Love,Life & Harry Styles

Vivian you can`t escape from your Past or should I say escape from Harry Styles ?


4. Trouble

Vivian`s P.O.V

I opened the door and went to the kitchen and grabbed some junk food. Megan and Dad where chatting in the living room.

"Hi Megan!! Hi Dad!!" I said cheerfully

"Hi" Megan and dad replies at the same time. As usual.

"Well someone looks Happy" my dad said with a smirk on his face

"Yeah today was pretty Awesome" I smirked back .

I took my food and went upstairs to my room. I was so Happy. I don`t even remember the Last time I felt like this. I took my iPod and played International Love. I started singing along to the music. I opened my laptop and went on Facebook, I had 7 friend requests they where from Liam, Zayn, Harry,Niall, Louis and Alex. I had one more friend request from someone called loverboy. I didn`t know ho is he but I accepted his friend request. I was scrolling down then I received a message It was from loverboy.

Loverboy: It`s been a long time Vivian.

my eyes widend. who is he and what does he want from me?

Me: What the hell do you mean?

Loverboy: I know you Vivian. But you don`t know me. YET. I just wanted to tell you that you should be carefull cause I`m taking my revenge.

Me: how do you know me and what are you talking about. Fuck off.

Loverboy: I wont. and I will make sure that I will take my revenge so soon.

Me: what revenge?

Loverboy: you`llsee days will pass and you will know what do I mean.

Vivian: Stop talking in codes and explain everything !!

-Loverboy is no longer avaliable on Facebook-

He deleted his account. I knew it. I still can`t beleive it. Alot of questions poppen in my head with no answers. From a point of view I wasn`t really surprised. I was an ass before. I`ve done alot of bad things to people before. this is the only thing that I reggreted in my life.


"Listen to me Sarah I will change the marks on the computer and you stay there to warn me in case someone came here" I whispered

"Ok" she replied

I was changing our marks I gave myself and Sarah an A + and changed Linda the class nerd grade from A + to an F.

"I finished lets go" I said

"Wait a minute I`ll get my bag"

"Quickly we don’t have time for that" I replied coldly

I heard the securities voice "whoever is there get out we will found you"

"Shit" I whispered

"Vivian help they found me Vivian… Vivian …." She screamed

I ran away.

Next day

"Vivian was with me yesterday I swear" she was crying her eyes were red

"No I wasn`t with you psycho I was at home sleeping" I lied

"Vivian pleases" she cried

"You are such a liar Sarah is that a good way to get away with your troubles by getting blaming People!!" I shouted

"Vivian Please I beg you" she cried louder

-End of Flashback-


Sarah got suspended because of me. I even did a lot of things that I regret. Even WORSE than this. I was in deep thoughts then I had a text from .………..


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