Broken Heart (one direction fanfic)

Ashley is just an ordinary girl, she promised herself to never fall in love with someone again after her last breakup. what happens when she meets someone that she never thought she would meet and he makes her forget about that promise....


19. the fight

Zayn's POV

"Ashley, Ashley..... hello?" she didn't answer. what happened to her? many fans came up to me again and i ignored them, i need to find Ashley. i looked for Ashley but i still couldn't find her, i found a tall tree and i sat under it. crying. what if she is hurt? what if someone had done something to her? i should have never let her walk alone, i'm so stupid. the worst feeling ever, when something bad happened to the one you love. and yes, i love her from the moment i saved her and when i heard that Harry kissed her, that hurt me so bad.

"leave me alone!!" i heard a girl scream, that was a familiar voice i know. Ashley's voice. i got up and followed her voice, i ran as fast as i can and stopped. Ashley was there, with a man but i recognize him, he was the one that night. i got so mad i could feel myself boiling, he was going to hurt her again.

"oh look who showed up again!" he said looking at me

"Z-Zayn?" Ashley said between her sobs. she quickly ran to me hugging me so tight, i closed my eyes enjoying the moment. she pulled away and stood behind me.

"look at the two love birds" he said smirking

"who are you? and what do you want from Ashley?" i yelled

"oh sorry allow me to introduce my self, i am Matt, Ashley's ex-boyfriend and i want her back!"he said still with a smile on his face.

"well she doesn't want you!" i yelled

"pehlease, she obviously still loves me and that will never change pretty boy" that's it, i wanna hit him right in the face. i walked to him and punched him right in the face. he chuckled and kicked me.

"you wanna fight pretty boy, c'mon bring it on!" he said and i stared at him before i pushed him and he fell. i started to punch him hard and watching blood pour out of his nose.

"Zayn stop!" Ashley cried and i could hear the fear in her voice. but i didn't stop, i want that asshole to die. Ashley ran to me and pushed me off of him and he got off of the ground with blood pouring from his face.

"haha see she pulled you off because she loves me!" he laughed

"ignore him" Ashley whispered pushing me away

"trust me she will be back at my house later pretty boy" he continued to annoy me and i just couldn't hold it. i pushed Ashley out of the way walking again to Matt.

"Zayn!" Ashley cried and ran in front of me, stopping me.

"Ashley move out of my way" i said still my eyes focusing on Matt. as i was about to take another step, i felt Ashley's lips crash into mine. i kissed her back and wrapped my arms around her so she won't let go. i kissed her hard, finally what i've been waiting for. we kissed for about three minutes, then she pulled away staring at me.

"please just ignore him, he's not worth it Zayn... please" she begged. i looked back at Matt and then back at Ashley, she looked really hurt. i sighed and took her hand and walked away, finding a bench to sit on.

"wow..Ashley" i said staring into her green eyes

"don't get to exited.. i kissed you because i didn't want you to kill him and going to jail" she chuckled. i wish that kiss was real and from the heart but who am i kidding she hates the band and she obviously hates us.

"Zayn can we go home now" she said getting up, and i nodded and we walked together.

"so Ashley who is Matt?"

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