Broken Heart (one direction fanfic)

Ashley is just an ordinary girl, she promised herself to never fall in love with someone again after her last breakup. what happens when she meets someone that she never thought she would meet and he makes her forget about that promise....


7. morning.. fight?

Ashley's POV

i woke up in a small room that was well decorated. i had a strong headache and the last thing i could remember is that there were two men, drunk, bothering me and then every thing went black. am i in there house? suddenly i could hear boys laughing, i saw a glass plate on the small table beside me. grabbed the plate and walked outside of the room, i started tiptoeing until i reached the kitchen and saw a boy with perfect blonde hair sitting in front of me but he was giving me his back. i walked towards him raised the plate high and ready to hit him in the head until...

Liam's POV

i woke up and stretched out of bed and walked out of the room, while i was walking i passed in front of the guest room. i wanted to see whether the girl fine or not, so i walked in but didn't find her. maybe she's downstairs with the boys. i went to the kitchen but was shocked of what i was seeing. she was going to hit Niall in the head with a glace plate. i pushed her to the ground while holding her in my arms so she couldn't move. Niall jumped off of his seat and looked surprised at us. Louis, Zayn and Harry walked in and they stared at us with wide eyes.

"Liam!!! what are you doing, not in the kitchen!!!" Louis yelled with a big smile on his face, i rolled my eyes at him and let go of the girl.

"who are you guys and what do you want from me!!!" she yelled while jumping off of the ground

"we're... wait... you don't know who we are?" Niall said with a confused face

"of coarse i know who you guys are... you're the boys who fucking kidnapped me!!!" she got mad and her face turned red, but what did she mean 'kidnapped her'? we saved her, well Zayn saved her. wait... Zayn said she fainted and then he saved her, she didn't see him, that's why...

"excuse me.. we didn't kidnap you i saved you?" Zayn explained

"wait... save me?" she said with a confused red face

"i saw those two guys bothering you, so i punched one of them and the other one ran away and you mmm.. yes!!! that's why... you fainted and you didn't see what happened..." Zayn finally figured it out

"fainted?... oh well then i'm sorry for trying to hit you in the head and the shouting and everything...." she looked down feeling guilty and we comforted her and told her that it's fine.

"so what's your name..?" Harry said waiting for an answer 

"Ashley, what about you guys..?" she smiled, i have to admit it she was kind of cute.

"well.. i'm Niall, that's Louis, Liam, Harry and finally Zayn, the one who saved you" Niall answered her

"and we'-" Harry suddenly cut Niall and completing the sentence

"are happy to meet you..." he said with a smile on his face. but i don't get it, why doesn't want her to know that we're one direction.... are we that bad?!....


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