Broken Heart (one direction fanfic)

Ashley is just an ordinary girl, she promised herself to never fall in love with someone again after her last breakup. what happens when she meets someone that she never thought she would meet and he makes her forget about that promise....


27. time

"Harry, i'm Zayn's girlfriend.." i looked out of the window not wanting to look into his eyes. i was waiting for a reply but i got nothing, he was probably shocked. now i broke his heart too, i'm a mess. i suddenly heard a door slam, and i looked beside me and didn't find Harry, he was headed for the park. i would run after him but i think he wants to get away from me.

Harry's POV

i got out of the car and slammed the door. not because i wanted to get away from Ashley but because i found him. Zayn. he was sitting under a tree, i stopped just behind him. i wanted to punch him so hard, he is dating the girl i love and he knows that i love her. she is not like other girls, she is different... in a good kind of way.

"Zayn!" i yelled, he suddenly turned his head to face me. his eyes darkened and he was getting angry. he stood up and walked to me and stopped not wanting to get to close to me.

"what are you doing here!" he said roughly

"well i'm here to look for my so called best friend, who is dating the girl i love!" he chuckled at me response then said

"pehlease Harry, you are in love! isn't that what you said about, i don't know, the hundreds of girls you've dated!"

"no Zayn, Ashley's different!"

"look Harry i won't let you break her heart like all of the other girls!" i paused for a minute not knowing what to say. my past with girls isn't that nice. but i won't break Ashley's heart because around her i feel different, she makes me smile when i see her.

"Zayn?" a voice suddenly interrupted my thoughts. i turned around to see Ashley standing in front of me.

Ashley's POV

i'm worried. where is Harry? he went off in the park and didn't come back, we still didn't find Zayn. what if he's went back home? i'll just all Niall and ask him, i hope he is back. i slipped my phone out of my pocket and called Niall.

"Hello? Niall?" i asked not sure if i called the right number.

"Ashley!" Niall's voice rang through my ears, i smiled at the thought of hearing his voice. when ever i talk to him, i always calm down.

"Ashley where are you? and Harry? oh and Zayn?" he asked, obviously worried.

"don't worry, we are fine. well me and Harry are fine. no scratch that i'm fine.." i replied

"why? what happened?"

"i'll tell you later but if Zayn ever comes back home just call me, okay?"

"okay" after that we both hung up. i got out of the car and headed towards the park, desperately looking for Harry. i recognized Harry's dark curls. so i walked towards him. when i got closer, someone was talking to him but because of the dark i couldn't see that person very well. i got closer hoping to hear his voice better

"look Harry i won't let you break her heart like all of the other girls!" Zayn!! yes yes yes! finally, i found him!

"Zayn?" i desperately called for him, Harry turned around and looked at me. i ignored him and ran to Zayn taking him into a bear hug.

"i'm sorry Zayn, i really am sorry! please forgive me.." i whispered, begging for him to forgive me.

"of coarse i'll forgive you! how can i stay mad at that beautiful face of yours" i blushed at his words. he kissed my forehead and held me tight.

"lets go home!" Harry said and we both nodded. when we walked to the cars, i hesitated. should i ride with Zayn or Harry

"umm.. Ashley are you coming?" Zayn asked and i nodded and walked towards his car. when we got in, Zayn held my hand and squeezed it, i smiled at him and kissed his cheek. he started the car and drove towards the house. the whole car ride was silent, both of us just stealing glances at each other and smiling. when we arrived at Louis' house, we noticed Harry's car parked, he must be inside already saying to the others what happened, at least just Louis. Zayn opened the door and we both got in holding hands and they all just stared at us but Harry wasn't there.

"hi guys! umm.. where is Harry?" i asked

"Harry is in the bedroom sleeping... oh and i heard that you and Zayn are together now!" Louis shouted the last part with a smirk plastered on his face.

"oh ya ummm.. i will go to bed now, goodnight beautiful" he kissed me and then Liam interrupted by shouting

"get a room!" Zayn shot him a death glare then headed towards his room.

"well, i'm going to go to sleep now too" Liam said and walked out of the room we were sitting in.

"me too!" Louis shouted and left. i looked at Niall and he looked at me curiously

"care to explain?" i sighed and sat beside him ready to explain every thing. i said to him what happened, about me liking both of them and what happened in the kitchen... after i finished he looked at me with a shocked face.

"you have to make up your mind woman!!" he shouted

"i know Niall, i just i don't know. i like them both and they both like me. it's hard to choose, help me please.."

"all i could say is that it's going to take time to choose the right one, goodnight Ashley" after that he left and i was left alone with my thoughts.

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