Broken Heart (one direction fanfic)

Ashley is just an ordinary girl, she promised herself to never fall in love with someone again after her last breakup. what happens when she meets someone that she never thought she would meet and he makes her forget about that promise....


18. the park

i woke up to someone screaming, i quickly got off of the bed. when i reached the bedroom door, i stopped to think for a while. should i go down stairs after what happened? the screaming got louder and now i was worried. i got out of the room and tiptoed downstairs and stopped at the end of the stairs. i managed to not let anyone see me so they won't ask me about what happened. i saw Niall running after Liam with a spoon? Niall was laughing like crazy and i was going to burst out laughing but i've got to be quiet. i started to walk back up stairs, when i reached the end of the stairs i bumped into someone.

"oh!! sorry Ashley, i didn't see you" Zayn apologized, i didn't want to speak so i just nodded and went to my room. Zayn followed me inside, when i sat on my bed i stared at Zayn.

"i heard what happened between you and Harry..." Zayn started

"Zayn please i'm really not in the mood right now.."

"look Ashley i know that it wasn't Harry that bothered you" i stared for a while not knowing what to say. i just don't feel like telling him the story

"no.. nothing happened after Harry kissed me, i just maybe overreacted" i lied

"sure?" he said, i nodded and with that he left. i decided to go down stairs and apologize to Harry, he thinks i am mad at him and that's not true. i walked downstairs and went to the kitchen to find them all sitting there. they all stared at me for a while until Niall broke the silence 

"Ashley i made pancakes, do want some?" i shook my head and went and took a seat between Harry and Zayn.

"Harry sorry i overreacted yesterday.." i whispered to him

"and i am sorry for kissing you when it was obvious that you hate me" he whispered back

"okay" was all i could say

"so i am going to the park today..." i said not really inviting someone but of coarse someone has to come

"can i come with you?" Zayn asked. i nodded not knowing what else to say because i can't just say 'no don't come with me'.

"Zayn, i was hoping we could go now" he nodded and we both left and walked to the park.

when we got there we sat at the bench and many girls came to us and took pictures with Zayn. i really wanted to be alone, so i could think for a while. but that's not possible when i am walking with one direction's Zayn Malik. i started to hear rude comments from the fans like 'who is that bitch' 'i hope she leaves Zayn alone' 'she is so ugly why is Zayn walking with her' and 'i don't like her'. i got annoyed and whispered to Zayn that i am going to walk for a while and i left.  after minutes of walking and thinking, my phone rang. Zayn was calling so i answered

"Ashley where are you and also sorry about the fans the-" i cut him off

"no it's okay, and just keep on walking forward yo-"

"Ashley!" i turned around and dropped my phone breaking it. no no no no! this can't be happening. my heart broke down into pieces. every piece with a bad memory.

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