Nothing Like Us

This is the story of Lilly and Justin, Lilly is your sweet girl who doesn't get into trouble and has lived her life, Justin on the other hand is apart of a gang but has a good heart, violence, love, lust, drugs, sex and death, can Lilly and Justin's relationship survive?


17. Chapter 17

Lillian’s POV

“Okay, how’s this one?”

“It looks good, just like the other five dresses you’ve tried on”

“Well excuse me if I want to look good for the barbeque later Lilly!” I let out a little sigh, all week till now Hayley has been trying on every single dress she could find for our family barbeque on Saturday, she wanted to look really good because she had finally invited ‘mystery boy’ Zach to come, today was the day and apparently she still hadn’t found anything nice to wear, even though everything she tried on made her look like a model.

“I think Zach will like anything you wear, and don’t worry about mum and dad, I think Zach will be fine, but just in case, prepare for them to be super embarrassing”

“Thanks for the heads up, okay, I think I’m going to wear this dress” she was modelling a light blue summer dress with a flowery fabric pattern “why don’t you get a dress?”

“I don’t know, I mean it’s just a barbeque Hales” just then we both heard a knock on the shop window, outside was Lucy and Molly waving and smiling, waving back they both came into the shop.

“Hey pretty girls! What are you doing?”

“Hayley just wanted a dress for our barbeque this afternoon, you two are still coming right?”

“Hell yeah we are! And why aren’t you getting a dress missy! We should all get one, and you should want to look good for your boyfriend WHO I have yet to meet!” Lucy grabbed my hand and pulled me over to the dresses, Molly and Lucy picked a dress instantly, I however couldn’t find out I liked, until Hayley picked one up.

“Lilly, what about this one?” it was a summer purple dress, a bit low cut by the waist and by the chest, but not too revealing.

“Yeah! You should wear that one! With the obvious denim jacket and accessories of course”

“Go on cutie try it on!” going into the dressing room, trying on the dress.

“Are you dressed yet?”

“Yeah, I’m coming out now” I pulled the curtain to have their eyes on me, walking over to the mirror, looking at myself, and instantly fell in love with the dress, Justin would like this one.

“I think I’m gonna get it”

“Good! Now lets all take a picture!” Lucy, Molly and Hayley moved to the mirror where I was, Lucy pulled out her phone and we all posed for a photo, but we couldn’t help keep giggling.

“Okay, we’ve got our dresses sorted, now let’s go buy them!” getting dressed back into our normal day clothes, going to the counter and buying the dresses, once we brought them Lucy and Molly headed back with me and Hayley to our house to get ready, once we got home mum was in the kitchen making salads and preparing the meat for the barbeque.

“Hey girls, how was shopping?”

“It was good mum, where’s dad?”

“He’s in the garden starting up the fire, when are the boy’s coming over?”

“Well Justin’s coming over around four and so is Nathan, but you’ll have to ask Hayley about Zach”

“Well Hayley?”

“He’ll be over at four, mum please don’t embarrass me like you did Lilly!”

“Gee Hales, I think mum should now, since she did utterly embarrass me”

“Sweetie I didn’t embarrass you… okay fine I did but I’m your mother, it’s what mother’s do! And calm down Hayley, just go get ready girls, everybody will be here soon!” I could see that mum was really busy, I nudged Lucy and Molly to head upstairs, Hayley followed on behind me before she went in her room.

“What’s up with your sister?”

“Her new boyfriend is coming round tonight and practically tried on everything for today”

“Oh, well that’s understandable, getting your boyfriends to meet your parents must be nerve racking!”

“Yeah tell me about it”

“Come on girly let’s get ready!” we opened up our bags to get our new dresses out, as soon as we got dressed we did our hair and make-up, Molly was wearing cream strapless dress and Lucy was wearing a nice short green dress, as said I was wearing my gorgeous purple dress with a denim jacket and my charm bracelet, I decided to put my hair to the side and do fish scale plats instead of a usual plat, Molly had her beautiful blonde hair in a big messy bun on the top of her head and Lucy straightened her gorgeous long brunette hair.

It had got to three and soon enough people started to show up, dad had invited a few work friends over, mum inviting some of hers, Hayley had invited Beth over and soon Zach and I had Molly, Lucy and soon to be coming Justin and Nathan, me, Molly and Lucy were helping my mum with bringing everything out, getting the drinks ready for everybody when I felt a vibration in my denim jacket pocket, it was Justin.

I’m on my way! I’ll see you soon!x x x – J

Okay! The garden door is open so just come through there, see you soonJ x x x – L

“So? Is he on his way?” Lucy was intrigued as to who had texted me, I smiled and put the phone back into my pocket.

“Yeah he’s on his way now, how about Nate? Looking over at Molly with her phone in her hand.

“Yeah he’s coming now to! Shouldn’t your sister be down here?”

“Hayley’s probably just really nervous, my parents kind of scared off her last boyfriend”

“Wow, poor Hayley! Hope this Zach guy can stick around, she looks happy”

“Yeah tell me about it, but you don’t have to stick around to listen to her moan is he does leave”

“Well okay that’s a good point cutie!” just then we heard a muscular voice behind us “Well hello ladies”

“Nathan!” Molly turned around and gave him for what felt like the longest hug ever, me and Lucy looked over at one another, with her whispering in my ear “Do you think they’ve got something going on? No one hugs for THAT long without something happening between them” “Tell me about it!” they both broke away and Nathan finally came over and gave us a hug.

“So when’s your dad putting on the food? I’m starving!”

“Nate you’re always starving” we all laughed at him, looking over at my dad starting to put on the meat on the barbeque, all of us decided to sit in my Blooma Solway Corner Arbour at the end of the garden, with my mum bringing us a few refreshments.

“Sweetie Justin’s here, should I tell him to come over here?”

“No I’ll go meet him, I’ll be back in a second guys!”

“Don’t be too long, I want to meet lover boy!” giggling at Lucy’s response I followed my mum over the other end of the garden, I saw Justin standing there, wearing denim jeans, a white top and a red checkered long  sleeved top over it, my boy is looking good.


“Hey Lillian!” I made my way over to him and opened my arms out, him instantly taking in my embrace, slowly pulling away and giving him a quick peck, before realising we were still standing with my dad “Sorry dad” Justin and I couldn’t contain our laughter, pulling Justin’s hand we started to walk over to where the guys were.

“Lillian you look really beautiful, especially since you’re wearing my favourite colour” he gave me a wink and I couldn’t help but blush.

“Well you’re looking good to, since when do you were checkered tops?”

“Well I’m not gonna lie, I still want to impress your parents, thought I’d look good for a barbeque”

“Well I think you impressed them enough over dinner last week, so where’s your mum and Jazzy?”

“They both got the flu, and since I’m feeling good it looks like I haven’t caught it”

“Oh no, I was really looking forward to them coming, but I’m glad you’re still hear and not sick” 

“Yeah I know you were, she said to say hi though”

“Well tell her I said hi to, and that I hope she feels better soon”

“I will Lils” we made it over to the Blooma Solway Corner Arbour, Lucy, Molly and Nathan were laughing about something before they all had their eyes on me and Justin “What’s so funny?”

“You’re mom Lilly” Nathan pointed and I turned my head to see my mum dancing with her friends, and not good dancing.

“Oh god” we all burst out laughing before I realised that I still haven’t introduced Justin “guys this is Justin, Justin this is Lucy, Molly and Nathan, I go to school with them”

“It’s nice to meet you guys”

“Nice to finally put a face to the name Justin!”

“You to, Lils I think you’re mom’s about to ‘bust a move’” I turned over towards my mother again, clearly still dancing, but I couldn’t help but laugh, she stopped dancing to make her way over to us “Guys foods ready!”

“Finally!” we all laughed at Nate, no matter how much he ate he was never full, we made our way to where the barbeque was, grabbing any meat we could find, I’ll admit even for a barbeque my dad is quite the chef, slowly it began to get a little windy, Justin saw that I was cold and wrapped his arms around me, instantly feeling his body heat, resting my head on his shoulder, Nathan and Molly were giggling and talking to each other, Lucy moving to sit next to me and Justin “So what do we think guys? Those two do look cute together”

“Are they going out?”

“Naahh, but lately Lilly and I have been seeing them hang out more and more, getting closer, love is blossoming my friends!” looking back over at Molly and Nathan, I’ll admit Nathan is really cute, and they do look really good together, it made me feel happy to know that they could have each other, I moved my head to give Justin a light kiss on the cheek, Justin turned to look at me, smiling his gorgeous smile, moving in to give me a love-filled kiss “I’m surrounded by couples” me and Justin broke away from the kiss looking over at Lucy, we couldn’t help but laugh.

“Hey Lucy, I’ve got a few good looking guy friends who are single, if you’re interested I’ll hook you up” Lucy couldn’t help but be loud and giddy.

“Okay its official, I love your boyfriend Lilly, hook me up my friend!” Justin and I burst out laughing, then Justin continued.

“Alright, it’s a deal, how about I set you up on a blind date, better yet a double date with me and Lils so it’s not awkward”

“Okay, sounds good! But he better be REALLY cute” I couldn’t help but smile, going on a date with Justin would be nice, even if it was a double date, I’d take that over nothing, it started to get a little dark, mum and dad decided to put the fire on and make some smores, grabbing some marshmallows and just popping them into my mouth, looking around at everyone, I felt happy, completely and truly happy, everyone laughing and having just as much of a good time as me, but then it hit me, I hadn’t seen Hayley the entire night.

“Mum, where’s Hayley?”

“She’s in her room, her boyfriend couldn’t make it and now she’s in her room sulking” nodding my head I turned over to Justin.

“I’m just gonna go check on Hayley okay, I’ll be back in a bit”

“Alright, to be gone too long” giving him a quick peck and making my way into the house, as soon as I got to Hayley’s room the door was locked quietly knocking on the door.


“Hales it’s me, I’m really sorry he didn’t show up, why don’t you just invite hi-”

“JUST GO AWAY!” knowing there probably wasn’t any use staying I did as Hayley requested and left, making my way back downstairs, before I could even get a chance to walk into the kitchen mum hovered over to me.

“Lilly sweetie would you mind putting the rubbish out the front for me please?”

“Yeah sure thing” grabbing the two big heavy bin bags from her hands I walked out the front door, making my way to the road and putting the two bin bags into the bin, before I could close the lid something dark covered my eyes, two big strong arms grabbing me tightly, someone put something over to cover the top half of me, barely being able to see, picking me up and throwing me to what I can only assume is in a back of a van, before I could get a chance to scream something hit my head, my mind fazing into blackness, fazing into nothing.

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