Nothing Like Us

This is the story of Lilly and Justin, Lilly is your sweet girl who doesn't get into trouble and has lived her life, Justin on the other hand is apart of a gang but has a good heart, violence, love, lust, drugs, sex and death, can Lilly and Justin's relationship survive?


9. Chapter 9

Lilly’s POV

It’s been nearly two weeks since I’ve talked to Justin, he would be acting so distant whenever I’d go to meet up with him, I don’t know what’s going on with him, I know he’s upset with something but he wouldn’t tell me, I begged him to and he wouldn’t cave in, I so confused right now, I thought in relationships you were supposed to be honest with the person you love, I’ve told him everything about me and I still don’t even know where his house is, he’s so sweet and gentle, he’s an amazing boyfriend… but I’m starting to have doubts whether or not we should go on with this relationship if he wasn’t going to be completely honest with me, lying here on my bed, still re-reading the message he sent to me, I felt so lost not talking to him:

Lillian, I can’t see you for a while, I know this isn’t fair to you and I never wanna hurt you, but I’ve got a lot of stuff going on right now and I just need some time to figure it all out, please don’t hate me, you’re still and always will be my Lillian, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart - J

How long was a while? I didn’t want to wait forever, but at the same time I would, I don’t think I could ever fully leave Justin, he’s in too deep in my heart for me to let go of him, I miss him so much, I know that crazy because we’ve only known each other for two months, but I do, staring at our picture on my phone I could help but feel a tear escape from my eye, I just want to know if he’s okay and that I’m always here for him, but something’s telling me he already knows this.

It had felt like I was laying in my bed for the longest time possible, I didn’t want to move, I felt frozen and too solid to move, all I wanted to do is see Justin, I wish he could just tap at my window right now and give me the biggest hug, I didn’t even care if he wasn’t honest with me right now, I just want to be with him.

My eyes felt like they were going to shut down on me, and I didn’t resist, I had just closed my eyes when I heard a knock at my door.

“Lilly, you’re friends are here” crap, I had completely forgotten that it was the party tonight, earlier last week Nathan had invited me to go to a house party with him, Lucy and Molly, I haven’t stopped thinking about Justin that the party had gone from my mind.

“Hey girly! Get up, it’s party time!” Molly jumped onto me and started to shake me, causing me to smile, I know that I wanted to just lay in bed and think about Justin, but maybe the party will help me keep my mind off of him for a while, maybe to stop my insanity.

“We’re gonna have so much fun tonight! You’re still okay with me and Molly getting ready at yours right? Cause it’s kinda late to back out of that deal now” Lucy was checking herself out in the mirror, Lucy liked to check herself out in the mirror a lot, but I mean you couldn’t blame her, she was the most gorgeous out of all three of us.

“Look cutie, I know you’re still hurt by what your boyfriend said bu-“

“No Molly it’s okay, really, I think I could use the distraction tonight”

“Oh good! Let’s start getting ready then!” Molly gave me a big hug and started to get out her dress, I got up and started looking through my clothes, when Lucy ran over to me.

“You should so wear that dress! I bet your boobs look great in that one” Lucy laughed, causing me to, it was nice to have them over, it felt better than being alone.

“Erm, well I don’t know”

“Yeah you should cutie! Please, for me and Lucy” they were both making pouty faces at me, my belly was hurting too much from all of this laughter, it felt good to laugh.

“Okay, okay! I’ll wear it” they both squealed with joy, Lucy was wearing a cream strapless dress and Molly was wearing a black dress that came just below her waist.

“Wait! Before you get dressed can we please do your hair and made-up?”

“Yeah I guess so, but don’t make the make-up too heavy okay”

“Deal!” all three of us went to my bathroom, Lucy was waving the ends of my hair and Molly was doing my make-up, by the time they had finished with me, I couldn’t believe what I was looking at in the mirror, my hair looked so beautiful, it looked my Miley Cyrus’ hair long beautiful hair before she had it cut short, and as for my make-up Molly knew I didn’t like to wear much of it, so the only added difference was the eye liner with the cute flicks at the ends of my eyes and the blusher, whilst Molly and Lucy we’re getting their hair and make-up on I decided it was time to put my dress on, this used to be Hayley’s dress, but it had gotten small for her so she gave it to me, I will admit, once I looked in the mirror Lucy was right, since it was a tight dress it completely showed my curves, my boobs didn’t look too big, but they did show my cleavage well, and as for my arse, even I had to admit it looked good.

“Oh my gosh, Lilly you look amazing, stunning even” both Lucy and Molly came up behind me in my big mirror, not only admiring me but themselves as well.

“Wow, cutie you look beautiful, good job Lucy”

“As for you Molly, as for you” we all giggled.

We all looked at the time, it had gotten to 8.30 and we heard a car beeping outside, it was Nathan of course, all three of us were leaving my bedroom when Lucy turned to me.

“Justin doesn’t know what he’s missing” and she gave me a wink, I let out a smile, wow, I hadn’t thought about Justin in over three hours, I wasn’t constantly checking my phone or crying on my bed, I do miss Justin, but this distraction was helping me a lot, I know he has a lot on his mind right now, but I’m wondering if he’s even thinking about me, right now, like I’m thinking about him, but I could think about Justin right now, tonight was supposed to be about having fun, and I was determined to have a little fun tonight.

Justin’s POV

Today was the day I was never gonna see my best friend again for a while, I couldn’t believe he was going to juvie, Ryan was right, the police knew everything, they even questioned me about it because Ryan told them that he came to mine after to confess, Ryan told me to tell the truth and I did, I wanted to lie, but I owed it to Ryan, he’s like my brother, and I’d do anything for him, I still remember the last conversation I had with Ryan, just before they took him away.

“Justin you need to promise me two things”

“Anything man, you know I’d do anything for you”

“Yeah I know, the first thing I want you to promise is that you’ll keep an eye out for Ava, I’m gonna be gone a while, she told me she only wanted me and that she’d wait, but if she does find someone else I would understand and I don’t want you to upset her about it if she does, she deserves every bit of happiness”

“Okay, I’ll look out for Ava, what’s the second thing?”

“The second thing… the second thing is I want you to be with Lilly, I know you told her you needed time just because you wanted to spend your time with me before I left, but keep her close man, you love her, tell her the truth, tell her everything, she deserves that, let her meet your family, laugh and cry with her, be WITH her, she’s already the best part of you and if you let her go you’re gonna regret it for the rest of your life, she is your family now Justin, it’s never too late for anything”

“I will promise you that”

Lillian. God I miss her so much, I need to see her, it’d been too long now, I couldn’t wait any longer, I’m completely in love with this girl and I was gonna tell her everything, why it’s just me, my mom and Jazzy, why I’m in a gang, that I deal drugs, used to deal drugs, she is gonna meet my family, I’ll hold her, comfort her, I’ll even find a way to get out of the crew, impossible, but I will, like instant I got in my car and drove straight to her house, on the way there a car pulled up right in front of me, I quickly braked, the guy got out of his car and started to come closer to me in the driver’s seat, and then I saw his face, Connor, what did he want?, he tapped on my window and I opened it, he threw some cocaine on my lap.

“What the fuck man?”

“Justin don’t give me shit, I need you to deliver this to Skinny, he’s at some party, here’s the address, get my money then come to mine and give it to me” he threw the bit of paper on my lap to, presumably the address was written on it.

“Why have I gotta do it, get someone else to, I’m busy”

“Oh yeah, doing what Bieber?” Shit, lie.

“Just going to some chicks house, Jerry needs some pussy” when I had lost my virginity, the girl I lost it to called my dick Jerry, and for some reason that just kinda stuck between the crew, so much so they all came up with names for their dicks.

“Ahh I hear ya, well it shouldn’t take you long, get in get out, come on man I’m counting on ya here”

“Fine” Connor got back in his car and drove off, I couldn’t believe this, all I wanted to do see Lillian, my Lillian, and now I’ve gotta deliver a big stash of cocaine to Skinny, but like Connor said, get in and get out, I’ll be with my beautiful girl soon enough.

Lillian’s POV

“Wow Lilly, you clean up pretty nicely” Nathan said just as I got into the car.

“Yeah well you don’t look too bad yourself there Nate” All four of us laughed and Nathan started to drive, I’m glad my parents were finally giving me some independence, I have to thank Hayley for that, since she always gets what she wants she begged them to let me go out tonight, and of course they let me, my curfew was till 12 and that either Nate, Molly or Lucy was with me at the door when they answered it when I get home to know that I wasn’t alone, which does seem fair.

All the way to the party we had the radio on full blast, I wasn’t going to be drinking tonight, the amount of horror stories I’ve heard or read about teens at parties that were caused my alcohol where insane, but Nate was the designated driver tonight so I wouldn’t be alone, but judging by my stomach aching from laughing so much I wouldn’t be having a bad night, I could still have just as much fun singing and dancing without being under the influence of alcohol.

As soon as we got to the party we were all pumped with excitement, ready to get in had let loose, there were so many people here tonight, there were even some people other than us from our school, the first thing we did was hit where the music was mainly playing, singing and dancing, not being able to contain our laughter, soon we were all hot and bothered and made our way to the drinks, sure enough it was all alcoholic beverages so I decided to just get some water from the tap for myself and Nathan, as soon as I came back Lucy was already downing shots.

“This is so much fun! I’m so glad you came tonight Lilly!” she had to shout in my ear, the music was getting louder and the people were getting even more wild, the smell of alcohol and even weed were getting stronger now, all four of us thought it would be a good idea to head outside for some fresh air.

Justin’s POV

I just arrived to the party, I knew where abouts Skinny would be, he always hung out in the corner of a party, making himself not looking too obvious, get in get out, get in get out.

Practically everyone at the party was wasted but I still didn’t hesitate to hide the stash of cocaine under my jacket, I got inside and made my way to every corner of every room till I finally found him near one of the bathrooms.

“Ahh finally, I was beginning to think I wasn’t gonna get my stash”

“You’ll get your stash alright, you know the rules Skinny”

“Indeed I do Bieber” He handed me the money and I counted to make sure it was all there, he didn’t take offence since he knew people could get ripped off, and he wasn’t one of those people who liked to get ripped off, as soon as I counted the correct amount of money I put it in my back pocket and handed over the bag of cocaine, he opened in slightly just to make sure it was pure, which it was, and business was over.

“Pleasure to see you again Bieber, hope to see you soon” I gave him a nod and left to go to my car, I got in and headed to Connors house to give him his money, I’ll be with you soon Lils, I promise.        

Lilly’s POV

It was nice to get some fresh air for a while, all four of us were having a great time, Molly and Lucy weren’t over doing it too much on the alcohol, I kept on telling them horror stories about house parties until Lucy spoke up.

“Babe you’re downing my mood!”

“Yeah, Lucy’s right cutie, let loose!”

“Okay I’m sorry guys, you know how I get” they giggled, Nate and I were surprisingly having just has much fun as the girls with no alcohol, but I needed to pee, bad.

“Guys I’m just gonna go to the bathroom okay”

“Okay, make sure you’re back quick, its 11.15 now and we gonna get you back in time for your parents not to kill us with your curfew rules” Nate let out, he wasn’t being too serious, but I liked that he was just as cautious as I was about being late, we both laughed and I made my way to the bathroom.

As soon as I got to it there was a really long line, I decided to look for another one, since I knew there was more than one bathroom here, I looked around and finally found one, and a bonus that there wasn’t a line for it either, once I finished up in the bathroom I came out, and there he was, just standing there with some friends, Justin! I had the biggest smile on my face, I quickly barged through people to get close, but then all of a sudden Justin took something out from his jacket, it was a package, I didn’t realise what it was until the other guy opened it, Cocaine.

I couldn’t believe it, I just stood there, I didn’t know what to do, I ran back to Nate who was looking after a tipsy Molly and Lucy.

“C-ca-can we go home” I couldn’t speak.

“Yeah sure, are you okay, looks like you’ve seen a ghost” Nathan joked, but I was in no state to joke around with him, white as a ghost, more like white as cocaine, I just wanted to burst out into tears then and there, but I kept myself together.

“Yeah, I just feel sick that’s all”

We all got in the car and starting driving to my house, everyone was still singing and dancing, I couldn’t help but let the tear role down my cheek, Justin, MY Justin was selling drugs, I knew he was in a bad place right now, but this? He’s such a sweet and kind guy who always felt vulnerable when he was with me, he was always the one to want to lay on me, constantly kissing my forehead or my cheek, I couldn’t get the image out of my head, was he the sweet and kind-hearted boy I knew? But then it hit me, this couldn’t of been the first time he’s ever done this, he seemed so cool about it all, and the way that he was always so secretive about his life, I was hurt, heartbroken even.

We had made it to my house and Nathan walked me to my door, I thanked him for a good night and my parents thanked him for walking to the door with me, as soon as I got in I ran straight for my room, I slammed my door and fell to the floor and let the tears escape from my eyes, I thought I knew Justin, but I guessed I didn’t, and yet I was head over heels for this boy, I haven’t told him yet because it’s way too early in the relationship, but I’m in love with him, I Lillian Rosemary Davis am in love with Justin, but could I still be with him? I didn’t even know what I wanted right now from him, I was so overwhelmed and confused, then out of nowhere I heard a light tapping from my window.



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