Love,Life & Harry Styles

Vivian you can`t escape from your Past or should I say escape from Harry Styles ?


5. The accident

 The text was from an unknown the text said:

"My revenge is near so you better careful…."


I was shocked!! How did he know my number? I move a lot which causes me to change my number a lot! I was scared. I didn’t feel like this since I broke up with Jason, which is a different story. I decided to ignore the message. I won't tell anyone about it. Mainly because no one knows what I did before. I made sure that no one will know because I don’t really trust anyone. I'm trying so hard to be a better person. My phone rang again. I freaked out; I didn’t want to answer this phone call, who knows what he will do this time? But then I thought that if I answered his phone call I might figure out who ever he is.

"Hello" I was shaking

"Hi Vivian" It was Harry.

"Oh Harry hi" I replied politely. I wanted to tell him thanks for scaring the fuck out of me but no, no one is supposed to know about this NO ONE.

"Hello are you there" Harry asked

"Yeah I`m sorry" I was recovering from my mini heart attack.

"So what about hanging out today" he was cheerful.

"Yeah sure"

"What about the park" he said. I could see his smirk from here.

"I`d love to go there" I said with a huge smile on my face

"Ok I`ll pick you up after 10 minutes"

"Ok" My mood is better now

I wore a pair of black shorts with a white shirt and a pair of vans. I wasn’t mrs. Stylista. i applied some mascara and lipgloss. I tied my hair in a ponytail. 10 minutes to get ready I guess I could say. Mission Accomplished. I went downstairs.

"Where are you going viva?" Max Asked

"I`m gonna go out with a friend" I smiled

"What is the name of your friend?" He asked


"I need to meet him" He said. Max was Nosy


"I need to make sure he is a good guy" he answered. But I wasn`t satisfied enough.

"He is a good guy" I said coldly

"That is what you said when you started dating Jason"

"Max My life is none of your business" I screamed

 The bell rang I went to open the door no one was there. So I decided to Have a small walk and try to forget about the text I got. I saw a boy on the other side wearing all black I was pretty sure he is not Harry or Alex. So I realized that he is Loverboy. I started running. I didn’t think about anything but beating his ass. While I was running I heard a voice Saying "Say Goodbye to life Bitch", before I realized what was going on I saw a car moving forward, it was moving pretty fast, I ran but the car was faster. It didn`t hit me. It just felt my left leg crack left leg. I tried to look around but I didn’t see anything everything was pitch black. I hears a voice saying "I don`t want to kill you yet Bitch, I want to have fun first " then I heard other voices, people screaming and crying. Then I fell into deep sleep.

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