Broken Heart (one direction fanfic)

Ashley is just an ordinary girl, she promised herself to never fall in love with someone again after her last breakup. what happens when she meets someone that she never thought she would meet and he makes her forget about that promise....


17. trust

Ashley's POV

"Niall..." he quickly turned around and stared at me with wide eyes. why did i call his name? i am so stupid! but maybe because i just need someone to talk to? but i barley know him, i don't think i can trust him, but my heart just tells me that i should tell him. Niall walked back to me, and sitting beside me. i looked at him in a worried look

"Ashley... like i said you can trust me" after he said that, i sighed and looked into his perfect blue eyes and i started explaining

"when i was sixteen, i had i boyfriend, his name is Matt. he was my first boyfriend and i just fell in love with him fast. i thought that he was the one i want to spend my life with. those days with him where the best days of my life, until my eighteenth birthday..." i just couldn't continue remembering that day, it just hurts my heart so badly. tears were streaming down my face, i tried not to cry but i just couldn't hold them. i felt Niall hugging me tight, and i didn't want him to let go of me. i started to calm down a little and Niall let go of me and i continued 

"i was waiting for Matt to call me, to say happy birthday but he didn't call... i guess i got worried, so i decided to go to his apartment... when i got there i saw him with another girl..." i stopped and started to cry again but this time even harder

"don't cry... please" Niall begged but i just couldn't stop.

"it's just i...i thought that it was over... that i wouldn't meet him again...i mean i am nineteen now it's been a year but today when Harry kissed me after that Matt called me. i answered it because i deleted his number so i didn't know who was calling. he told me the words that i was afraid of hearing them from him...he told that he still loves me" this time i didn't cry because there were no tears left.

"he doesn't deserve your tears.. please don't cry" Niall said while pulling me again into a hug

"Niall you look tired.. you should go get some rest" he pulled out of the hug and looked me in the eyes

"i am not leaving you like this" he said with a serious face 

"trust me i am fine now" he nodded and got off the bed heading to the door but i stopped him

"oh and Niall... thank you" he smiled and walked out of the room.

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