Nothing Like Us

This is the story of Lilly and Justin, Lilly is your sweet girl who doesn't get into trouble and has lived her life, Justin on the other hand is apart of a gang but has a good heart, violence, love, lust, drugs, sex and death, can Lilly and Justin's relationship survive?


8. Chapter 8

Justin’s POV

“Justin? Justin?” I could hear Ryan on the other end, I only just realised I zoned out, I couldn’t believe it, the police knew, how did they know? Connor… Jason… I couldn’t think straight.

“Yeah, I’m here Ryan”

“Justin… I need you help man!”

“Okay okay look, come over to mine and we’ll talk about it okay?”

“I’ll be right there” I hung up my phone and took a second for my mind to calm down and focus, but I couldn’t believe it, I would never see my best friend again if the police took him away, then my mind went straight to that night, the flashback.

The loud banging on my front door woke me up, I looked over at my clock, 3.34, who would be banging at this hour? Carefully not waking up Jazzy I removed her from my arms and closed my door behind, moving myself to the front door, I opened it to find Ryan, covered in blood, but it wasn’t his.

“Ry-Ryan! What the fuck man why are you covered in blood?! What the hell happened?!”

“Justin… I killed someone” what? No, Ryan wouldn’t do that, we both agreed we wouldn’t go down that far.

“You-you what?” I was in too much shock, my mind couldn’t process this all at once.

“Me and the guys where hanging out, doing what we do you know? Then all of a sudden I heard gun shots and I just panicked, I didn’t know what to do, I-I…”

“You RUN, that’s what you do, you stuck around!”

“Justin, I’m sorry I was scared shitless, it all happened too fast” He was in tears now, all I could do was pat his shoulder.

“Oh god Justin what have I done? W-Wh-What am I gonna tell Ava”

“You tell her nothing, that’s what you do!”

“I can’t do that Justin, you know I can’t! Ava is everything to me, I can’t lie to her, I love her” he buried his face with his hands “She’s gonna think I’m a monster!”

“Why do you care so much? She’s just one girl, they’ll be others”

“You wouldn’t get it Justin, you just wouldn’t” and with that we both sat in silence for the longest time possible.

Ryan was right, I didn’t understand his whole thing with Ava, why he couldn’t lie to her, why she meant everything to him, but now I do, its killing me inside that I’m keeping Lillian from everything, I want this relationship to last, I have to tell her everything, but I’m too afraid she’ll leave me, she IS my everything now and I want to try to protect her from all the dangerous things in this world, but I know somehow I can’t do that, as long as she is with me, danger will always be there in my life.

I opened my bedroom door to get ready for Ryan’s arrival, I found Jazzy was asleep on the couch; I carefully picked her up and put her in her room then shutting her door behind me, I walked over to the couch and sat down, waiting for the sound of knocking on the front door, I picked up my phone from my back pocket and unlocked it, the picture of me and Lillian on my front screen, I stroked my phone screen and smiled lightly, then I heard the knocking on the front door.

“Hey Justin”

“Hey Ry, sit down” we both walked over to the couch and sat down, I let out a big sigh.

“Okay, so how do the police know”

“Well they called me up and said I had to be down the station tomorrow for questioning”

“Did they say on what?”

“No, but I have a bad feeling, they know, of course they know, they’re the police for fuck sakes!”

“Well if they didn’t say on what it’s about may-”

“Justin! They know! I can feel it, they know! I-I… I can’t do this anymore, I want out of the crew, I’m done with this shit!”

“Oh what and you don’t think I want out to? But it’s a little too late for that don’t ya think? we got the tattoos, we’ve seen too much, we’re in too deep to want out now!” I sighed again, I knew this was the realisation, Lillian could never have a normal life with me, they will always be there, watching my every move.


“Yeah Justin?”

“I get it now, I didn’t before but now I do”

“Get what?”

“You… and Ava, how she’s your everything, you’d do anything to protect her, why you physically can’t stand to lie to her, I get that now”

“Why do you get it now?”

“Because…” there was a long pause before I spoke again “I found that with someone now, that’s why” up until now I kept Lillian a thing to myself, relationships aren’t really the main topic of mine and Ryan’s conversations.

“With who?”

“Lillian, you don’t know her, she doesn’t live at our end of the town like Ava does, she knows nothing about all of this like Ava, it’s killing me not telling her since she’s always honest with me, she deserves better” Ryan could see that I was staring at my phone, looking at the picture of Lillian and I, he took the phone from me and looked at the picture.

“Well Justin, if there’s one thing I know, it’s that in our 13 years of friendship, this right here *pointing at me in the picture* is the happiest I’ve ever seen you, if you want this girl then keep her, trust me when I say that, I would know, I’ve had that girl in my life for two years now, and her name is Ava” he gave me back my phone and I looked at the picture again, Ryan was right, despite all of this going on, I was the happiest I’ve ever been, and I owe that to Lillian, you think about fate and destiny, maybe somehow meeting Lillian was fate, maybe she is supposed to be in my life, make me a better guy then I am, thinking about my future and she’s there, she’s the girl I buy a big house with, she’s the girl I ask to marry, she’s the mother of my children, she’s the one I grow old with, it’s her, I couldn’t imagine any other girl but her, thinking about my future made me crave and yearn for Lillian, seeing her in our big bed holding our little baby girl, me holding her in my arms, holding my family, I wanted all of this, and then I just knew, I’m in love with Lillian, and I will tell her everything.

Ryan sighed and looked over at me, still staring at my phone.

“Justin, what am I gonna do? If the police do know, I don’t want them to take me away from Ava…” I looked up at him and gave him the only honest answer I had.

“I really don’t know Ryan, I just don’t know”


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