Nothing Like Us

This is the story of Lilly and Justin, Lilly is your sweet girl who doesn't get into trouble and has lived her life, Justin on the other hand is apart of a gang but has a good heart, violence, love, lust, drugs, sex and death, can Lilly and Justin's relationship survive?


21. Chapter 21

Justin’s POV

I got put my phone and quickly dialled in Ava’s number, Lillian was holding my hand tightly, even though she didn’t know Ava personally, she knew what would happen to her if they had found her, the phone beeped twice until someone picked up the call.

“Hey Justin! What’s up?”

“Ava where are you right now?”

“I’m five minutes away from pulling into my house, why?”

“Ava whatever you do do not and I repeat do not go home, I’ll explain everything later, just come to the hospital and I’ll meet you outside”

“Hospital? Justin why are you at the hospital?”

“Ava just listen to me, come to the hospital now!”

“Okay okay, I’m on my way” and with that she hung up, I looked over at Lillian, relief flushed over me, but the real danger was just beginning.

“Is she okay?”

“Yeah she’s on her way here now”

“She can stay with me till things blow over”

“What? No Lils, I’m not putting you through anymore of that crap”

“Justin listen, they know I’m not the one they’re looking for, they won’t come near me anymore, they know I’m not her”

“Lils, I can’t do anything drastic till I know what’s actually going on, just don’t worry about it okay? I’ve got it all covered, I’m gonna go get your parents, they don’t know you’re up yet, I’m gonna go wait outside for Ava”

“Okay, you look so exhausted” she stroked my cheek and I rested my head into her touch, I was so happy she was finally awake, if only there wasn’t more drama.

“I’ll sleep soon, I promise” I reached over and gave her a light kiss, to which we both sighed happily to, I got up and walked out of the door and saw Clare and Daniel dealing with more nurses.

“Guys, she’s awake”

“Oh thank god” Clare and Daniel both rushed into the room, looking out the window into the room, I could see how much they were happy to have Lillian back, I wonder if she’ll tell them about her grandma, just then I got a vibrate in my pocket,  Ava had texted me.

I’m here – A

I rushed down the stairs and made my way out the front to see Ava standing there, looking annoyed.

“Okay, this better be important, all I want to do is go home and sleep Justin”

“Some guys are after you Ava, I don’t know why but they are”

“What? Wait, why are we here?”

“Because my girlfriend got kidnapped and beaten pretty bad, all because they thought Lillian was you” the look on her face looked distant, I understood that this was a lot of information to get in fifteen seconds, but I wasn’t in the mood, I was sleep deprived and the girl that I love nearly died.

“Justin… I’m so sorry, I didn’t know…”

“You wouldn’t of Ava, its fine, but you can’t go home, not for a while at least, till we know who those guys are and why they want you”

“But where would I stay? All of my stuff is at mine…” where could she stay though? Mine was not an option, and I wouldn’t want her to stay with one of the guys, would keeping her at Lillian’s guarantee her safety?

“I’ll figure that out later, but I think it’s best if you talk to Lillian about what happened” she walked beside of me to Lillian’s room, I had already thought of an lie for Ava for why she would be there, so we were prepared.

“Clare, Daniel, this is my close friend Ava, she wanted to see how Lillian was if that’s okay with you”

“Yes of course, we were actually just going to go home for a bit and get some of Lillian’s things, Justin would you mind staying with her till we get back?”

“Oh course, anything for Lillian” I sat down on the bed next to her, stroking her cheek, Ava took the chair opposite me, as soon as Clare and Daniel left, it was time to talk.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry this happened to you, what happened?”

“It’s not your fault” Ava took Lillian’s hand and held it tightly, Lillian doing the same “And I don’t know, I was taking out the rubbish and the next thing I know I’m in the back of a van, I remember waking up on the floor and they were talking about you, which they thought was me, I remember them injecting me with something that just knocked me out again, then I woke up, but I was tied up to a chair this time, then all I remember is them hitting me and cutting me, I don’t even remember them doing this to my leg, but they were still talking about you, I remember one guy had… kissed me, but I bit his lip and he said that I was ‘I can see what Ryan likes about her’, then somehow they knew I wasn’t you, I don’t remember much after that” I tried to keep my cool, but I almost lost it when I heard that some guy had kissed her.

“But I still don’t understand, why are they after me?”

“I don’t know Ava, that’s something we have to find out, but you’re not the only one involved, I don’t think it was you who did anything”

“What do you mean? What… Ryan?”

“He’s in juvie for a reason Ava”

“What, you think he killed one of their guys? Ryan didn’t do it intentionally you know he didn’t!”

“That’s my theory, and I know that, we’ve just got to lay low for a while”

“Well I can’t leave my house for eight weeks so I’m good” Lillian tried to lighten the mood, I let out a light chuckle and kissed her forehead, Ava on the other hand was still freaking out.

“Justin where am I going to stay, I’m not going to involve my parents or Ryan’s family in this”

“You can stay with me, my parent’s won’t mind”

“Lils” I started to protest, but Lillian spoke up.

“No Justin, I’ve already told you they won’t bother me anymore, they know I’m not the girl they’re looking for and you know I’m right, Ava you can stay with me”

“Okay fine yes you can stay with Lillian”

“I didn’t realise I needed your permission to let someone stay at my house” she snuggled up closer to me and rested her head on my shoulder, I could tell she was tired and to be honest, I felt like I could pass out at any minute, Ava moved to sit up on the long couch in the corner of the room and fell asleep, as Lillian moved up slightly to let me lay with her, I carefully moved so that I didn’t hurt her, she rested her head onto my chest and let out a sigh.

“Poor Ava, she has to give up everything, just because some guys are after her”

“I almost lost you because of her”

“You know it’s not her fault, she’s just as surprised by the whole thing as we are”

“Yeah I know, guess I’m just tired that’s all”

“Go to sleep then, I’m okay”

“No, I have to make sure you’re safe”

“Justin I am safe, I’m always safe when I’m with you”

“Well my mind will be at ease once my girl gets to go back home”

“Justin, even when I get back home you’re still going to worry about me” she let out her gorgeous giggle “but that’s what I love you for, just go to sleep”

“I can’t” I let out a big sigh before I answered her “I just want you to be at home already”

“Well, if you’re not sleeping then I’m not either, and I know you want me to sleep, so you’re just going to have to go to sleep and put up with it” I could see she was trying to persuade me into going to sleep by being stubborn, but she needed the rest and I could tell that she was drifting off anyway, I held her close to my chest, never wanting to let go, wanting to hold my whole would close to my heart, I could hear her light snores filling the air, and I could feel my eyelids shutting down on me, trying so hard to keep them open, but they were refusing to cooperate with me, quickly looking over at Ava curled up on the tiny couch, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her, in just an hour she went from having the world on her side to hiding away, I know that it isn’t her fault that Lillian was in the hospital, my eyelids failing to listen to my commands any longer, they closed along with my thoughts, but with only one thought on my mind before I slipped away into a well-deserved slumber; who are these guys, and what do they really want with Ava?

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