Broken Heart (one direction fanfic)

Ashley is just an ordinary girl, she promised herself to never fall in love with someone again after her last breakup. what happens when she meets someone that she never thought she would meet and he makes her forget about that promise....


24. a part of me

"well..." was all Harry said, but seriously i don't understand anything! what is happening right now? did he lie to me about Zayn telling him about the kiss? Zayn looked like he was serious when he said 'Ashley i didn't even talk to anyone about what happened in the park'. i looked at Harry and he was hesitating and then looked at Zayn and he looks like he was going to explode.

"well what, Harry?" i snapped, he looked at me then his eyes dropped to the floor again.

"i may have said a small lie..." he started

"i over heard you and Louis talking and well i thought you were gonna be mad about that so i said Zayn told me.." he continued. and when i actually thought that i could trust him! but no, he has to lie and ruin every thing... i zoned out of my thoughts and looked at Zayn, a tear escaped his eyes but he wiped it quickly probably hoping nobody saw it. why was he crying?

"Zayn..." i whispered softly

"i'm sorry.. i blamed you and shouted and all of that i.. i-" i continued but he cut me off

"oh no it's okay.. but actually thank you for what you said about that kiss, it's nice to know that you liked it sooo much" he said the last part sarcastically and then looked at me and another tear escaped his eyes but this time we all saw it. he shook his head is frustration and left the kitchen. now thinking back to what  said to him, i probably hurt his feelings by saying that it meant nothing... tears were going to fall but i held them in not wanting to look like a baby in front of them.

"i think i am going to go talk to Zayn..." when i was about to walk, someone caught my hand. i turned around and saw Harry, with a look of guilt spread all over his face.

"i'm sorry Ashley i.. i didn't mean to cause all of these problems.." he whispered. i stared at him not wanting to yell because i think there are other things i need to deal with right now.. like trying to apologize to Zayn!

"i'll talk to you later, now i have other things important, like this boy upstairs who i had just blamed because of you!" with that i left and went to Zayn's and Niall's room. i knocked on the door and opened it to find Zayn siting on one of the beds with red eyes. i walked slowly and sat beside him, looking at him not believing that i had just made him cry.

"Zayn.." i began

"i'm sorry.. please don't cry" i continued, i suddenly felt Zayn lift my chin up and now i was looking in his eyes. they were beautiful. he was inches away from me and then he closed his eyes for a second then whispered

"i love you Ashley.. more than you could ever imagine" before i could reply, i felt his lips crash into mine. i don't know why but i kissed back.. maybe i like him too? how is that even possible, how can i like two people at the same time? Zayn pulled out of the kiss still closing his eyes, he opened them slowly and i could sense that he was afraid of my reaction. but i put on a blank face not showing my emotions. part of me liked it and another part felt like it was wrong, one part of my heart was for Harry and the other part was for Zayn.

"i'm sorry" he apologized, he moved his head back so we were no longer too close. after a moment of silence and me stealing glances at Zayn, he finally spoke.

"can i ask you a question.. did this kiss mean something to you or was it like the other one?" he asked. thinking hardly about that question, i found an answer.

"yes it meant something" i replied, he quickly shot his head up looking at me straight in the eyes and smiling widely and asked another question that i was afraid of hearing. a question that i don't know the answer to. he asked

"will you be my girlfriend?"   

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