Nothing Like Us

This is the story of Lilly and Justin, Lilly is your sweet girl who doesn't get into trouble and has lived her life, Justin on the other hand is apart of a gang but has a good heart, violence, love, lust, drugs, sex and death, can Lilly and Justin's relationship survive?


12. Chapter 12

Lilly’s POV

“Morning beautiful, wake up” I slowly began to open my eyes to adjust the morning light threw my windows, Justin was kissing every part of me he could find, the feel of his lips on me felt wonderfully amazing, he continued to kiss me until his lips reached mine for a long fulfilling kiss.

“Morning, that was a nice way to start off my day” I giggled, which made Justin laugh, he couldn’t keep his gorgeous smile off of his face, and I couldn’t keep mine off either, Justin pulled up the thin sheet over our naked bodies and cuddled up closer to me.

“Lillian… last night was-“

“Amazing” he pulled me over so that I was on top of him and gave me a gentle kiss.

“Lils, I know that last night wasn’t my first time having sex, but I want you to know that this right here meant more than everything to me, and I’m blessed that you wanted me to take your virginity, you have no idea how much I love you”

“I know Justin, but that’s okay, because last night it was just you and me, together, I know I probably wasn’t the ‘best sex you’ve ever had’ but-”

“But nothing, Lillian, last night beat all of the other times, combined even, you have no idea how much you make me happy” he kissed my forehead and I laid back on his chest.


“Yeah baby?”

“I love you to, forever and always” he rolled me off his chest so that he could see me, I loved his smile on him.

“How did I end up with someone so perfect as you?”

“It helps that you’re hot” I giggled when Justin started to tickle me, he stopped after a second and kissed me again, then lying back down to cuddle me.

The second I woke up I felt a teardrop role down my cheek, this was the fifth dream in a row I’ve had about Justin, but this was the first dream I’ve had that I wanted to be true so badly, my dream made me yearn for him in so many different ways, I didn’t want to have sex right away, but the feel of his skin on mine, how happy we made each other, I wanted this dream to come true, and hopefully one day it could come true, I fell back into my pillow, letting the tears flow, I still needed a little bit more time, but not being with him was killing me, I wanted to hold him again, to kiss him, to tell him I loved him, he wanted that to, I know he does, this isn’t fair on either one of us, but I knew that I was seeing him today, baby steps.

I slowly made my way out of bed, I hopped in the shower and stayed in there till I was a wrinkly old prune, I got out and put my dressing gown on, and made my way down stairs to eat some breakfast, to find that it was just Hayley in the kitchen.

“Hey, you okay?”

“Yeah, I guess, how about you?”

“I’m pretty amazing thank you”

“This wouldn’t happen to be about the mystery guy that’s put you in an amazing mood?” A few weeks ago Hayley starting going on dates with a guy from school, I’ve seen him with her but I never really bothered to catch his name, I’ve been so wrapped up in Justin that I’ve never really asked Hayley about him.

“Mystery guy? Oh, you mean Zach, Yeah, that’s why! So… what’s going on with you and Justin then? Haven’t seen him around much”

“It’s nothing, don’t worry”

“No come on, spill!”

“No, it’s nothing, really, we’re just taking some time apart, I guess I just really miss him” I wasn’t really comfortable with telling Hayley about Justin, it wasn’t really my place to tell, so I wasn’t going to start saying anything now, regardless of her being my sister.

“Okay fine, don’t tell me! But… Justin seems really happy with you Lilly, and you seem a lot happier when your with him, don’t let whatever happened between you two ruin things, he’s a great guy, I’m sure you two will have things back on track in no time”

“Yeah, I hope so… hey Hayley?”


“I’m sorry I haven’t asked you anything about Zach, I’m glad you’re happy”

“It’s okay Lilly, and, thanks” we sat in silence whilst we eat our breakfast, I went back upstairs to get ready to go meet Justin, I wasn’t too sure on what we were doing exactly, but… Hayley’s right, I am happier when I’m with him, and he’s happier when he’s with me, maybe after today I might reconsider, and maybe start thinking about dating him again, baby steps.

It had got to lunch time, I had finished getting ready and Justin was on his way to pick me up, since it was such a nice day outside I decided to wear a long white summer dress, soon enough I heard the beeping from outside, I grabbed my bag and ran out the front door.

“Hey Lils, wow… you look…” he didn’t finish his sentence, and in a way I didn’t want him to, even though I was thinking about reconsidering to go on a date with him, it’s still hard right now taking a compliment from him.

“Hi Justin, you don’t look too bad yourself” I let out a little giggle, lighting the mood “So are you planning on telling me where we’re going? Or are you secretly kidnapping me?” I let out a friendly wink, Justin laughing at my questions.

“I’m not kidnapping you! Well…” I slapped his arm playfully, I missed hanging out with him “Don’t worry, I’m not kidnapping you, but it’s a surprise so I can’t tell you”

“Ooh I like surprises; can I guess where we’re going?”

“Nope” he put the enthuses on the ‘e’.

“Why not?”

“Because… I said so”

“That’s not a real reason Justin”

“Come on, just play along will ya!”

“Okay okay! I won’t make any guesses!”

We were driving for a while, talking, laughing, playing the music on the radio way too loudly, then for what felt like forever Justin finally parked the car.

“Okay, put this blindfold on”

“Okay, now I know you’re planning to kidnap me”

“Lils, if I was planning on kidnapping you, would I be such a sweetheart right now?” he made me laugh when he called himself a sweetheart, but I knew he wasn’t joking, he was a sweetheart.

“Okay, I’ll put the blindfold on” Justin wrapped the fabric around my eyes and tied it to the back of my head, he was hold my waist, leading me the way to the surprise, but I couldn’t help but feel so relaxed when he held my waist, I missed his touch, finally he stopped and I was standing still.

“Justin? Can I take the blindfold off now?”

There was no response.


“Okay, you can take it off now”

I began to take off the blindfold, but what I was looking at was definitely not what I was expecting.

“It was a nice day, so I thought what better way to spend it then by having a picnic and a beautiful view” the view was breath taking, there were fields, beautiful flowers, the clear blue sky above us, it was perfect.

“Justin… this is… this is amazing, thank you”

“And I got you these” he pulled some flowers from behind his back, but they weren’t just any odd flowers.

“You got me lilies, that’s so sweet”

“It’s no problem, ready to eat? I know it’s not much bu-“

“No Justin, this is great, I love it!”

We sat down on a blanket, Justin handed me a PB&J sandwich, and got one out for himself, we sat comfortably eating and drinking, then after we finished I laid down to look at the clear sky, and Justin laid down beside me.


“Yeah Justin?”

“What are you thinking about right now?”

“Nothing, actually, it’s just nice to have a clear head for a change”

“Yeah, it feels nice”   

Justin laid closer to me and we watched the sky as it started to form little clouds, we played the game where you guess different things that the cloud shape is, it felt really nice having Justin this close to me again.

After about twenty of guessing different cloud shapes the clouds started to become bigger and darker, then out of nowhere it began to rain.

“Well I wasn’t planning for that to happen” We both laughed, it had been such a nice day, I don’t think anyone could have predicted the rain “Come on! Let’s get back to the car!” we picked up the blanket and ran back to the car, we quickly got inside but the rain had gotten heaver since we had left the field, and I didn’t realise that I had gotten into the back seat of the car.

“Hey! What are you doing all the way back there?”

“Well, there is more space back here rather than the two front seats, come on!” before I knew it I started to grab him, pulling him onto the backseat with me.

“I think we should wait in the car for a while, it looks like the rain isn’t gonna let up for a while and it could be dangerous to drive”

“Yeah I agree, but it’s not like we’re in a rush… I’ve missed spending time with you”

“I’ve…I’ve missed spending time with you to Lils” we were getting too close for comfort, but I didn’t care, and I knew Justin didn’t either.

“Come here Lils, you’re soaked” he wrapped his warm arms around me, I snuggled up closer to him and let my head rest on his shoulders.

We sat in silence for a while, neither one of us having the courage to talk, I was just slowly dying of happiness with his arms embracing me, the millions of thoughts were just rushing through my head, my heart feeling like it was going to burst out of my chest, I needed him, and not just to be my friend, I wanted him to be more than that, I always had, I didn’t care anymore, his past was his past, yes, he was still in a gang, but he didn’t want to be, and I know that he was telling the truth about it, I needed this boy now more than ever, and he needed me, Ryan was gone, other than his mother and his sister, the only other true person in his life is... me, and I wanted him to have true happiness, and I wanted to be truly happy again.

“Justin” I removed my head from his shoulder, my face being so close to his, and I wasn’t going to stop myself.


“I love you”

“I…I love you to, Lillian” we both smiled and I kissed his cheek, then moving my lips to his ear.

“Baby… Kiss me” we both didn’t have to think twice, our lips quickly connecting, moving slow but still in perfect synchronisation, my hand moving from his shoulder to his wet neck, pulling him down with me, him laying on top of me, even though it wasn’t a too small of a car, I loved that we were so close to each other, our kisses were increasing, getting faster, but then slower again, he stopped kissing my lips but he was still kissing my forehead, then my cheeks and began to lay on me, this is finally happening, he’s my Justin again, and he always will be.  


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