Broken Heart (one direction fanfic)

Ashley is just an ordinary girl, she promised herself to never fall in love with someone again after her last breakup. what happens when she meets someone that she never thought she would meet and he makes her forget about that promise....


6. Zayn the super hero!

Zayn's POV

"Niall, i'm coming back now...i'm almost there" i was on the phone with Niall while driving,

"quickly Zayn or i will eat your pizza!" i rolled my eyes and i suddenly heard a girl screaming 'help me'.

"Niall i'm gonna call you later... bye" i stopped the car and opened the window and found two guys bothering a girl, suddenly she just fainted. i got out of the car and slammed the door and walked towards them. they looked at me and i punched on of them in the face and i think i punched him hard enough to fall, the other guy just ran away. i looked at the girl laying on the ground and i went and picked her up and laid her on the back seat, and drove back to Louis's house. i parked the car and picked her up and walked towards the door. i knocked on the door and Louis suddenly opened with a big smile on his face and shouted

"ZAYN!! and .... sleeping beauty?" he looked at me confused,

"Louis she's not sleeping she fainted.."

"fainted?... who is she?"

"i will explain later can you please let me in now!!!" he moved out of the way and i passed through the door and all the boys stared at the girl with shocked faces. i ignored them and walked to the guest room, i laid her on the bed and left the room. 

"so Zayn who's the girl?" Niall started the conversation. "ya she's ummm.... cute!" Harry said while smiling softly. now i know that Harry won't leave this girl alone

"So Zayn what happened!!!" Louis yelled out interrupting me from my thoughts.

"oh ya so.. while i was driving i heard screaming, so i stopped the car and i saw that girl and two men bothering her and trying to kiss her, after that she fainted and i walked up to them and i punched one of them in the face and he fell and the other one just.. ran, so i just brought her here that's it..." they all looked at me without saying a word until Louis broke the silence by yelling

"ZAYN THE SUPER HERO!!!" we all laughed and i asked them a bout my pizza and they all just stared at Niall.

"Niall..." Liam started

"hey Zayn i told you i will eat it..." i laughed at him and kept on thinking about that girl... she looked amazing, i hope she's fine... super hero      

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