Broken Heart (one direction fanfic)

Ashley is just an ordinary girl, she promised herself to never fall in love with someone again after her last breakup. what happens when she meets someone that she never thought she would meet and he makes her forget about that promise....


23. maybe...

"Ashley do you like Harry?" well that came out of no where. i can't believe he thinks i like Harry.. i don't! but maybe... no! ugh i can't believe i am falling for someone that i used to hate.

"Ashley?" Niall interrupted my thoughts and still waiting for an answer.

"" i mumbled

"by the way.. what makes you think that i like him anyway?" i asked because i wanted to know, was i making it that obvious that i like Harry?

"well because you seemed pretty furious when you heard that Zayn told Harry.. i mean so what if Harry knows, but you don't want that because, you don't want him thinking that you like Zayn because you like Harry...." he explained, wow he does a lot of thinking lately. i stared at him for a while thinking before i said

"goodnight" i got off of the bed and as i was about to reach the door i stopped

"oh and i don't like him.." i said

"Ashley?" he replied with a question

"maybe a little..." after i said that, he chuckled and i finally left the room. i went to my room and rested on the bed and slept.


i woke up to Zayn shaking me,ugh...

"what Zayn?" i said trying to go back to sleep again

"it is 1 pm sleepy!" he said still shaking me

"OK fine.. i'm up!" i said opening my eyes to Zayn smiling widely but i rolled my eyes at him. i walked to the bathroom door but Zayn asked me a question

"is every thing okay Ashley?" i sighed and shot him a look of disgust and entered the bathroom. i did my usual routine and got dressed in a pink top and sweats. i put my hair in a messy bun and walked out. i went to the living room to see the boys watching a movie, so i joined them and sat beside Harry. Niall shot me a smirk and i rolled my eyes and noticed that Zayn wasn't with us, but before i got too excited, he entered the room. i sighed and got up an said to them that i was going to the kitchen to get some water. when i went to the kitchen and sat down for a while, i heard footsteps. Zayn. he looked at me and i ignored him and continued my thinking.


"what do you want now Zayn?" he came closer

"why are you mad at me?" he asked and i started to get mad. well because i am myself i can't hold my anger.

"seriously Zayn! you actually don't know why i'm mad?" i yelled

"No, i dont!" he answered

"oh then why don't you ask yourself!" i continued yelling. the other boys dashed in with confused looks.

"what's with all the yelling?" Liam asked

"Ashley what are you talking about?" he asked me ignoring Liam's question

"oh don't act like shit Zayn, you know what i am talking about!" he looked at me still confused

"is this all about the kiss?" Louis asked and i nodded in agreement

"what about the kiss?" Zayn asked

"oh about you going around telling Harry about it! i told you it meant nothing do you hear me nothing!" i yelled and then looked at Harry who seemed unconformable and Liam beside him not understanding what we are talking about.

"Ashley i didn't say to Harry anything about that kiss?" Zayn said without hesitation. i looked to Harry and saw that his head turned to face the floor... what?

"what do you mean Zayn?" i asked still staring at Harry

"Ashley i didn't even talk to anyone about what happened in the park!" he answered, now we were all looking at Harry waiting for an explanation. he looked at me then said


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