Broken Heart (one direction fanfic)

Ashley is just an ordinary girl, she promised herself to never fall in love with someone again after her last breakup. what happens when she meets someone that she never thought she would meet and he makes her forget about that promise....


20. goodbye

Ashley's POV

"so Ashley who is Matt?" Zayn asked but i didn't reply, i don't want him to know the story. i don't want anyone to know the story, but i told Niall though... but there is something about Niall that makes me feel relaxed and makes me want to tell him every thing.

"Ashley?" Zayn said interrupting me from my thoughts 

"yes?" i replied

"you didn't answer my question, who is Matt?" he repeated his question

"oh ya mmm... he likes me and he used to tell people that he is my boyfriend but we never dated" i lied, i didn't want to but i didn't want people knowing that i dated that asshole.

"oh.... okay.. so you two never dated?" he asked and i nodded. we reached Louis' house, we walked in and saw them all watching a movie. i joined them and Zayn went to his room, i stopped were should i sit? there was a seat next to Niall and one next to Harry. i took a seat next to Niall because he is one of my friends now, i think. when i sat next to him, he looked at me with a frown.

"what happened?" he whispered

"nothing..." i whispered back

"you're lying to me!" how did he know that?

"wow it's like you can read peoples minds!" i whispered

"it's a gift!" he said and i laughed at him, so loud that they all stared at me as if i was crazy. after the movie finished, i walked to my room and rested on my bed. minutes later Adriana walked in with a frown on her face.

"Adriana why the sad face?" i asked her and she came and rested beside me

"Ashley... tomorrow i will go back to Chicago and spend the rest of the summer with my parents " i sat up and my eyes widened. what? she will leave me alone?

"Adriana what? you are the one who got us here in the first place!" i yelled

"i know but my parents want me back for some reason and i... Ashley i have to go"

"then i'll come with you!" i said without hesitation

"no stay please you'll have fun here"

"fun really? i don't think i'm going to have fun alone!" i was furious

" you have the boys and i know that you don't like them but.... i can see you and Niall are getting along.." she is right, i mean i do like Niall... but just as a friend not more!

"ok i guess... i'm gonna miss you Adri!" i hugged her tight and a tear escaped my eyes. me and Adriana are like sisters and we never left each other, we live together and we work together and practically do every thing together. 

"C'mon i need to sleep because my flight is early and maybe you'll wake up and not find me" i looked at her in a 'are you kidding me' face.

"goodnight" was all she said and she slept. i turned the lights off and went to sleep


i woke up and didn't find Adriana. she's gone. i got up, washed my face and packed my bag and headed downstairs. i found Louis sitting watching T.V. i tiptoed to the door and i was about to open it Louis called me

"Ashley were are you going?" he asked

"I'm going to go to my hotel now, i can't stay here forever!"

"can i talk to you for a minute?" he asked and i nodded and sat beside him.

"so? what did you want to ask me?" i asked

"Zayn told me what happened in the park..."


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