Nothing Like Us

This is the story of Lilly and Justin, Lilly is your sweet girl who doesn't get into trouble and has lived her life, Justin on the other hand is apart of a gang but has a good heart, violence, love, lust, drugs, sex and death, can Lilly and Justin's relationship survive?


22. Chapter 22

Lilly’s POV

It’s been just over three weeks since my attack, slowly but surely things were starting to get back to normal, I came home two weeks ago and Justin is always by my side, Ava is currently sleeping in our guest bedroom till everything gets sorted out, at first Ava was a little distant with me, of course I couldn’t really understand what was going on with her, with having a boyfriend in juvie and some guys wanting to kidnap her, resulting in her leaving everything she loves for a while, she can’t even go to work without Justin going with her to keep a close eye, but now she’s open with me, she rarely stays in the guest bedroom because we’re always hanging out together, since I couldn’t leave my house I’ve been getting Molly, Lucy or Nathan to bring me work from school so I could keep up and not fall behind, tonight was my parents anniversary and they were going out of town to celebrate and Hayley was going over Zach’s house, so tonight it would just be myself and Ava.

Sitting around doing nothing on a Friday night was taking its toll on me, but luckily I was feeling inspired to do a little drawing, I spent a good few hours on my bed, drawing some sketches or various things that I could see around my room, then all of a sudden I caught myself drawing a picture of Justin, shading in every part carefully and giving a lot of detail, by the time I had finished it had actually looked like Justin was on the piece of paper, I had to admit even I was impressed with myself, but looking over at myself I was covered in ink and the lead from the pencil, I grabbed my crutches and went into my bathroom, starting a bubbly bath, I started to take off my shirt until I realised my weight couldn’t take it all on one leg, I started to fall backwards, but a pair of strong arms were quickly wrapped around my waist.

“Careful, you’re gonna hurt yourself” he twisted me around so that I was facing him, Justin looked absolutely exhausted, he was still looking for those guys that had attacked me, with the added sleep deprived from the hospital, he looked like he could pass out any minute now.

“Sorry, I thought that I could do it by myself this time, my mum’s been helping me get in and out of the bath” it was a risk, but it was worth a shot “Can you help me?”

He let out a light chuckle before he answered “Are you sure? You know it would require me to see you… naked”

“I know… and, I’m comfortable with that, you are my boyfriend, and… we are going to see each other naked at some point” he tucked some of my hair behind my ear, I gave him a reassuring smile to let him know that I was okay with it, and the truth is, is that I was okay with it, I actually wanted him to see me naked.

“Okay, I’ll help you”

“Good, can you hold my waist so I can take my clothes off?”

“Of course” he held waist tightly so I wouldn’t fall over, slowly, I began to pull up my shirt over my head until it reached the top, falling to the floor, I next unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them down, they got stuck falling down, getting caught on my cast, Justin lightly bend down a little and tugged them off of my body, leaving me in my underwear, Justin couldn’t keep his eyes away from me, and I was enjoying the feeling, his hands slid down to my thong, only pulling on it slightly before that fell to the ground, then his hands started to slide up my back, unclipping my bra, once my bra was unclipped I pulled it down from the front , making it fall to the floor, I was now completely stark naked in front of Justin, our eyes met as soon as my bra had fallen to the floor, he was trying not to look, but I could tell that he wanted to, he picked me up bridal style and carefully placed me into the bath, with my casted leg hanging over the edge as the rest of my body laid in the warm soothing water.

“Thank you, you do realise that you have to get me out of the bath once I’ve finished right?”

“Yeah I know, and just to let you know… I think you look beautiful” his comment made me blush instantly “I can wait in your room if you want to have your bath in peace”

“No it’s okay, I like you being here” I tried to reach the shampoo bottle from the other end of the tub, but I couldn’t move.

“Here, let me” Justin picked up the bottle and pored the lotion into his hands, he moved to sit on his knees and massaged my scalp with the lotion, he rinsed his hands in the bath and got the jug, poring the warm water onto my hair, careful not to get any on my face, he next massaged my hair in the conditioner, rinsing his hands again but leaving it in, he grabbed the sponge and pored the soap, washing my body, the only parts he would let me do were either private or he couldn’t reach, getting the jug again and rinsing my hair and my body off, he grabbed a towel out of my cupboard and placing it to the side, carefully, he pulled out the plug and picked me up bridal style till I was out of the tub, he put me down gently, but I somehow could my leg caught on something and tripped over, crashing onto Justin.

“Lillian! Are you okay?”

“Yeah I’m fine, but… you’re soaked now” I giggled as he wrapped the towel around me, picking me up bridal style again into my bedroom.

“I’ll be dry soon, don’t worry about me” he sat me down at the edge of my bed, then picked up all of my artwork off of the bed and placed it all on my table.

“I’ll just go get your crutches, are you okay for a second?”

“Yes I’ll be fine” as he walked into the bathroom, I stood up slightly to adjust my towel, only I couldn’t readjust it properly, and it ended up falling to the ground.

“Okay, I got your… woah” Justin walked back into the room with the crutches; he walked over towards me and placed the crutches down beside my bed, then returning to me, picking up the towel, I was blushing bad at this point.

“Here you go Lils”

“Thank you”

“Do you need me to get you some clothes or do you want to do that yourself?”

“I… I don’t want to get dressed”

“What do you mean?” I crashed my lips into his, hesitating at first, but slowly passionately kissing me back, I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him in closer, his arms wrapped around my waist, bringing my body closer to his, his hands were traveling up my waist, slowly moving to my face, holding me in for a kiss, before pulling away.

“Lils… I don’t know”

“Justin, it’s not like I want to have sex, I’m still not ready for that… but there are other things we can do”

“I don’t want to rush you baby, are you sure you’re okay with this?”

“Yes, I’m okay” he pulled me back into the kiss slowly, our kisses were still slow and intimate, but they were filled with love and passion, Justin picked me up slowly and placed me onto my bed so I was lying down, he moved so that he was lying next to me, I turned around and turned off my lamp, the only light in the room coming from the bathroom, I turned back to Justin, who was pulling the covers over us, I went to unhook my towel, but Justin stopped me.

“I’m gonna show you how much I love you okay, leave the towel for a minute” I nodded my head and scooted closer to Justin, his beautiful eyes looking at me, every part of me, slowly, he started to kiss my shoulder, his hand on my waist whilst the other one was wrapped around my body, his kisses started to move closer and closer to my neck until he reached there, sucking and nibbling, most likely leaving a mark, I couldn’t help but let out a little moan, it was like it had escaped from my mouth uncontrollably, slowly, his lips found mine again, our kisses still slow and loving, I placed my good leg around his waist and my hand around his neck, pulling him as close as I could possibly get to him, his hand travelled up and down my leg, giving me goose bumps by every touch, my hand started to travel down his chest, tugging on his shirt, I pulled it up and he gladly took it off, our kissing picking up speed now, my hand caressing his chest, his hand still traveling up and down my leg until his hand found my arse, giving it a light squeeze, I broke away from the kiss, looking down to unbutton his jeans, he sat up and pulled them off, only leaving him in his boxers, he laid back down next to me again, picking up from where we had left off.

Justin’s POV

I cannot believe I was in this position with Lillian, never did I think we would end up fooling around tonight, but I was loving it, and I knew Jerry was loving it to, it’s been a while since I’ve done anything sexual with a girl, and with Lillian, I was going to make her feel beautiful by the end of it.

Picking up our kisses again, I slowly began to take off Lillian’s towel, throwing it on the floor, my girl looking beautiful.

“Baby, lay on your back okay” she nodded and rolled over slightly so she was on her back now, kissing her gorgeous lips some more, before moving down to kiss her neck again, her little moans were driving me crazy, insane even, I’ve never been more turned on in my life, I moved from her neck down to her chest till I reached her breasts.

“Just tell me if you want me to stop okay?” she nodded once more, and I began to lightly suck and nibble on her breast, rubbing the other one, more little moans were escaping from her mouth, I knew I wanted to hear more of her, but I was going to take my time and be patient with Lillian, after a while on one breast, I moved to the other one, giving it the same amount of attention as I did the first one, her hands were finding any part of me to grab onto, but what I didn’t anticipate on was her hand finding my crotch , I stiffened as she could feel my hard length, I felt her hands move to my briefs, sliding them down, she pulled them down as far as she could, I let my hands pull them all the way off, Lillian’s big brown eyes were looking at me, all of me, I removed my face from her chest and brought it back up to her face, giving her light filled kisses, I let my hand explore her body, feeling ever part of her, I let my hand slowly but surely guide up her leg, my hand finally finding her crotch, I began to rub her gently, her beautiful little moans filling my ears once again, I broke away from the kiss, giving her the look, she nodded in approval and started to kiss me again, I slowly slipped in a finger, her gasp made me weak at the knees, moving my finger in and out her little moans were becoming more heavier now, and it was making me harder my the second knowing how I was making her feel, after a while, I slipped in another finger, her moans weren’t so little anymore, and I was loving it.

“Oh Justin” she would continually arch her back in pleasure, I moved my kisses to her neck now, wanting her to moan my name again, my pumps were getting faster and faster, until she couldn’t take it another minute, her body caved in as she peaked her orgasm.

“Oh my god, Justin… that was…” she didn’t even need to finish her sentence, I knew how she was feeling and I loved that I had made her feel incredible, she started to kiss me again, our kissing building up intense speed, I picked her up gently to lay on top of me, caressing her gorgeous ass, she was now in control, her lips quickly found my neck, biting and sucking lightly, her kisses moving slowly down my chest, until her head was right by my hard length.

“Lils you don’t have to do this, I’m fine”

“I’m okay Justin, I want to”

She slowly took me in her mouth, from the months that I haven’t done anything sexual, I was craving for a moment like this with Lillian, and now I was getting it, and it was indescribable, I think it’s impossible for someone to receive this amount of pleasure from another person.

“God Lils…” I watched her head bobbing up and down, I let my head role back onto her pillow and shut my eyes, letting the pleasure wash all over me, it’s not my first blowjob ever, but this one was better than all of the rest, this time I was in love, and love and pleasure at the same time was making me feel invincible, I let the moans escape my mouth, letting her know she was doing amazingly, I felt her tongue slide up and down my length, setting me over the edge, I knew I was close, dangerously close.

“Lils I’m so close…” I couldn’t contain it any longer, my orgasm had now reached its peak, after a minute Lillian crawled back up my chest again, I was surprised that she had actually swallowed, especially for her first time, I moved her so that she was lying on her side next to me so she was more comfortable, her head now rested on my chest, my breathing was now starting to calm down.

“Lils… I love you”

“I love you to Justin” we didn’t need to say anything else, we were both tired, holding her naked body against mine, starting to fall asleep, but I knew this wasn’t going to be a quick sleep, for the first time in three weeks, I was going to allow myself a full night’s sleep, with my girl by my side. 

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