Nothing Like Us

This is the story of Lilly and Justin, Lilly is your sweet girl who doesn't get into trouble and has lived her life, Justin on the other hand is apart of a gang but has a good heart, violence, love, lust, drugs, sex and death, can Lilly and Justin's relationship survive?


24. Chapter 24

Lilly’s POV

“Are you sure you’re gonna be okay Ava?” I was a little worried about Ava, since Christmas was right around the corner I was leaving to go back to England to celebrate it with family, but I would be gone for three weeks, and since there was still no sign of those ‘Ninety Nines’ I was fearing for Ava’s life.

“For the third time Lilly I’ll be fine, I’m with Justin anyway so it should all be good”

“Alright then, are you excited to see Ryan?”

“Yes! As soon as I get there I’m gonna hug and kiss the crap out of him!”

“Do you know when he gets out?”

“He’s still got five more months, but since he’s not causing any trouble hopefully he’ll be able to get out earlier than then”

“Well I’m sure five months will go like that! Anyways what are you planning to get him for Christmas?”

“Well that’s where I need your help, since you’re going out for last minute shopping, do you think you could pick it up for me? I haven’t been able to go anywhere else other than work and I know Justin will freak if I’m out in public right now”

“Yeah sure, just write it on my shopping list and I’ll pick it up for you”

“You’re the best!”

I finished packing up my last minute things for England and headed out shopping with Hayley, it wasn’t that I hadn’t found anything for anyone, I had just ordered them online and they need picking up, I can’t wait till I get back home from England to spend the New Years with Justin, we told each other that we would exchange gifts when I got back home because it would be easier, I really hoped that he was gonna like his gifts, I decided to get him a platinum dog tag that I had personalised to have a message on the tag and a big fashionable woolly jumper, I was happy that I was getting to spend time with my family from back home, I was really going to miss Justin, hopefully three weeks would go by in a flash.

As I finished picking up my things, it was time to pick up Ava’s gift for Ryan, I got a little surprise when I got to the shop, Ava never told me I was going to be picking up her lingerie, this is going to be embarrassing.

“Can I help you miss?”

“Yeah I’m here to pick up a gift for my friend”

“Alright, Surname?”

“Johnson, Ava Johnson”

“Ahh yes, here you go miss, enjoy your day”

“You to”

As soon as I got home I ran upstairs in the hopes that my parents didn’t see the lingerie bag in my hand, I went into the guest room to find Ava.

“You never told me I was picking up lingerie for you”

“Nope, I just wanted to see the look on your face when you came in here, priceless” I rolled my eyes and handed Ava the bag, she tipped the bag so everything fell out.

“Dear god Ava, how much lingerie did you want? And how is this a present for Ryan?” she looked at me as if I were crazy, and then it hit me “Oh, OH okay I get it now” she simply laughed at my stupidity.

“And this, is your present!” she held up a silky black bra and panties, with a silky short black dressing gown that just came up to my arse “well, it’s more for Justin’s benefit” she gave me a little wink.

“Ava! I am not wearing that!”

“Not now, when you see him when you get back from Christmas”

“No no and NO! I will not do it!”

“Oh come on, lighten up a bit Lilly, your still debating whether or not you wanna lose your virginity, if you did when you next saw him I thought I could help you out a little, besides, it’ll make you feel sexy and boost your confidence a little” she was right, I was still debating whether or not I should lose my virginity, I mean, I feel ready and I know that Justin’s the guy I want to lose it to, I just wish there wasn’t so much pressure to lose it, Justin wasn’t bothered about having sex nor would he ever pressure me into doing so, but I just want the moment to be special and I’ve heard so many stories about how it hurts and how horrible it was, I didn’t want that to be the case for me.

“Well, thank you anyway, but I don’t plan on using it anytime soon”

“Suit yourself, god I haven’t dressed up for Ryan in ages”

“Ava” we both laughed and I put my new lingerie in one of my shopping bags, in a way I was looking up to Ava, she was confident about her sexuality and what she liked, she wasn’t afraid to dress up for her boyfriend or embarrassed about saying anything dirty, I wanted to be like that for Justin.

Walking back into my room and putting the shopping bags in the corner, I started to get ready, tonight is the last night I was seeing Justin for three weeks, and I wanted to make every second count.

Justin’s POV

“Are you gonna be okay mom? I really want you to enjoy tonight with Jazzy”

“We’ll be fine, I’ll be back by eleven at the latest okay”

“Alright, love you mom”

“Love to you to honey”

I hung up the phone and started to get ready, Lillian and I were going to have my house to ourselves tonight and I just wanted to hug her the whole time, it was gonna be hard not seeing her for three weeks, but I understood she had to be with family for Christmas, but I would be seeing her on New Years.

I got ready and left to go to Lillian’s, as soon as I got there I was nervous, as I always was when I got to see my girl, I got out of the car and walked up to the front door, after two knocks Daniel answered the door.

“Hey Justin come on in! Lilly should be down in a second, you know how girls are”

“I do indeed sir, are you and Clare doing anything special on your last night here before you leave for England?”

“Not really, just some last minute Christmas shopping, how’s your mother?”

“She’s doing great thanks, her and my sister are going to the movies tonight”

“Home alone? Don’t get any ideas there Justin”

“There’s nothing R rated going on tonight sir, I promise”

“Good lad, you can go upstairs and wait for Lilly there, hope you have a great Christmas Justin”

“You to Daniel” I walked up the stairs and knocked on Lillian’s door, as soon as I saw her I couldn’t take my eyes off of her, my girl was looking hot.

“Hey you, I’m ready to go now”

“Er great” I couldn’t concentrate, Lillian was looking unbelievably hot tonight, but I wasn’t going to ruin tonight with my immature thoughts, I took Lillian’s hand and we both walked downstairs and got into the car, on the way to my house I picked up our pizza that I ordered for our dinner, we parked the car and I gave her my jumper to wear.

“You remember what to do from last time right?”

“Yeah I remember, head down, don’t draw attention to myself”

“That’s my girl” surprisingly we made it to my house fine, I guess that was one of the benefits of it being freezing outside, we got into my house and sat down, I got us some plates and Lillian put the TV on, as soon as I sat down on the couch she snuggled up next to me as I always liked as we began our nice relaxing last night together.

As soon as we finished the pizza we held each other close, not really paying any attention to the TV and just talked.

“So are you excited to see Ryan soon?”

“Yeah I can’t wait, I know what it’s like in there and it’s not pretty, I’m just hoping he’s keeping to himself like I told him to”

“I can’t imagine what it’s like, it must be horrible, especially if they’re young in there”

“You’ve got that right, on my first day I tried to start a fight, it didn’t end well, I ended up getting stabbed, I had a really disgusting scar, so I got a tattoo over it because I couldn’t bare to look at it”

“The one on your waist?”

“Yeah, if you look closely you can see it”

“Well, I won’t look if you don’t want me to, if it makes you uncomfortable”

“Thank you, what about you, got any secret tattoos I might not know about?”

“Nope, you seen all of me to no there’s not an ink on me, besides I don’t think I could pull a tattoo off, they suit you more because you have muscles”

“Yeah well I do have a lot of muscle going on” I gave her a wink, she giggled into my kisses, these kisses felt different from the kisses I’ve usually had with Lillian, I guess it’s because we both know she’s leaving for three weeks and we both want to cherish every moment we have together, I pulled her closer and our kisses became more intense but romantic at the same time, she pulled on my hair which made me moan, we were becoming a more sexual couple and I was enjoying it, I’m not gonna lie, having a girl doing all the work for you in the downstairs department feels more amazing, and with Lillian doing it felt incredible.

Things between Lillian and I quickly got heated but we both remained in our snuggling position, but Lillian said something, I never thought I would ever hear her say.

“Justin, I wanna have sex”

“What? no Lils”

“I’m ready, I wanna do this, I want you to be my first”

“Lillian, are you sure about this? I want you to be one hundred per cent sure about what you’re saying here”

“Justin I’m okay, I really want to” we both looked deep into each other’s eyes, if this was going to be Lillian’s first time, I was sure on making it special for her.

“Okay, just give me five minutes okay?”

“Alright” I gave her a light kiss and ran into my room, shutting the door behind me.

Lilly’s POV

Nervous was beyond the word I was feeling right now, I knew that I was ready for sex, I could feel it, but now this little voice in the back of my head is screaming at me, I had no idea what Justin was doing, I was just sitting in his living room like an idiot.

What felt like forever Justin finally came out of his room, I got up and followed him in there, he had a few candles lit and his room was spotless, I had to smile at his efforts, even with no preparation he knew how to make my heart melt.


“I want this to be perfect for you, I want your first time to be special Lillian, and I’m planning on making every little bit of it as special as you deserve”

“Thank you, you’re too sweet”

We both started to kiss again, gentle and all too sweet like, but he pulled away from the kiss, he started to undress himself and I assumed I should so the same, we took our clothes off slowly, before we knew it we were both naked, he looked at me and smiled and I felt compelled to do the same, he pulled me in close and held me tight, staring into my eyes, then pulling me in for another kiss.

Our kisses quickly became heated and we somehow had made it onto his bed now, pulling the covers over us, all of his kisses were gentle as well as his touch, but from out of nowhere I suddenly became nervous, panicky, my breathing becoming more and more heavier, Justin was kissing up and down my thigh, yet Justin seemed to notice my nervousness.

“Lils, we don’t have to do this tonight, I’m okay if you want to wait, I don’t want to do anything you’re really not sure of doing”

“No I want to” I pulled him for a kiss and began our foreplay, all throughout it I had to keep telling myself relax, you’ve done this with Justin before many times, but if I thought I was nervous then, when Justin reached for the condom, my mind felt like it was going to explode, I saw him put in on and he laid on top of me, giving me a smile before kissing me again, I could feel the tip of his hard length go into me, and I just lost it, I pushed him off of me and sat up.

“I can’t do this! I’m sorry!” I started to cry, god you’re pathetic.

“Lils don’t cry, baby it’s okay, I told you we didn’t have to do this I want you to be okay with this before we do it” Justin was holding me tightly and I held onto him, I started to calm down a bit.

“I’m sorry it’s just… I’m too nervous, and it wasn’t fair on you, you’re being so sweet and kind and I’m being an idiot”

“Hey, you’re not an idiot and you don’t have to apologise, I love you and I want you to wait till you’re ready”

“I love you to, I’m sorry I ruined our evening”

“Don’t be silly, I love spending time with my girl” he pulled me down so that we were laying together, holding each other close, I was hating myself at this point, looking back at it I had no reason to be nervous, no reason to freak out like I did, Justin was being the perfect gentlemen, I felt ready, so why did I freak out?

I guess it didn’t matter if I felt ready, I just knew it in my heart that I truly wasn’t, I should start listening to my heart rather than my brain from now on. 

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