Broken Heart (one direction fanfic)

Ashley is just an ordinary girl, she promised herself to never fall in love with someone again after her last breakup. what happens when she meets someone that she never thought she would meet and he makes her forget about that promise....


25. truth or dare

"will you be my girlfriend?" Zayn asked. well i think i should give Zayn a try, but what about Harry? i mean i like Harry so much but i like Zayn too. maybe i should just say no... but i can't just say that i liked that kiss and refuse to be his girlfriend. ok i've made my decision, i will be Zayn's girlfriend but... what about Niall? i just told him that i liked Harry and now if i'm going to be Zayn's girlfriend, he'll think i'm crazy. but i could explain to him everything later..ugh! everything is so complicated, i don't want Harry to think that i like Zayn even though i do like him. i don't want Niall to think that i'm a slut, moving from one boy to the other. that's it, maybe they don't have to know!

"Zayn... yes i would like to be your girlfriend" i replied with a small smile on my face, Zayn looked at me shocked.

"but... i don't want anyone to know now that we are dating" i continued

"ok as long as i could call you mine than i'm fine with it" he said before he crashed his lips against mine. he kissed me passionately and smiled between kisses. he wrapped his arms around me waist and pulled me closer. this kiss felt like forever but i pulled out of it gasping for air. Zayn stood up and headed towards the door and opened it and smiled.

"i think we should go down now they are probably waiting for us" he said, i stood up and headed towards the door staring into his eyes. he pulled his hand out for me so i could hold it but i ignored it and whispered

"what did i say about keeping it a secret?"

"oh right sorry" he whispered back

we walked together down stairs and they were all sitting in the living room and just staring at each other. when we walked in they all stared at us, i smiled and ran and sat on the floor and shouting

"lets play a game!" i wanted to do anything so i could just break the awkwardness in the room. Louis ran quickly and sat beside me and shouting

"how about truth or dare!" they all came and sat down in a circle and we started the game

"i'll start!!" said Niall

"i'll ask... Zayn!!" he continued with a smirk plastered on his face.

"ok.. Dare" Zayn picked, Niall started thinking of a dare and then looked at me, then back at Zayn.

"i dare you to let Ashley style your Hair and put on twitter!" he said, i smiled wide and stared at Zayn. his face was red and then he looked at Niall in an "are you kidding me" look.

"C'mon Zayn i'm not that bad" i said with a smirk, Louis chuckled and every one started laughing except Zayn.

"lets just get this over with!" Zayn said annoyed. we both got up and went to Louis' room, i refused to let the other boys come because i wanted to make it a surprise. Zayn sat on the chair and i stood behind him and covered his eyes with a peace of cloth.

"why are you covering my eyes?" he asked

"because i wanna make it a surprise" i replied, and started to mess his hair up. i made him look as if he hadn't brush his hair in weeks. i unwrapped the peace of cloth away from his eyes and he opened them slowly.

"what have you done to my hair?" he whispered in awe.

"oh i just styled it up" i said

"you mean mess it up" he said still shocked. he looked at the mirror that back at me and i slowly took my phone out of my pocket and took a picture of Zayn quickly. i ran down stairs as fast as i can and every one started laughing once they saw Zayn. i hid behind Niall and posted the picture on twitter, and seconds later people started asking questions like ' what happened to Zayn's hair?' or 'is this a new hair style we are supposed to get used to?'.

"ok ok Zayn Ashley already posted the picture so what you'll do won't change a thing, just sit down and lets complete the game" Liam said between giggles. we all sat down and stared at Zayn again and started laughing.

"it's not funney" Zayn said obviously annoyed. after we calmed down we completed our game.

"ok who is gonna ask who next" Niall said

" me me me!!" Louis said

"i am going to ask Harry.. ok truth or dare?" he asked

"Dare!" Harry picked, Louis stared at me with a smirk then at Harry and winked at him. i now know what he will ask, probably kiss Harry. i want to but i am in a relationship with Zayn, and it's not going to be nice kissing someone else on our first day.

"i am going to the kitchen to make myself a sandwich, does anyone wants me to make him one?" i asked and everyone shook there heads 'no'. i nodded and left the room walking in the kitchen and sitting on the chair. after a while of thinking i heard footsteps, and Harry walked in.

"Ashley.. why did you come here in the kitchen?" he asked

"i said i wanted a sandwich" i replied

"well it sure doesn't look like you are making a sandwich!" he said

"well i just wanted to sit alone for a while, and just think a little about me life" i said with a calm voice even though on the inside i am freaking out

"listen i am sorry!" he said fast

"oh ok it is fine really, i'm not mad" i got off the chair and as i was walking out of the kitchen , Harry pulled me back in and kissed me. i kissed back but i forgot about Zayn, what will he do when he finds out that i kissed Harry. he will be heart broken.

"Ashley?" someone called my name, i quickly pulled out of the kiss and looked at who was standing behind Harry.


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