gown. it just covered my butt, and was very stylish! so cute, but sexy. first step of making justin, eat his damn words!


Justin POV


i was just drinking a glass of water, when Summer walked out the bathroom, in a little.. very little.. silk dress, showing her sexy legs. damn! i got some water stuck in my throat, so i had to cough a lot. not what i had expected from summer. i tried to do it as quiet as possible. it was a bit embarrassing. she walked out a few seconds later, in that little cute thing. "are you okay?" she asked, like nothing was different. like she didn't even know she was sexy as fuck! " im fine" i coughed, checking her out. she just smiled. damn. 


when i was okay again i walked into the bedroom, removing my shirt, checking her out once again. then she took one of the blankets and a pillow and put it out on the couch.

"dont tell me you're sleeping on the couch?" i asked. "yes" she said. "I dont want to sleep with a jackass who thinks he owns me" she said smiling. fake smile, of course. 


I just left her. i did't even bother, cause she wouldn't change her mind anyways. if i stayed i would probably make her more mad. i turned back. "you know... if you really dont wanna sleep with me.. i mean.. i could take the couch, if you would rather have the bed." i said. i dont know why? all wanted was her in my bed. not me in the couch. "no thanks" she said, not even looking at me.


I gave up, and went to bed, thinking about the new side of her.

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