Nothing Like Us

This is the story of Lilly and Justin, Lilly is your sweet girl who doesn't get into trouble and has lived her life, Justin on the other hand is apart of a gang but has a good heart, violence, love, lust, drugs, sex and death, can Lilly and Justin's relationship survive?


3. Chapter 3


Lilly’s POV

“Sweetie, wake up” my mum was gently shaking me and I forced myself to open my eyes, as soon as I did she ran out the room, I looked over at the time 7.30 oh god kill me, I don’t want to be up this early, especially on a Saturday, as soon as I began to shut my eyes again I heard everyone singing.

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Lilly, happy birthday to you!”  Mum, Dad and Hayley were cheering as they were coming closer to all sit on my bed.

“I can’t believe my little Lilly pad is 17 already! Open your present darling” my dad gave me a tight squeeze before he gave me the present, it wasn’t big nor small, although it did look more of an envelope than anything else, I opened it to find tickets to Taylor Swifts sold out concert, great, here we go again. I told myself, ever since I can remember Hayley has always been the favourite in my family, first born and everything, and she always got her way with our parents, so judging by my gift my parents didn’t know what to get me, so Hayley must of told them to get me Taylor Swift tickets, she has loved Taylor Swift ever since she was 14, I however couldn’t stand her, so my birthday present is essentially a present for Hayley, what annoys me more is that this was the only present I was getting for my birthday, I knew that, and Hayley knew it to, I gave them a hug and told them that I loved it, putting on my fake smile, once they left to make me breakfast I turned to Hayley, gave her a sad look and started to walk down stairs, it’s times like this where I really miss my grandmother, she had always preferred me to Hayley, had always comforted me when I was lonely or upset, I had always been truly happy when I was around her, and now that she was gone I was alone again, I can’t even go visit her grave now, I hated living here so much, as soon I graduate I’m going back to England without fail, leaving my parents and my sister behind.

The concert was tonight and I had to pretend to be over the moon about it, when mum keeps asking me if I’m excited I just simply smile and nod, but I knew how tonight was going down, they would drop me and Hayley off at the concert and sure enough Hayley would leave to go to the concert and I would have to wait around till it finished to meet back with her to be picked up again, this hasn’t been the first birthday where I’ve ended up being alone, in all honesty I kind of like it that way, it was my day after all, I went onto my laptop to search for any galleries around where the concert would be, to my luck there was one, I picked up a bit of paper and wrote the directions and the name of the place so I wouldn’t get lost, at least now I was going to do something I actually enjoyed.

Sure enough the hours went by and we got in the car heading for the concert, once we got there they gave me some money to go get some souvenirs, and then kissed me and Hayley goodbye, as soon as they left I gave Hayley the tickets.

“Look Lilly, I’m sorry that I ruined your birthday, but you do know that I was trying to teach you a lesson right? That I always get my way, just quit trying to put up the fight, because I’m always going to win between us” and with that she walked off.

I started to walk in the other direction, pulling the piece of paper out of my bag and looking at the map I drew, it took me half an hour but I eventually managed to find the art gallery.

As I walked around looking at the different paintings and photographs I couldn’t help but feel happy, I always did when I went to a place like this, it’s somewhere I’ve always felt that I belong here, with all of these different artists, it made me feel at peace, I had managed to look at all of the artwork and made my way to the art shop, I brought new paints and pencils and started to make my way back to the concert to meet Hayley.

This isn’t right I told myself I was sure that it was this way oh god, I was lost, I could tell that I was lost, there was no longer nice looking buildings and pretty lights, these streets where filled with darkness and worn out buildings, even the people seemed to look different, I continued walking to find big buildings and clubs, this definitely isn’t the right way , I started to turn around to retrace my steps but out of nowhere a group of guys started to circle around me, this isn’t going to end well.

“What’s a pretty little thing like you doing here?”

“I think she wants a little fun, don’t you think guys?”

I held my bad very tightly to my side; I’m as good as dead.

One of the guys grabbed me and pulled me closer to him, he started grabbing my arse and whispering dirty things in my ear, I felt a tear running down my cheek.

“Aw, don’t cry baby, it’ll be over before you know it…”

What would be over before I knew it? I knew one thing, I didn’t want to find out, I quickly kicked the guy and began to run back, I ran as fast as my legs could possibly go, I could hear them running after me, before I knew it they caught up with me and threw me to the ground, this is it I whispered to myself this is the end, I shut my eyes tightly, not even wanting to know what they were going to do.

Justin’s POV

Just like any other Saturday night I was hanging out with my crew, trying to hook up with any girl, get drugs and cause trouble, the newest member of our group, Taylor, was getting our crews symbol tattooed on his arm just like the rest of us had, he’d been drinking to numb the pain, it was his first tattoo so that was understandable, by 17 I already have 12 tattoos, the symbol being my first tattoo, we just got out of the tattoo shop and the guys were going off to get baked, I stayed with Taylor, he was way too pissed to take himself home, once we started walking I noticed that the guys were talking to some girl, in all honesty, I felt sorry for her, I knew what was gonna happen next, I never got involved with doing that, I tried it once but I just felt so bad for the girl that I let her go, however it didn’t end well for me, the next day when I went and saw them again they beat me pretty bad, now I just stay away from that, the girl looked pretty harmless to say the least, and then out of nowhere she kicked Connor and ran, I couldn’t help but not follow them, I put Taylor on a bench and told him to wait till I got back, I ran to catch up with the guys, I just got there in time to see Connor throw her to the ground, and then I saw her face, shock ran all over my body, her wavy brown hair and her gorgeous brown eyes that were shut so tightly, this wasn’t just some girl, this was Lilly.

“Thought you could get away did ya? Think again bitch” Connor grabbed her arm and pulled her up, she refused to open her eyes, and I couldn’t blame her, I couldn’t just stand there, I knew what was gonna happen next, he was either going to kill her, or get one of us to take her home for the night, I couldn’t stand the thought of either option, especially the second one, I wouldn’t want any of these guys touching her in that way, forcing himself on top of her, the thought made me angry.

“So, which one of you guys wants to take her for the night? Quiet bitch!” Lilly was sobbing now, I wasn’t gonna stand there and let this happen to her, the guys started to argue on who should have her, until I spoke up.

“Give her to me” I looked up at Connor, he looked impressed.

“Well well well, finally come to your senses have you? Don’t fuck up this time, you know what’ll happen if you do” after he said that he threw Lilly onto me, she was still refusing to open her eyes, I grabbed her arm and we started fast walking, the tears were pouring down her beautiful cheeks, as soon as we got far enough I let go of her arm.

“Shh, it’s okay, you’re safe now, I’m not gonna hurt you”

“Please, just do whatever it is you have to do and do it quick, I just want to go home” she put her hands over her face to cover the new batch of tears forming from her eyes.

“I’m not gonna do anything BUT take you home, it’s okay”

She refused to listen, she was too frightened and scared to listen.


She stopped sobbing when she heard her name, she slowly removed her hands from her face and slowly opened her eyes, even if her eyes were red and puffy, they were still so beautiful, she slowly looked up to see my face, she didn’t recognise me until I removed my hood from my head, her eyes lit up instantly.


And with that she immediately gave me a tight hug and didn’t let go, I wrapped my arms around her, embracing her, and sighed.

“Lilly, what were you doing there tonight? This part of the city is too dangerous for you”

Still hugging each other, I managed to find a bench and we wasted no time sitting on it, there she told me everything, Hayley, the concert and how she got lost and ended up here, and how today of all days, it was her birthday, I let out a sigh and hugged her tightly, she wrapped her arms around me in return.

“Oh crap, what time is it?” she instantly looked worried, I pulled out my phone and showed her the time, 10.00

“Oh thank goodness, I have to be back by the concert at 11 for my parents to pick me up”

“Okay, well how about I walk you back there now, you’ll be much safer there”

“Yeah okay, thank you”

We began walking, she wouldn’t let go of my arm, I could tell she was still scared, still taken aback from what just happened, but I liked that she was holding it, even under the circumstances, it felt nice, we started to get more into the nice part of town, in the corner of my eye I saw a diner and started to pull Lilly along with me.

“Justin, what are you doing?”

“Well it is your birthday isn’t it? I feel terrible that this happened to you, might as well enjoy the rest of your last hours of your special day, besides, I’m starving and I’m pretty sure you are to” I gave her a smile, her giving me one in return, this smile was nice on her, I could tell it wasn’t fake on her part, we walked into the diner and gabbed a booth, I ordered for the both of us, we sat in silence till our food came, then I let out a sigh.

“What’s wrong Justin?” wow, even after the night she’s had, she still cared more about other people’s feelings then her own, she let out a small smile before I started to talk.

“It’s just… I can’t believe Hayley did that to you, i couldn’t think of doing that to my sister, what she did was just…” I started to trail off, Lilly looked at me with her big beautiful brown eyes and put her hand onto mine, giving me a reassuring squeeze.

“It’s just how she is, it’s how she’s always been, it does make me sad, it’s times like this that I really miss my grandmother, she always knew what to say to cheer me up” she stopped for a second, then continued talking “Justin, I couldn’t thank you enough for tonight, you saved me, I owe you my life” she let out a big smile, causing me to smile back.

“You don’t need to thank me Lil-“

“Yes I do! If it wasn’t for you I would be in some guy’s bed right now” I cringed at the thought, but I just simply smiled back and squeezed her hand, I wanted to change the subject, I couldn’t get the thought or Connor doing something with her.

“So anyways, you talk about your grandma a lot, what was she like then?” She looked up and had an instant smile to her face.

“Well, I’m actually a lot more like her than I am my mother, she always found the best in people, she was so kind-hearted and sweet, and always took the time for me when no one else did, she was actually the only person to call me my full name, everyone else just shortens it” she gave out a laugh, still having a big smile on her face.

“So, if you don’t mind me asking, what is your full name then?” I smiled, I had only just realised that she was still holding onto my hand, this made me smile more.

“It’s Lillian, but mostly everyone calls me Lilly, she’s the only one to ever call me my full name” she let out a sigh, “it’s silly I know” she giggled.

“It’s not silly at all, in fact I actually prefer that to Lilly, its suites you more” She put her gorgeous brown eyes at me and smiled.

“Really? I always thought it seemed a little… I don’t know…” she laughed.

“Yeah, I mean… would you mind if I called you that? Or would it be too weird?” I felt so stupid for asking of course she doesn’t want to you, that was between her and her grandma, you’re an idiot.

“Well, no I don’t mind at all, I think it would be nice, I think that my grandmother would like it if at least someone was still calling me that” she gave a gentle smile, she was all smiles now, it made me happy, as soon as we paid we headed straight for the concert, it was gonna finish in fifteen minutes so I decided to wait with her till it finished, and then I remembered what had to be done next.

“Lillian… I need to ask you to do something for me, it’s gonna seem like a really odd and mortifying requested, but I gotta do it…” she turned to look at me; her smile had disappeared as soon as she saw I was being serious.

“Justin, after what you did tonight, you can ask me anything”

I sighed, I looked into those gorgeous big brown eyes and prepared for my answer.

“Lillian, those guys tonight think I’ve taken you to a hotel and well… you know the rest, but it’s not just a case with these guys whether or not I tell them I did do that with you… I would need proof…”

“W-ww-what kind of proof are you asking for?”

“I really hate to ask you this, but I wouldn’t ask you otherwise… I need your underwear, trust me when I say this that I wouldn’t ask you otherwise, but the guy that grabbed you pulled up your dress, so he knows what they look like”

She looked at me and sighed, I was prepared for the consequences, I was prepared to get beaten a second time by Connor, but her answer shocked me before I could speak again.



“Okay, I’ll give you my underwear, you saved me tonight Justin, it’s the very least I could do, even at such a weird request” she started to smile again, she gave her bag to hold, she made sure no one was looking and started to pull her underwear off, as she unhooked her underwear from around her feet she bent back up again and I exchanged her bag for her underwear, I quickly put it in my back pocket and she gave out a little giggle, luckily her dress was just over her knees, so no one could see anything, without even noticing, people started to walk out of the building.

“Well I’ve gotta go find Hayley before we find our parents”

“Okay, are you gonna be okay?”

Yeah, I’m more than okay” she let out another smile, before I knew it she embraced me into a hug, her head resting onto my chest, my arms around her waist, smelling her sweet smell, I couldn’t ask for more, she moved her face closer to mine, finding my ears and began to whisper.

“Thank you Justin, for saving me, for the diner, everything” and with that she gave me a light kiss on my cheek.

“You’re welcome… Lillian” and with that she giggled her cute little laugh, and slowly walked off.  

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