Love,Life & Harry Styles

Vivian you can`t escape from your Past or should I say escape from Harry Styles ?


1. New Beginnings

Vivian's P.O.V

I think I'm in heaven.

I thought, as I walked around, staring at everything in disbelief.

This is perfect, I can stay like this forever, and when I die, I'll die a happy woman.

I walked up to the table in front of me, drooling at the scene ahead of me.


I reached my hand to start eating. Damn. I'm starving.

But my perfect moment was ruined when a hand slapped mine away.

And the food started talking to me.

Viva, we're late.


I felt someone shake me, and my eyes fluttered open.

"Get up!" max said, shaking me.

"Noooooo" I groaned rubbing my eyes.

"come on, get up, It's your first day at school, shouldn't you be excited or something?"


"Hey, If you don't get up now, I'll call M- Wait, what?"

" ah, never mind." I replied, coming back to my senses and grimacing as I pulled the blankets off and was attacked by the blinding sunlight.

 Today is my very first day of high school. I moved to Holmes Chapel a week ago. I`m really nervous. I had to move here with my dad, my twin brother and what I like to call my Step-monster Megan. I do not like Megan. I'm pretty sure she knows that by now. My parents divorced when I was about one and a half years old. And my mom, is a totally different story. My mother acts like a teenager, she goes to clubs and parties, gets back home late drunk with some boy toy, and yeah, not so flattering.  

I'd like to compare my mom to Regina George`s. You know, the one in mean girls, except that I'm not Regina George in any way.

My dad is more responsible he is a business man. He has his own company. We move a lot but for a weird reason I think that we are going to stay here for a looong time. I stood up went to the bathroom brushed my teeth, and then I went to my closet. "What should I wear" "ahhhh""I don’t wanna go to school" I kept talking to myself. I took out a black jeans with a hoodie my style is nothing girly. I curled my golden hair then I applied some lip gloss and some mascara and work my Nike shoes or as I like to call them my lucky shoes I love those shoes. I grabbed my bag and went downstairs.

"Good morning sweetheart" my dad said

"Good morning dad" I replied

"so are you excited" he said

"No not at all" I answered

"You`ll have fun you are an amazing person fun and hyper I`m pretty sure everyone will love you" he said

"And all what you said are the main reasons why no one will like me dad now if you want someone to accept you then you have to be fake but like Ain`t nobody got time for that" I said My dad laughed.

"I`m pretty sure everything will be ok"

"Hi dad, hi little sissy and hello Megan" my brother said

"Hello max" Megan and dad said at the same time

"ok first of all hello max and second of all I'm not you little sissy I was born 5 minutes after you which doesn’t consider me little or young or whatever" I said

" stop fighting and lets go I wanna drive you guys to school" dad said

"NOOOO" me and max said

"come on kids"  he said

"fine" both of us said

Dad drove us to school our school is called "Holmes chapel comprehensive school" I decided to go with max to the principal`s office to get our timetables I had 3 classes with max English, biology and history.  For the extra subject I choose music and theater I LOVED acting and singing I started playing drums when I was 2. I can play drums, piano, guitar, electric guitar, saxophone and violin. I can sing too my dad says that I sing like an angel. Everyone even my brother that insults me most of the time said that I have an amazing voice and strong vocals I`m not really sure about that. I went to search for my locker I got lost I didn’t know where my locker is. A tall boy with gorgeous green eyes and curly hair asked me:

"Do you want anything love I can help" he asked. Wait a minute why did he call me love again?

"I'm just searching for my locker it is number 42"

"Great cause my locker in number 41 that means I can see you more , come here"

I followed him I felt so awkward I was nervous. I was putting my books in my locker then he spoke up.

"How come I never saw you around are you new here?" he asked

"Yeah I moved her last week I`m originally from Manchester" I answered

"Oh I forgot my name is Harry" he said

"My name is Vivian" I said

"This is an Amazing Name" he replied

I felt my cheeks burning "thank you" I replied

"So what do you have first class" he asked

"Music and you?"

"I have music too do you sing or play musical instruments?"

"yeah I play piano, guitar, violin, drums, saxophones and I can sing too"

"Impressive" he said

I felt my cheeks burning more and more.

"What about you" I asked

"I can sing but I can't play any musical instrument" he answered blushing.

"So what about me being you guide today" he asked

"My pleasure" I answered him

I never felt this way for a guy I think that I'm actually falling in love I`ve always been known as hopeless romantic to be honest I never believed in love I didn’t know what to think of.

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