Nothing Like Us

This is the story of Lilly and Justin, Lilly is your sweet girl who doesn't get into trouble and has lived her life, Justin on the other hand is apart of a gang but has a good heart, violence, love, lust, drugs, sex and death, can Lilly and Justin's relationship survive?


2. Chapter 2


Justin’s POV

“You got it?”

“Yeah I got it, you got my money?”

“Yeah I got your money right here Bieber”

I handed him the small packet of white powder casually along with him doing the same for the money, I’ll admit drug dealing wasn’t the best skill I had, but if it kept my boys happy then I was good, I had a quick look at my watch 11.30  Fuck, I had to be home in 5 minutes and there was no way I’d make it back in time, after we made the deal I ran as fast as I could till I got home, out of breath I walked through the front door to find Jazzy asleep on the couch with a note on the table:

Justin, I’ve left for work, make sure you wake up early to take your sister to school
Mom x

Tossing the note aside I carefully picked up Jazzy trying not to wake her and made it to her room, carefully putting her in her bed, giving her a quick kiss then shutting her door, turning everything off and made it into my bed, as soon as I started to fall asleep I heard knocking on my door, it was Jazzy of course wanting to come sleep in my bed, she’s never been able to sleep a full night alone since my mom’s ex came bursting in and trying to hurt her 2 years ago, not that I’m complaining much, I liked the company of my sister, she’s the only girl to ever sleep in my bed with me, I wouldn’t dare bring another girl home to my street let alone my house, sides I wouldn’t want another girl here, I don’t wanna bring strange girls home to get laid with, I’d never do that to my sister, she’s already growing up in this dangerous neighbourhood and I wasn’t gonna make it more uncomfortable for her by bringing one night stands over.

Somewhere during the night I managed to actually get some sleep since it was 7.20 when I woke up, I got out of bed and got Jazzy up for school, made her breakfast with the food we barely had left in the cupboard, and got out the front door, I always carried Jazzy along our street till we made to her school, couldn’t risk letting someone hurt her in anyway, as soon as I said goodbye to Jazzy I made my way back home, getting back into bed, mom wouldn’t be back for another hour, she works at the hospital and mostly does night shifts, it wasn’t until I woke up at 11 that I saw my phone flashing, to my surprise, it wasn’t any of the guys asking for a daily stock up on drugs or asking me to chill with them, it was Hayley:

H: Hey! Me and some of the guys were gonna hang out later, wanna tag along? x

J: Err yeah sure, sounds good to me, text me the details later..x

I liked hanging with them since they had nothing to do involving my drug or gang life, it felt nice for a change to hang out with, with what seemed like normal people.

As it got to later, Hayley texted me that everyone was at her house, she texted me the address and I was good to go.

Holy shit! Was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw her house, it was huge, it could easily fit about 30 of my flats just looking at it, as I got closer to the door I knocked, I expected Hayley or one of the guys to open the door, again to my surprise, it was Lilly.


“Hey, Hayley and the guys are in the living room, come in”

She closed the door behind me and started to walk in the opposite direction to the living room.

“Are you not hanging out with them lot then?” I turned to get her attention.

“Erm, well, no, I’m just hanging in my room, but don’t let that stop you from hanging out with my sister” she laughed, and continued to walk until she was walking up the stairs.

“Well…” I started to say “how about I give you some company, if you want I mean”

“Hayley invited you here to spend time with her and the guys” she was giggling now “Maybe you can pop by my room later and hang out” she looked over at me and was smiling, she turned back and starting walking up the stairs again.

You could definitely tell that Lilly was nothing like Hayley, for one, in my opinion, Lilly was absolutely beautiful, not that Hayley didn’t have any looks, she was gorgeous, but I always preferred brunette hair on a girl to blonde, Lilly wasn’t into socialising as much as Hayley, or as outgoing, you could tell that Lilly wants to keep to herself, that we had in common, for the first time in a long time I actually felt like I had something in common with a girl, and Lilly wasn’t the type of girl I’d go for, I haven’t had a girlfriend in years, I’ve mostly just had one night stands since I was 15, but I could see something with Lilly, stop it  I tell myself, don’t bring her into your life, a girl like that doesn’t deserve that lifestyle , I shook my head facing back to reality and made my way into the living room.

Lilly’s POV

Lying on my bed, sketchbook on my lap and a pencil in my hand, nothing could make me happier, I had love to sketch and paint ever since I was little, my grandmother had always believed in my passion for art and always thought I should embrace it like you embrace life, my parents, especially my father, didn’t see this at a great career path, they told me that it was a silly idea to even think of it, after my grandmother died I felt like I couldn’t really share my sketches with anybody else, she was and has been the only person to ever believe in my art, so I now just keep this to myself.

Getting too lost in my art I hadn’t heard the knock on my door till someone opened the door slowly, and a head peered round the corner.

“Can I come in?” his voice was low, but I could tell it was Justin’s; a smile crept on my face.

“Yeah sure, come in” as soon as he closed the door behind him he made his way to my bed, sitting in the corner.

“Is there a particular reason that you’re here right now in my room instead of downstairs with the guys and Hayley?” the way I said that came out too forcefully, so I added a smile to my face, it wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy a guy’s company, but every guy I knew had always been more interested in Hayley, I couldn’t blame them, but what did Justin like about me that he came all the way to my room?

“Just thought I’d come up here and talk to you, thought it would be cool if we got to know one another better, since I do hang out with your sister sometimes, you couldn’t hurt to hang out with to” he laughed.

“Yeah, I guess that’s fair” I let out a little laugh to, “So can I ask, how old are you anyway?” I let out another little laugh, making Justin laugh to.

“I’m 17, 18 in March, how about you?”

“I’m 16, 17 next weekend” I let out a little smile, we spend nearly an hour talking, I learned that, despite his masculinity, his favourite colour is purple, he has a sister named Jazzy and he lives with her and his mum in a small flat at the end of town, but he mainly asked the questions, you can tell that just like me, he liked to keep to himself, it got to 9.30 when Hayley knocked on my door.

“Justin, there you are! What are you doing in here? Come back down!” Hayley looked at me with a cold expression, what was her problem?

“I would, but I gotta get going now”

I let Justin to the front door and we said our goodbyes, telling each other we’d text sometime as we enchained numbers earlier, I started to walk back upstairs when Hayley stopped me.

“Lilly, I like Justin, so back off”

“Hayley, we were just talking, that was it, jesus”

“So? I invited him over here with the guys and you stole him for the entire time!”

“He came up to my room and wanted to hang out with me, that’s it, I’m going upstairs”

There was no point in arguing with Hayley, in the end she always gets her way, whether it was with guys or not. I got back to my room and climbed into bed, suddenly I heard a vibration on my table, reaching over to grab it, and realised that Justin texted me:

J: Hey, thanks for letting me hang with you tonight, hope it wasn’t too weird, tell Hayley I said sorry for not hanging with her and the guys a lot tonight, I could tell she was pissed, lol,x

I couldn’t help but smile, I could see why Hayley liked him, he’s very attractive, tall, toned, brown-hazel eyes, and light brunette hair, he wasn’t horrible to look at at all, but I don’t want a boyfriend, even if there were any slight change that Justin and I were to go out, which wouldn’t happen, I don’t want to and I’m sure he doesn’t either, but being friends could be nice, every friend I ever had has been taken away from me since we moved, and the only time I would ever visit my true home is for family, so it was kind of pointless to keep in touch with everyone, but I guess it wouldn’t hurt to start to make more friends here, and Justin could be one of them.

Justin’s POV

As soon as I got in I found my mom and Jazzy asleep on the couch, trying not to wake them I put a blanket over them and give them each a light kiss on their foreheads before heading to my room, as soon as I shut the door I heard my phone vibrating in my back pocket, before going to look at my phone I put it on my bedside table and undress, stripping down to my boxers, and climbing into bed, I picked up my phone and saw that I had 3 text messages; one from Hayley no surprise there, one from Jared probably wanting drugs and one from Lilly, Lilly!

L: Hi! Haha yeah it wasn’t any trouble, and it wasn’t weird at all, nice to have company for a change J and yeah, if I know Hayley (sadly I do) I could say she was a little pissed, but she’ll get over it, don’t worry!x

I completely forgot that I had texted her earlier, seeing her name on my phone instantly put me in a better mood, “Lilly” I sighed as I breathed out heavily, “if only” only there was no ‘if only’, even if in a million years I’d ever go out with her I wouldn’t, I’d never bring her into my world, drug dealing, drinking, gangs, death, I just wouldn’t, she deserves better than that, even if I did talk to her for an hour, it seemed like hours to me, I loved talking to her, she actually listened to what I was saying rather than just nodding along like everyone else does, well except my mom and Jazzy of course, and my best friend Ryan, but that’s it, but even if it was just for an hour I learned a lot about her, I loved to hear her talk, her English accent was adorable and her artwork is amazing, she showed me her sketches and told me the story of her grandma and how her dad doesn’t approve, I’m blessed that it’s just me, mom and Jazzy, maybe someday I can tell her about everything, but for now that’s all between me and my mom, we’ll have to tell Jazzy when she’s older of why it’s just us three, and how it would always be just us three, and maybe Lilly.

As I was drifting off I heard my phone buzzing and it was a phone call.


I knew who was on the other end of that short phone call, and I knew what was coming next, I quickly got dressed and slowly opened my table draw, pulling my gun out and hiding it under my jeans, opened my bedroom door and quietly opened my front door, slowly closing it behind me.   


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