Nothing Like Us

This is the story of Lilly and Justin, Lilly is your sweet girl who doesn't get into trouble and has lived her life, Justin on the other hand is apart of a gang but has a good heart, violence, love, lust, drugs, sex and death, can Lilly and Justin's relationship survive?


7. Chapter 7

Lilly’s POV

*Beeb Beeb Beeb*  I immediately turned off my alarm and laid back in the position I was just in, I really didn’t want to go to school today, or tomorrow, or any day in fact, I just wanted to replay the entire weekend over and over again, especially Saturday, that kiss, I let out a big happy sigh, when I kissed Justin for the first time it felt like I had butterflies in my stomach, I couldn’t contain the amount of fireworks that went off in my head, it felt so safe yet it was such a rush at the same time, I just wanted to keep kissing him, and I could, he was my boyfriend now, my Justin, I could kiss him and any time I wanted to, the smile on my face kept on largely increasing every time I thought about him, those eyes, his smell, there wasn’t anything about him you couldn’t love, he was beautiful.

I got up and started to get dress, I quickly picked out a cream dress with a denim jacket with some red converse; I applied on my usual light make-up, got my back ready and went to go to school.

“Bye mum, bye dad!” I shouted as I left the front door, Hayley was waiting in her car for me, I got in and the car journey to school was quiet, Hayley’s been in a mood with me ever since I started hanging out with Justin more and more, I still haven’t really mentioned to her that we’re actually going out now, I thought that it would be best to give her time to cool off before I told her, I just hope this whole silent treatment thing wasn’t going to be forever.

She parked the car and walked off, leaving me alone with the car, I started to walk to my first lesson of the day which was history, other than art, history was my other favourite subject, but I preferred art a lot more, I got to class and sat down next to my friend Nathan, that kid always had a smile on his face.

“Morning Lilly, how was your weekend?”

“Hey Nate, yeah it was quite… eventful to say the least, but it ended up being a great weekend, how about you?”

“Yeah it wasn’t too bad, hey listen me, Lucy and Molly are going to a party this weekend, wanna come?”

“Yeah sure, that sounds like fun, I’m in!”

He smiled his cheeky little grin at me and I couldn’t help but laugh, Nathan, Molly and Lucy were my new friends here at school, in every one of classes I either have Nate, Molly or Lucy so I got pretty lucky, after history I had a free period so I went off to the school library, as soon as I sat down I took out my phone and saw that I had a text from Justin:

J: Hey beautiful, do you want me to pick you up after school? We could go to the diner for dinner, my treat babe J x

L: Hey you! Yeah that sounds really nice, can’t wait to see you soon! X

Soon enough it had gotten to the end of the day, I texted Hayley to know that I was gonna hang out with Justin and that to tell mum and dad that I would be back home later, but she didn’t reply, probably still ignoring me, once the bell rang for the end of the lesson I grabbed my books from the table and headed out the door, once I got outside I could see Justin standing by the front of his car waiting for me, his face lighting up as soon as he spots me, his faces looks a lot better than it did three days ago, the cuts were starting to slowly fade.

“Hey let me help you with those” Justin grabbed my books from my arms and carried them into the car, when we sat down Justin started to drive to the diner, we got in there and sat in our usual booth, the waitress knew who we were and brought out our regular orders, we both laughed and started to eat.

“Oh I almost forgot” Justin said as he finished a mouthful of cheeseburger, he leaned over and kissed my cheek, this instantly made me blush.

“I mean how could I forget that?” and he laughed as he took another bite into his burger, his laugh sent amazing shivers down my spine, it had become a new favourite sound of mine to hear.

Once we both finished eating Justin paid and we headed back to his car, I didn’t really realise up until now that we’d practically been holding hands the entire time, it just came so natural so quickly to hold his hand that I didn’t really take notice, his smile was as big as mine, when Justin starts driving to my house to take me home I rest my head on his shoulder, I was completely relaxed, I hadn’t been this happy since I was with my grandmother, she believed in a lot of things, including miracles, and I for one believed that Justin was my miracle, before I knew it we had pulled up outside my house.

“I had a really great time tonight, thank you for treating me to dinner”

“It’s no problem Lil, I had a great time to, I love spending time with my girl” my girl.

“When will I see you again” I made a sad pouty face at him, causing him to have his adorable laugh on show.

“Well how about you come to my next dance class on Thursday?”

“That sounds great, ill see you then, bye”

“Bye Lil” and with that I gave him a kiss on the cheek and got out the car, as I got in the front door I saw my mum and dad in the living room looking panicky, as soon as they heard me shut the door my mum came running up to me, she looked like she was about to cry.

“Oh my god Lilly! I’ve been so worried about you, where have you been!” grabbing me into a forceful hug.

“I was out, with a friend” friend, that seemed like a safe word to use right now.

“We have been worried sick young lady! You go out with no phone call, nothing!” wait what? But I told Hayley t- Hayley!

“Well I texted Hayley to let you know”

“Well don’t you think you’re fully capable of telling us that yourself? I’m glad your home and safe, but what you did was stupid, go to your room, now!” I am going to kill Hayley.

I made my way upstairs and entered Hayley’s room without knocking.

“What is your problem? Seriously? I’m allowed to hang out with Justin okay, I don’t care because there’s nothing you can say or do that’ll make me not like him! I was going to wait till you calmed down and was more mature to tell you this, but it’s quite clear that you’re never going to be like that so I’ll just come right out and say it; me and Justin are a couple, in a relationship, boyfriend girlfriend, get it? I tried to be nice but it clearly doesn’t work with you does it, you’re a disappointment to a sister!” and with that I slammed her door shut running into my room and slamming mine with it, I threw myself onto my bed and just laid there, after what felt like hours just laying there I heard tapping from my window, Justin!

I quickly leapt off of my bed and ran to the window, my face went from annoyed to insanely smiley within the second.

“Justin, what are you doing here?” he climbed through my window and closed it, then turning back to me to answer my question.

“Well I forgot two things; the first thing was that I wanted a picture of us together, Jazzy’s been begging to see what you look like and i didn’t have a picture, and I want one of us” He was too sweet, god he made my heart melt.

“Well of course you can have a picture, I would love that” I got my phone from my back pocket and put the camera on, Justin moved closer to me, hugging me from behind and I took the picture, when I saw how the picture took it made me smile more, our picture together looked so cute, especially his adorable smile, I set it as my background and sent it to his phone, with him putting the picture as his background.

“Okay, so what’s the second thing you forgot then?”

“This…” and with that he leaned his head closer to mine, our foreheads touching, then our noses, and then my lips touched his, at first our kisses were gentle, his hands slowly reaching from my face down to my waist pulling my body closer to his, then I pulled him onto my bed, we parted for a second for Justin to sit his back on my bed, I sat next to him and swung my legs over his, he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer to him, our lips touching once again but this time with more force, I loved the feel of his lips on mine, just like when I laid with him it felt right, like I was meant to be held in his arms or to feel his lips touch mine, he quickly pulled away, looking at me with concern on his face.

“Lillian” he sighed “I don’t want to rush anything with you, I’m not saying I want to take this really slowly, but I haven’t been in a real relationship with a girl that’s ever felt like this, I know that I’ve slept with a lot of girls but I don’t want that with you, I want this, us, more than anything” he looked at me waiting for what he had said to sync into my brain, and then I spoke up.

“I want this, this, us, I want that with you, and I know that you’ve been with a lot of girls, and if I’m honest that does frighten me a little bit, but that doesn’t mean to say that I wouldn’t be comfortable with you in that situation”

“I wouldn’t force you to do that anyway, I know you’re not ready and I can respect that, I can respect you”

“Okay, well I mean we don’t have to do anything right now, we have all the time we want to do that stuff, and we can just take baby steps”

Baby steps, I like that idea” he moved his hand to my cheek and started to stroke it gently, I moved my head down to  his shoulder and we sat in comfortable silence, I know that he’s been with a lot of girls, but that was his past, it does worry me a little bit though, what if he doesn’t like what he sees when I’m naked in front of him, what if I’m too inexperienced for him, I barely know what I’m doing when it comes to that stuff, I have had boyfriends before, but I just didn’t feel comfortable enough to actually lose my virginity or do anything sexual stuff with one of them, and I didn’t want to be too young when I lost my virginity anyway, I want to wait till an appropriate age and feel completely comfortable enough to lose it, but everything I’ve felt with Justin so far has felt incredibly right and good, something I didn’t feel with the others.

“I gotta get going, but thanks for my picture… and for my kiss” he winked at me which caused me to blush, we both got up and made our way to my window, before I could open it Justin grabbed my waist lightly and pulled me in for another gentle kiss, my hands moved slowly to his neck, pulling him closer, before we could break away I heard knocking at my door.

*knock knock knock. “Lilly”*


“Just a second! Don’t open the door!” I pulled my window fast and Justin climbed out, but not before pulling me in for another kiss.

“Justin go!” I whispered, he started to laugh, I broke away from him and closed the window, just in time.


“Hayley I told you not to open the door” she moved to sit on the edge of my bed.

“Look, I’m sorry I’ve been a dick lately okay”

“Well, why have you been a dick to me? I’ve done nothing wrong, I’m allowed to hang out with just-“

“I know that okay, it’s just…”

“Just what?”

“I saw the way he looked at you the first time you two met; he never looked at me like that”

“Hales, I can’t help that can I? I can’t help that he likes me, or that I like him, these things just happen, I know you liked him and I’m sorry for that, but I didn’t do anything but be his friend till last weekend, I’ve never done anything to intentionally hurt you, wish I could say the same for you…”

“No I know, I’m sorry” and with that she left my room closing the door behind her without another word, this was the first time she ever apologised to me and meant it, I wasn’t going to question her about it, it was nice for a change, I went to my bathroom and washed my make-up off and brushed my teeth, got into some pyjama shorts and a baggy top and climbed into bed, falling asleep instantly. 

Justin’s POV

As soon as I got through the front door Jazzy opened her arms to embrace a hug from me, and I accepted her hug, her small tiny arms wrapping around my neck as I picked her up, mom was just about to leave to start her shift at the hospital, she kissed me and Jazzy and left.

“I got a surprise for you”

“what what?!”

“I promised you a picture didn’t I”

“Let me see let me see!” I got my phone out of my back pocket and unlocked it, Lillian’s smile lighting up my phone with my smile.

“She’s pretty” it made me happy to have her approval, Jazzy took the phone from me and looked at the picture closely, but then looked sad.

“She makes you happier then me”

“Jazzy you know that’s not true, you’re my favourite girl on this planet!” I got close to her ear and started to whisper “I like you more than Lillian” and I gave her a silly shocked face, she giggled in my ear and gave me another tight hug, but I could feel that she was worried about something.

“Jazzy, what’s wrong?” she removed her head from her neck to look at me.

“Well, when mommy was in the shower someone knocked at the door and I opened it”

“Jazzy! What did I tell you about opening the door? You gotta let mommy or me do it, there’s too many bad people around!” I was pissed, I told those guys never to come to my house, I didn’t want to put my family in danger.

“I know but mommy just got in the shower and she was in a hurry, it was Uncle Ryan, no one bad!” I sighed a little, I was glad that it was Ryan, Ryan was the only friend of mine to even come round my house, I trust him with my family, and Lillian of course, but she’s never coming over here, as well as my family I’m not putting her in danger, I was starting to think of the worst, but what did Ryan want?

“Did you know what he wanted?”

“He wouldn’t tell me, all he said was he needed help” Help? Help with what?

“Alright baby girl, go watch some cartoons okay, I just need to make a quick phone call” I put her down and she jumped on the couch, I wrapped the thin blanket over her and gave her the remote, I kissed her forehead and made my way to my room, pulling out my phone and ringing Ryan, he picked up on the first ring, he was expecting my call.

“Ryan man what the he-“he cut me off.

“Justin I need your help!”

“Help with what? You need to be more specific” I was pacing around in my room now, I was getting agitated.

“Justin… they know, the police know” and it was right there I completely froze in my tracks, they know.


Hope you guys are enjoying it so far!

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