The Sleepless

Here I empty my Imagination in the hopes I may one day fall asleep


1. Intro to my Mind

Note: this story is pure fiction. Any characters, plots, or themes mentioned were purely imaginative. All of the following content was of my own imagination and therefore all of the following content is my idea.


Written on the day of today, at the time of now


Dear universe,


            I don’t know if God is real, or if the balance of the world is ruled by Karma, so I shall simply address you as universe. I imagine you know and watch everything as it happens so you would be reading this now.


            This small, insignificant, waste of your time will be an output for my imagination. Though I warn you, my imagination is no field of flowers.


            These worlds my mind creates, are governed by laws it has created on its own. Sometimes it escapes, climbs over the fence I made to keep it in place. Other times, it will tear the fence down, and they will run free.


            It is when these horrid but yet beautiful creatures escape, that I become a Sleepless.


            The Sleepless, aren’t easy to spot. They look just like everyone else, but their minds are huge. There is no limit to theirs worlds. There are no mental limitations within those worlds.


            A small, nearly invisible part of their minds, are the Conscious. They are illusionists, some more skilled than others. The more powerful ones are known as the Wisdoms. The rest of the mortal world knows their hosts as geniuses. Those who reach their full intellectual potential are directed by the old experienced Conscious.


            But then there those hosts, who are directed by the inexperienced, rebellious, or just plain lazy Conscious, known as Sloots. Their hosts normally end up as the bottom feeders, those who simply do not try. Some of the unluckier hosts end up in asylums, jabbering on about this and that in a most insensible fashion.


            But most Conscious, simply hide the presence of the true Sleepless soul from the rest of the world.  They are called the Gray.


            The job of a Gray is to control a Sleepless, when their souls wander in their Imagination. Each Imagination is different, but most souls who wander into theirs never return, leaving the Conscious to live through their physical bodies until they grow tired of them, leaving the body to break down, or more commonly known as to the mortal world, as dying. Or to sit as an empty shell, a coma as will.


I am writing to you now universe, in the hopes that you may take pity on me, and return my soul to my physical body. As I am currently a sleepless, my physical form is starting to tire from a lack of emptying my imagination.


            I fear it may be too much for my physical body to host soon, and it will die, destroying the door between Imagination and the empty shell that is my body.


            As I mentioned above, I naively hope you may help me empty my prison, and allow my body to remain longer, allowing me to escape.


            Perhaps this foolish idea seems like a waste of energy, but make no mistake. Imagination is composed of ideas, and empting it makes the maze I’m trapped in samller with each idea.


            I plead your help, and will leave you with an idea, in hopes you might grant it upon someone who may use it, and remove it from my mind.





Idea 26,578- The Shoe Looser



            There were once two little goblins, one named Cobb and one named Luer. Now Goblins do not like pairs, symmetry, or anything that’s not chaotic.


            Therefore, when a pair of twins, identical twins at that, was born, the goblins were furious. They were immediately separated sent to opposite ends of the kingdom.


            Goblins, however disgusting they may be, are fair. They decided to let the kits compete to see who would live.


            Now goblin kits are smart, and in order to test who was more valuable to the kingdom, they sent them in search of pairs. Whichever kit could destroy or separate 3 pairs first, would live.


            Code, the clever lad he thought himself to be, decided, rather than destroy a pair of something, he would cheat and just make half a pair and present it to the kingdom.

            Luer on the other hand, went to the human realm and searched for pairs, when he stumbled upon a shoemaker. He decided to take three different shoes form three different pairs.


            Code happened to stumble upon the shoemaker too, and studied the way the shoes were made. Soon enough he copied the old man and took three different shoe from three different pairs and went to the kingdom.


            When the goblins saw that the twin had brought back three complete pairs of shoes they were furious, and doubled the quota.


            Every time, the goblins would return separately with matching shoes, and each time the quota was doubled.


            Luer felt guilty and returned most of the shoes he stole. Code was so frustrated he would destroy all his halves of the pairs.


            And so it continued, and so it will until Code and Luer find and make mismatching shoes.






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