Love,Life & Harry Styles

Vivian you can`t escape from your Past or should I say escape from Harry Styles ?


3. Hotness Alert

Vivian`s P.O.V

The rest of the day was pretty fine, I didn`t have any classes with harry. I was walking to the lockers to get my stuff. The hallways were empty no one was there; I have to walk home alone since Max has Basketball try outs. Max is REALLY into sports. I took my iPod and played Heart attack and eventually I started singing along.

"Hello!" an unknown voice said

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" I screamed and jumped. Whoever did this freaked the fuck out of me.

"Oh I`m sorry I didn`t mean to freak you out babe"  a boy came he had light brown hair and Blue eyes, he was taller than me. but I have to ruin the moment by reminding myself of something. Why the hell does everyone call me Babe, Love, Sweety.. Like come on I`m a forever Aloner.

"It`s ok" I replied with a smile. I took another look at him and DAMN he is HAWT.

"You are Vivian I guess" He asked with a smirk on his face.

"Yeah" I replied. Wait a Second How does he know my name and How?

"My name is Alex. I know your older brother Max" . Now that Explains everything.

" Oh. And Max is a big Fat liar he is not my older brother we are twins" I said

"So what are you doing alone?" He asked

"I was getting my books and then I was going Home" I replied shyly.

"I`m gonna drive you home" he told me

"No. there is no need to..."

Alex cut me off  in the middle of my sentence "No I insist"

"Fine if you don`t mind" I answered with a Shy smile.

We went to the parking lot. He owned a Toyota Camry, he opened the door like a gentleman. I was Pretty impressed specailly after seeing his car it was clean and neat, I think Max should learn a thing or two about "How to take care of your car". but currently there was an awkward silence going on.

"How was your school day" He asked me.

"Great. I actually Like it over here It is such a nice place"

"Yeah. wait til you see the other part of the town you will be STUNNED" he said emphasizing the word stunned.

"What about me taking you there" He asked cheerfully.

"Yeah sure I`d love that" I replied with a sheepish smile.

"Ok. what about Friday afterschool" He said with a smirk on his face

" That will be great" I smile

"By the way you are really Beautiful "

I`m blushing. No My cheeks were burning. I felt the blood in my cheek; I didn`t have this feelings since long time ago. I was Having this Happy dance in my head because of 2 reasons: 1) He asked me out. 2)He called me Beautiful. Now how can this day be better !!!

"Socan you give me the directions to your house" He asked

"Yeah. Prince charles st. house number 33" I was still blushing

"Here we are?"

"Thank you" I said with a huge smile on my face

"Oh before I forget give me your phone for a minute"He asked. I was like shit why do you want it?

"Sure" I replied Politley

He took my phone and texted Himself now I have his number and he Has my Number. Could this day get anybetter!!!

"see you tommorow Vivian" he smiled a sheepish smile

"see you Alex"

I was screaming inside. I could say this is love from first sight. This is awesome. you know the best way to celebrate this is by eating food I was LITERALLY over the moon from happiness. Today is the best day of my entire life.


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                                                                                                                        - Palebunny

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