Broken Heart (one direction fanfic)

Ashley is just an ordinary girl, she promised herself to never fall in love with someone again after her last breakup. what happens when she meets someone that she never thought she would meet and he makes her forget about that promise....


16. Matt?

Zayn's POV

"i think we should call the doctor..." Niall said and my heart suddenly fell. what happened to Ashley? Louis took out his phone to call the doctor. i wanted to ask what happened but i couldn't even speak. Harry fell to the ground crying with his heads in his hands. there was a moment of silence until Harry finally asked

"wha..what.. hap..happened to.. to.. her?" he said while crying. i looked at Adriana waiting for an answer

"i .. i don't know... when we broke the door we.. we found her on the ground, shaking so hard and when we tried talking to her she just won't speak.." she said also crying. Harry continued crying but i still don't understand... why? minutes past and we were all just sitting there thinking until we heard a knock on the door. Louis went to open the door and came to us and beside him the doctor.

"she is up stairs follow me" Niall said and took the doctor to Ashley. five minutes past then Niall and the doctor came back, we all stood waiting to hear good news.

"she is alright.." the doctor said

" wait then why is she shaking like crazy and wouldn't speak to us?" Adriana asked confused

"no.. it's normal.. she's just shaking normally and she maybe just doesn’t want to talk to anyone” we all nodded and with that he left.

“guys i think you all need to get some rest” i said

Niall’s POV

“guys i think you all need to get some rest” Zayn said

“but i was supposed to share the room with Ashley..” Adriana said disappointed

“you can sleep in my room  and i can share a room with Zayn” Liam said and led her to his room. Louis, Harry and Zayn also left to get some sleep. But i didn’t  want to sleep until i can make sure Ashley is alright. After a while, until i made sure everyone was asleep and started to walk towards Ashley’s room. I walked in and saw her still sitting shaking.  While i was walking towards the bed were she was sitting, a tear escaped  my eyes. I wiped it away quickly and sat down beside her.

“Ashley?” she didn’t reply

“i know you don’t want to talk but you can trust me... and i know that you are not crying because of Harry.. so please talk to me.. if you don’t want to and i respect that but i just want you to know that i am always there for you if you want to talk...” she still didn’t reply. Her phone suddenly vibrated and she started to shake harder, so i did what i had to do.. i took her phone and looked at the message and it said

Hey Ashley so after that phone call you didn’t call me back... anyway who was that dude who came that night and took you away from me and ya that was me that night and my friend and i still love you and i won’t give up till i find you and kiss those lips again... i’ll find you;)- Matt

Who is that Matt guy? I think he is the problem Ashley doesn’t want to talk. I was about to ask her who is he but she stared at me and i could tell she is not in the mood. I got off the bed and walked towards the door but something stopped me


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