Nothing Like Us

This is the story of Lilly and Justin, Lilly is your sweet girl who doesn't get into trouble and has lived her life, Justin on the other hand is apart of a gang but has a good heart, violence, love, lust, drugs, sex and death, can Lilly and Justin's relationship survive?


6. Chapter 6


Justin’s POV

SHE KISSED ME SHE KISSED ME SHE KISSED ME! I could barely sleep, I didn’t want to, I didn’t want this to all be a dream and then I wake up to never kissing her in the first place, this wasn’t a dream, this was reality and in that reality we kissed, in the night I somehow managed to get us to lay down on her couch, I was in too much bliss for the pain to hit me right now, the storm has died down since last night and you can just about see in the far distance of one of the living room windows a sunrise beginning to peek its way out, Lillian’s head is snuggled into my neck and her hand rests beside my cheek, I couldn’t wait till she woke up just to kiss her perfect lips again, that kiss, I sighed, I was too happy to even think about it until it just hit me, what am I gonna tell her about my lifestyle? If I was gonna have anything with Lillian, and I was, she will never find out, I’ll keep her as far away from that life as possible, she can never come to my house, of course I trust her enough to meet my family, I know my mom would like her and Jazzy would adore her as much as I do, but to keep her safe she can never know, I’ve seen too many things to know that I shouldn’t tell her my world, I don’t want to lie to her though, I’m falling for this girl so hard, no, I can’t think of the crew and that lifestyle, I’m keeping Lillian, no matter what it takes.

I felt her start her body start to move, her hand slowly moving from my cheek to my messy hair, combing her fingers in and out of my hair and she slowly began to open those big brown eyes of hers.

“Morning” she whispered into ear, still adjusting her voice.

“Morning sleepy” she let out a little giggle and lightly kissed my cheek, I couldn’t help but smile, nothing could ruin the good mood I’m in, but then she let out a grown.

“Eugh, I forgot I gotta go to work and I really don’t want to” she sighed and snuggled her head in my neck again.

“It’s okay Lils, I gotta get home anyway, my mom’s scheduled to go to work at 11, but I know what you mean… I could lay here with you all day if I had to” like lightning she got up and grabbed my hand, I was able to walk just fine now, we walked to the kitchen where picked up my dry now clean clothes then walked upstairs to her room, her hand still together with mine she closed the door behind me, put my clothes on her table and pulled me in her bed with her.

“We can get up in 5 minutes, I just thought we could spend those last 5 minutes laying somewhere more comfortable than my sofa” she cuddled back up to me and I didn’t hesitate to cuddle her back, she was right of course, her bed was much more comfortable, she pulled me closer to her face and I kissed her cheek, then those gorgeous lips, kissing Lillian was so much more different from any other kiss I’ve had, with Lillian there’s feelings, there’s electricity, there’s fireworks, her gentle kisses gave me goose bumps and make my stomach do twists and turns, she slowly pulled away, making me beg for more, but I knew that we had to get up and face the outside at some point.

We both got ready and we headed for the front door, my hand never left hers the whole time, I didn’t want to ever let go, we got outside before Lillian spoke up.

“Justin, I need to ask you something” she put her head up to look at me, she was serious.

“What is it Lil?”

“What are we? What am I… to you? I…” she trailed off, I cupped her head with my hands and gave her a light kiss then I looked back at her and smiled.

“Lillian, you’re mine, that is what you are to me, you’re my girl, my Lillian and I’m your guy, if that’s what you want me to be”

She sighed happily “Yes Justin… you’re my guy, you’re my Justin” I tucked the loose strand of hair behind her ear and kissed her cheek, I’ve wanted this for what feel like forever and now I finally have her, my Lillian.

We got in the car and I drove her to where she worked, luckily it wasn’t too far from where she lived, she worked in a cute little café right by the fountain, I parked the car opposite and sat in comfortable silence for a second, she undid her seatbelt and leant over to kiss my cheek, we said goodbye and she got out the car, once she had got the café door she looked back at me and waved before she went in to start her shift, I drove back for what felt like an eternity and finally made it home, when I got through the front door I could see that my mom was pissed at me, fuck, I forgot to call her.

“Justin, where the hell have you been? I’ve been worried sick baby!”

“Mom I know I’m so sorry I didn’t call you, but I was safe don’t worry”

“’Don’t worry’ is that supposed to make me feel better? I want to know where you’ve been right now, you’ve been with Connor and that haven’t you?” I could see the worry and sadness in her face, this was killing me.

“Well I’m sorry for not calling okay, but I’m not sorry at all, I’ve just spend the last two days with the most amazing girl on this planet and I wouldn’t give those two days back for anything…”

“Oh god Justin, I don’t want to hear about what you get up to with those types of girls”

“Types of girls?” and then I realised what she meant by ‘those types’ “what no mom not those girls, Lillian’s nothing like that, she doesn’t even live at this part of town”

“Justin you’re confusing me, can you at least sum things up for me honey”

“Okay, I go to a dance class every six weeks and hang out with these really cool people, one night one of the girls, Hayley, brought her sister Lillian and there was just something about her mom, she’s not like any other person I’ve met, I know that I’ve only known her for about five maybe six weeks, but mom… I’m falling for her, and she likes me back, she makes me happy mom” my mom looked at me and gave me the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on her face and moved closer to me to give a long hug, it wasn’t just the fact that she was happy that I wasn’t with the crew, I knew that the reason she was happy is because maybe, this girl, could lead me to a better future for myself, and you know what, she’s right.

I could hear Jazzy run into our small living room now, she ran in to join the hug between me and our mother.

“Justy! Where have you been? I didn’t get to sleep in your bed with you” she made a pouty face at me and I grabbed her from where she was and took her to my room, I threw her onto my bed, she was giggling her little head off, she got up and started to jump on my bed, my mom came in to tell us she was off to work, we said goodbye and she started to jump on my bed again.

“Jazzy stop, you’re gonna break my bed” but I was laughing to so she didn’t take me seriously, I grabbed her and laid her on my bed, then I laid next to her, she instantly hugged me.

“Justin, I don’t want you to have a girlfriend”

“Ahh you heard that huh? Why don’t you want me to have a girlfriend? You don’t want your big brother to be even more happy?”

“I do want you happy, but you’re going to forget about me” she looked so sad, I squeezed her and kissed her forehead.

“How can I forget about my favourite girl in the whole wide world?” I laughed and she started to lighten up a bit.

“Okay, so what does she look like then? I bet you’re making her up” her laugh was just adorable.

“Well, other than my gorgeous sister, I think she’s beautiful”

“I wanna see a picture!”

“Well… I don’t actually have a picture of her, but tell you what, next time I see her I’ll get a picture for you”

“Okay, can we go watch TV?”

“Of course we can princess” she let out another cute giggle, she ran to the living room and sat on the couch waiting for me to join her, I sat next to her and she put on SpongeBob SquarePants, I didn’t think till now that it kinda made me sad that I didn’t even have a picture of Lillian, but I know for sure that I would when I saw her next, I felt a vibrate in my pocket and I instantly smiled, I pulled my phone out of my pocket but the smile went from my face when I saw the text:

C: Get your ass out, the boys are hittin’ some clubs tonight and we’re gonna get laid BIG time


I knew it was risky but I was prepared for anything, I existed the text and put my phone in my pocket, I knew I wanted Lillian more than this life, but I didn’t realise that it was gonna be this hard, here, my lifestyle compared to hers, she was worth all the risks that came with the crew, for now I just had to keep distant, I just hope that doesn’t come with serious consequences.   

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