Broken Heart (one direction fanfic)

Ashley is just an ordinary girl, she promised herself to never fall in love with someone again after her last breakup. what happens when she meets someone that she never thought she would meet and he makes her forget about that promise....


26. the truth

"Z-Zayn?" no this can't be happening! why does this always happen to me, anything bad has to happen to me. Zayn stared at me with a hurt expression and i didn't know what to say. i can't apologize because what could i say? 'sorry i kissed one of your best friends?' Harry looked at Zayn with a confused face, not understanding why Zayn was about to cry. Zayn was trying to hold in tears but he let them fall, making me feel even more guilt. i've broken his heart so many times, he probably hates me now! Zayn's eyes stared at me the whole time then he finally spoke

"i..i thought y-you l-liked me?" before i could reply, he left. i heard a door smash hard and the a car starting outside.

"what did he mean by 'i thought you liked me'?" Harry asked but i ignored his question by saying

"we need to go find him.." Harry nodded and we both left not bothering saying to the others anything. Harry sat in the driver's seat and i sat in the passengers seat beside him.

"where should we look first?" he asked

"i don't know you are his best friend!" i said, i didn't know Doncaster very well and he was asking me?

"well Zayn doesn't know Doncaster very well.. so he probably went to any cafe nearby"

"ok well what are you waiting for.. let's go!" i shouted and he nodded and started the car, and we drove to the nearest cafe.

Zayn's POV

i hate Harry! Hate him, Hate him, Hate him. he doesn't deserve Ashley, to him she is like any girl to him. every time he meets a girl, he breaks her heart and i won't let him break Ashley's heart. never. i drove and stopped at a park far away from Louis' house. the park wasn't that far away and nobody was there, maybe because it's late, i found a tree and sat under it. thinking. Ashley looked so happy kissing Harry, what if she liked him? well who doesn't? i don't stand a chance against 'Harry Styles'. he always gets the girls even though he doesn't like them. i sat there for what felt like hours, it was getting dark but i didn't want to go back. i felt like if i saw Harry i would beat him up and make him regret that he kissed her.

Ashley's POV

we looked for Zayn everywhere but we still can't find him. where could he be? if we find him, what will i say to him? ugh.. why does my life have to be so complicated! why can't i live like other girls and have a simple life with no problems! Harry stopped the car in front of a park that was dark and we could hardly see anything. Harry looked at me then asked

"you didn't answer my question, why did Zayn say that he thought you liked him and why was he so mad?" i paused for a minute panicking. should i just say the truth, or should i keep lying? well he is gonna know anyway someday, it would be better saying to him now.

"Harry, Zayn has to get mad because..."

"because what?" he interrupted

"because i'm his!" i said

"what do you mean you're his?" he asked

"Harry, i'm Zayn's girlfriend.." 

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