Broken Heart (one direction fanfic)

Ashley is just an ordinary girl, she promised herself to never fall in love with someone again after her last breakup. what happens when she meets someone that she never thought she would meet and he makes her forget about that promise....


9. A night with the boys

i stood there, so embarrassed from what just happened, couldn't even move or stare at them. how come i didn't recognized them, Adriana showed me a lot of pictures of them but i never really concentrated in them. i thought they wouldn't forget what i said about them but they acted normally.

"so.. i was hoping if you girls can spend the night with us?" Harry started, but i know the answer.

" sorry guys bu-" Adriana cut me from completing the sentence and pinched me.

"of coarse, we'll be happy to spent the night with you guys" i looked at her in a 'what are you doing' face but she just kept smiling.

"Adriana can i talk to you for a second please?" she nodded and i took her hand and took a few steps away from the boys.

"Adriana what the fuck are you doing?" i had a serious face but she just kept on smiling.

"Ashley seriously.... One direction just asked us to spend the night with them, and you are saying no?!"

"uhhhh... ya" i was about to explode but the boys called us.

"to late Ashley.. we're going whether you like it or not!" she whispered and grabbed my hand and headed to the car.

"Adriana let go of me... NOW!!!" she held my hand so hard, i can't escape from her. we rode the car and drove to the house. the whole car ride was awkward, i didn't really talk much because i was so embarrassed after what i said about the band. we arrived outside the house and they all jumped out of the car and went inside the house except Harry. he smiled at me and grabbed my hand but i slipped my hand from his grip. he looked at me confused and i ignored him and walked inside the house. we all sat in the living room to watch some T.V.

"so.. what do you guys wanna watch?" Harry asked 

"Toy Story!!" Liam shouted, we all laughed and agreed. Harry inserted the DVD and came and sat next to me and looked at me and smiled.

an hour passed and they all slept, i looked at Harry and was still awake.

"Harry... i want to sleep.. so?"

"OK.. c'mon i'll lead you to your room" he stood up and reached his hand out for me but i just ignored it and stood waiting for him to lead me to my room. he sighed and started to walk and followed him to a room.

"thanks" i said with a small smile on my face. he nodded and left the room, i closed the door and went to sleep...       

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