Nothing Like Us

This is the story of Lilly and Justin, Lilly is your sweet girl who doesn't get into trouble and has lived her life, Justin on the other hand is apart of a gang but has a good heart, violence, love, lust, drugs, sex and death, can Lilly and Justin's relationship survive?


18. Chapter 18

Justin’s POV

“So Justin, how did you meet Lilly? Was it love at first sight?”

“Not exactly, but me and some people, including Hayley, meet up every six or seven weeks and do a dance class, and one week Hayley brought Lilly to a class, I wasn’t there at the beginning of it since I was running late, but when I came in she was there, and she kinda took my breath away a little”

“Aww that’s so sweet, I’m glad you two are back together, Lilly seems really happy!”

“Thanks Molly, well she makes me very happy, and I hope I make her just as happy”

“Where is she anyway? I swear she was supposed to come back here with more marshmallows?” we all laughed at Lucy’s comment, but it started to throw me off a little, was she still with Hayley? She must be, I’m getting all worked up for nothing, I need to calm down.

“I’ll go get the marshmallows”

“Thanks Justin” all three of the said in sync, I got up and walked into their kitchen, noticing the little packet of marshmallows in the corner by the microwave, I went over to pick them up, then I noticed the female figure walking into the kitchen, it was Hayley.

“Are you okay?”

Nothing, not a word


“I don’t want to talk about it, why you, my mum or Lilly can’t understand that!”

“Wait, Lillian’s not with you?” Hayley just ignored me and started to walk back out the kitchen, I was starting to get a little worried now, it had been over forty minutes since she left to go talk to Hayley and hasn’t come back, everyone was in the garden, putting the marshmallows back down onto the counter, I made my way to the stairs, and up to Lillian’s room.

“Lils?” knocking on the door before opening it, checking every inch of her room including her bathroom, she’s not here, where is she?

Walking back down the stairs and back into the kitchen, where I saw Lillian’s mom.

“Hey Justin, have you soon Lilly? I haven’t seen her since I asked her to put the dustbin bags out”

“I was actually just about to ask you the same thing” looking confused, Clare went into the garden and over to Daniel.

“Have you seen Lilly?”

“No I haven’t, I thought she was with Justin?”

“She’s not, he just asked me where she was, he can’t find her” I saw the panic in their eyes; it had been fifty minutes now since they had last seen her.

“I’ll try calling her” I reached my phone out of my back pocket, looking at my contacts and finding Lillian’s name, pressing the green call button, it went straight to voicemail, calling her again, straight to voicemail.

“It’s going straight to voicemail”

“Guy’s what’s going on?” Lucy, Molly and Nathan were walking over to us since Clare had begun to clearly panic.

“Lilly might be missing”


“Calm down honey, I want everyone to look around, search the block; no one is going home till we find my daughter”

Everyone was checking in the house, around the garden, on the streets, all but finding nothing, it had been an hour and a half now, I hope she okay, please god let her be safe, remembering what Clare had told me earlier, that she was taking the trash out, I went over to the bins by their letter box, picking up anything I could find, removing the trash lid from the floor, and that’s when I saw her phone, smashed into many pieces.

“Clare, I’ve found Lillian’s phone!” Clare instantly came running over, looking at the smashed phone, but she noticed something that I didn’t.

“DANIEL, THERE BLOOD!” she lifted the trash bag and threw it, revealing a small pool of blood, Daniel came running over and held a distraught Clare, my girl was hurt, I could feel it, I could barely breathe, it had been very obvious that Lillian has been kidnapped, and I couldn’t do anything about it, I had no idea of where she could be or how badly she had been hurt, why would anyone want to hurt her? She was so kind-hearted and sweet, she doesn’t deserve this, I want her here, I want her safe, remembering the last conversation we had, Marshmallows, I never told her I loved her, what if I never got the chance to say it again? No, I will not think like that, Lillian WILL be safe, I WILL find her, even if it kills me.

Pulling out my phone, dialling his number, waiting for him to pick up.

“Connor, it’s me, I need your help, now”

Lillian’s POV

My mind very slowly started to wake itself up, it felt cold, I could only feel cold around me, I couldn’t open my eyes nor my mouth, the feeling of some fabric covering my eyes and what felt like duct tape covering my mouth, ropes burning against my wrists and ankles, I felt the feeling of me on the floor, I could only use my imagination, I didn’t know what floor nor did I know where I was, but I could feel the presence of someone standing over me, the heat from them burned against my skin from me being so cold.

“Sorry, we’re not ready for you to wake up just yet Ava, better put you under again” Ava? Was there another girl with me? How many girls had been kidnapped? But I couldn’t think too much into it, the feeling of a needle piercing against my arm, feeling drowsy again, falling back to unconsciousness.

Justin’s POV

“Okay Justin, just send us a picture of her so we know who we’re looking for, we’ll help you man, we owe you”

“Thank you” I hung up, going through my phone, picture messaging the picture of me and Lillian together to Connor.

Everyone had headed back inside, Daniel had called the police, but we had to wait till Lillian was missing for forty eight hours before we could fill in a missing persons repost, this was bullshit, she could be dead for all we know and the police weren’t going to do anything? I had do something, but I couldn’t do anything being here, it had been nearly five hours and we still hadn’t made any progress, I was seriously getting agitated now, I wanted my girl back, here safe in my arms where no one can hurt her, fuck this, I need to leave.

“Clare, I really don’t wanna leave, but my mom and my sister are ill and I live all the way at the other side of town, I can stay if you really want me to”

“Oh goodness yes, I’m sorry, you can go Justin”

“I promise I’ll be back first thing this morning, we’ll find your daughter, I love her too much to let her go”

“I know you do, see you soon” I’ve never seen someone so distraught before, I felt so guilty for leaving, but I was going to find Lillian, no matter what it takes, getting into the car and driving off, I will find you Lils.

Lillian’s POV

My mind felt fuzzy, I knew I was waking up again, waking up to my new nightmare, slowly getting the feeling of my body back, I could now feel that I was sitting up on a chair, still tied up, still blindfolded and duct taped, all of a sudden I felt a fist to my face, realising that my body was in terrible pain, and I could feel the blood dripping down my face, what did they do to me whilst I was unconscious?Another fist to my face, the sharp feeling of a knife on my leg, breaking the skin, men laughing at my agony, they had stopped but only for a moment, before I felt the ripping of the duct tape off my mouth, and a pair of harsh lips on mine, instantly biting his lip so that he would stop.

“Well, we’ve got a feisty girl over here, can see what Ryan likes about her” who’s Ryan?

“She won’t be alive for long anyway, once we have a bit of fun with her” oh god no, please don’t let it be what I think they’re talking about, slowly removing my blindfold, I couldn’t see their faces, but I knew that they could see me.

“Here she is boss, just like you ordered!” a guy sad cheerfully, he was proud of himself, he must have been the one who kidnapped me, but my blindfold was suddenly put back on me.

“Who is that? I asked you to do ONE simple job and you get me a random girl? Can’t you fucking idiots do anything?!”

“This is Ava”

“Really? That right there is Ava? Well it isn’t, and we don’t need her, knock her out and dump her”


“The side of the road? A river? I don’t give a rats hairy ass where just get me Ava!”  I could feel something sharp hit my head, knocking unconscious for a third time.

Justin’s POV

“Come on Lils, where are you?” still driving around, hoping for any sign that could lead me to Lillian, I was out of luck, I felt like being on the verge or crying, I don’t think I could live without her in my life, I didn’t want to love another girl, Lillian was mine, and I was hers, driving slowly up my end of town, looking at the local girls throwing themselves at any guy, it disgusted me, what if Lillian wasn’t even here anymore? I couldn’t even imagine the worst possibilities, her in a world of sex trafficking, getting raped, death, the thought of any guy touching my girl made me want to throw up, it sickened me, knowing one thing for sure, if any guy has touched Lillian in that way, I will and I mean will kill him, I will hunt him down and shoot him, I will do anything in my power to make sure she’s still pure, when I get her back, I will never let anything happen to her ever again.

I was getting close to the guys now, hopefully they had some answers, hearing my phone buzzing I picked it up and answered.

“Justin come quick, we found her!”


“Come to mine” that’s all it took, I was now speeding, getting to Connor’s in an instant, I practically sprung to his front door, Taylor instantly answered.

“Where is she? Taylor I swear to god!” he pointed to the living room, running in there, I saw her unconscious body lying on his couch, running over to her, picking her up and holding her in my arms.

“You’re safe baby girl, I promise you’re safe, I love you so much” looking at her small figure, cuts everywhere, bruises everywhere, her beautiful natural face had been replaced with two black eyes and a giant gash on her head, blood coloured her brunette hair, my Lillian, kidnapped and beaten, someone was going to pay.

“Where did you find her? Who did this to her?”

“Some guys were just gonna leave her on the side of the road to freeze to death, by the looks of it, considering the resent attacks, I can only assume that those Ninety Nines, trying to get our territory for weeks now, and now, they’re clearly taking it too far”

“You’re fucking right they’re taking it too far! My girl got kidnapped and beaten, god knows what else Connor! She doesn’t deserve this! I wanna fucking kill them!”

“I think you should take Lilly home then sleep on it, we’ll talk more tomorrow” I knew he was right, there was no good arguing about it now, scooping her up in my arms, I carried Lillian into the car, carefully putting her in the passenger’s seat, then going to sit in the driver’s seat, looking over at Lillian, she looked so fragile, there was nothing I could really do now, she had already been beaten, if I find out these guys took it any further with her I will do anything and everything in my power to have them killed, I never wanted to kill anybody, but now that this happened, I was ready to if I had the chance, driving back to Lillian’s, I couldn’t wait to give Clare and Daniel their daughter back, putting their mind at ease, although I’ll be more relaxed when Lillian wakes up, she was still bleeding and I have no idea how much blood she’s lost, I had to get to Lillian’s quick.

There’s only one thing I know that’s for sure, these ‘Ninety Nines’ are gonna be history when I’m threw with them, nobody beats up my girl and gets away with it.

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