Nothing Like Us

This is the story of Lilly and Justin, Lilly is your sweet girl who doesn't get into trouble and has lived her life, Justin on the other hand is apart of a gang but has a good heart, violence, love, lust, drugs, sex and death, can Lilly and Justin's relationship survive?


10. Chapter 10

Justin’s POV

I got to Connor’s house and knocked on the door, someone opened the door but it wasn’t Connor, it was Taylor, and he looked pretty beat up, Taylor had gotten the ‘opportunity’ to start drug dealing, he was a part of the crew now so he had to go by what we do, but I had heard that he kept on messing up, little did I know how hard he messed up, and I could tell by looking at his face that must of fuck up hard, although it didn’t surprise me, he was now the youngest in the group, the trouble maker I guess.

“Where’s Connor?”

“In there” he pointed to the living room, as I walked in there I saw blood, I must have come in just interrupting Connor beating the living crap out of Taylor, no wonder why Connor wanted me to do his dirty work tonight.

“Hey man, you got my money?”

“You know I’ve got your money” I threw the rolled up money onto the table and looked back at him “There”

“Good job Bieber, wanna stick around, teaching the kid a voluble lesson” he looked up at Taylor.

“Nah I told you, meeting a girl remember”

“Right right right, have fun” and there I walked out of the house, but not before I saw Taylor taking yet another beating from Connor, I got in my car and started to drive to Lillians, finally, finally I’ll see my baby girl again.

I couldn’t contain the smile on my face as I pulled up outside her house, I kept on replaying the conversation in my head over and over again, I was gonna tell her everything tonight, I’ll hold her, comfort her, tell her everything will be okay, not only was I gonna tell her everything about my past and right now, I was gonna tell her that I loved her, it’s crazy to think that we’ve been going out for such a short amount of time, but I was head over heels for Lillian, and she means more to me than any lifestyle with those guys.

I got out of my car and climbed to her window, luckily her main bedroom window was by a balcony so I wouldn’t fall to my death, I couldn’t get rid of the smile on my face, I was so close to her, I couldn’t contain my happiness, I lightly tapped on her window, waiting for her, I waited, and I waited, I kept on tapping at her window but with no response from her, her light was on, I didn’t get it, was she asleep? Before I could think any further into that she pulled her blind up and opened the window quickly and she walked away from her window, I climbed inside and shut the window carefully without making a sound, I practically sprung to her and spun her around waiting for her to embrace me, but she squirmed out of my arms, and that’s when she turned to face me, she had been balling her eyes out.

“Lillian? Baby what’s the matter?” I stroked her face to wipe the new batch of tears escaping from her beautiful eyes, but she slapped my hands from her face and pushed me away, oh god, I’ve broken her heart, I’m such an asshole.

“Lils I’m so sorry I left you hanging okay, I’m such a dick for hurting you, but I promise you I’m never gonna leave you again, ever, that’s why I’m here right now, I promise to tell you anything you wanna know about me, I need to be completely honest with you because you deserve it and I-I” I gently grabbed her hand and pulled her closer to me “I love you, and I know its way too early but I don’t care, I love you Lillian”

She slowly looked up at me, her eyes meeting mine, she looked so broken, but what she said next completely took me by surprise.

“How long have you been selling drugs for?” I just stood there, how did she know? Oh god no, I wanted to tell her everything, but she found out before I could give her time to think about it.

“Justin answer me, how long have you been selling drugs for?” her voice was louder this time, she pulled her hand away from mine.

“Lillian, please just let me start from the begi-”

“Answer my question!”

“Since I was 15, okay? I know what you’re thinking right now, but please just give me a chance to explain, baby please” and then I got a proper look at what she was wearing, she was at the party, I could feel light tears escaping from my eyes now, she was still in shock, I told myself I was going to explain myself from the very beginning of the story, but what she knew now was gonna make it more harder for her to accept me.

“I thought I knew you, but I was very, very wrong” she could help but let her eyes continue to ball with tears, I was breaking her heart, I couldn’t help but cry to.

“Please, please Lils can you just at least hear me out, I came here tonight to tell you everything, one way or another, you would’ve known about the drugs, and I’m sorry for that”

“Do you… do you do drugs?” she managed to blurt out, the way that she was thinking about me now was breaking my heart.

“No I don’t, and I never will, yes I deal drugs, well I used to, before I met you, before I fell for you, tonight was just-“

“An exception” she whispered, she stopped looking at me and looked at the floor, I pulled her chin up for her to look at me again, here we go.

“My mom had me when she was young and life didn’t come so easy for us, my dad, if you were to call him that, raped my mom and that’s how she ended up with me, she worked three jobs to help out with looking after me, it was just me and mom, until I was 11, he managed to find where we lived and beat up my mom and rape her again, and that’s how I have my sister, we weren’t able to move house because of money problems, my mom got into another abusive relationship and that’s when me and my best friend Ryan joined gang at fourteen, it got to a point where I couldn’t take the guy hitting my mom anymore, I found a gun and I shot him in self-defence, he’s in prison right now for hurting my mom, and I ended up in juvie for 5 months, I got out and got in more deep with the gang, I started having a lot of sex, started to sell drugs, me and Ryan managed to die that habit down after a year, and then…” Lillian was holding onto me for dear life at this point, she couldn’t safe me from what happened but I know that she wanted to, more tears formed onto her face, she slowly pulled me to sit on her bed, she was hysterical.

“Justin I-”

“And then I met you, you changed me Lillian, and I… the reason that I’ve been distant is because Ryan’s now in juvie, I wanted to spend a lot of time with him before he left, he made me promise that I’ll be with you because he knows how much you mean to me, and I’m so sorry, for everything Lillian” I let my eyes form new tears, we sat in silence for a while, I knew that she needed some quiet time right now, to process everything that I’ve told her, but I could see it in her face that she had some questions, she looked up at me and started to speak.

“Are you… still a part of it? The gang I mean” she was so quiet, we were both exhausted from all the crying, but I needed her, I wanted her so badly.

“Yes, if I could I would leave them right now, have a normal life with you, but it’s not as simple as that” she nodded slowly, taking another deep breath.

We sat in silence again for a while, Lillian had her head resting on top of my shoulder, her holding and stroking my hand, I didn’t hesitate to rest my head on hers and pull her closer, she didn’t resist, it had felt like hours until Lillian spoke up again.

“Justin” her voice still soft and gentle, she made every inch of me melt.

“Yeah Lils?”

“Earlier… when you said that you loved me” she trailed off, but managed to find her voice again. “Was that true? Because I… I want to believe that it is”

I pulled her ever closer to me, removing my head from hers, pulling her face to meet mine and stroked her rosy beautiful cheeks.

“It’s true, I meant every word of it Lillian, I love you so much baby and I know that this is a lot to process right now but… but we can get passed all of it, I want you to meet my family, I’m not afraid anymore, you’re the first girl I’ve ever felt this way about and I’m so happy that it’s you I feel that way about… I love you Lillian” she took a deep breath, and she said the words I’ve been waiting to hear from her in what felt like the longest time possible.

“I… I love you to” a tiny tear ran down her cheek and I quickly pushed it away with my thumb, without even thinking about it I pulled her face into mine and felt my lips crash into hers gently, I forgot how amazing it was to kiss Lillian, and now that I knew she loved me, it made our kisses even more perfect, but then she pulled away and cupped her soft hand on my face.

“But…” what? No buts, please no buts baby.

“But I think that it’s a good idea to just be friends right now, this is all happening too fast and I just need some time to really process all of this, and then we could try again, but… I do love you, and I’m glad you finally told me the truth, I just hope that you can wait for me” she started to ball her eyes out again just as I was, I couldn’t believe all of this, but I understood where she was coming from, regardless of the way we both feel about each other.

“Lillian, of course I’d wait for you, you can take all the time you need, there’s no one else I would rather be with, but I’m so glad you feel the same way I do, I’m so sorry Lils, for everything” I couldn’t help but cry on her shoulder, her crying next to me, I could hear her mumble through my shirt that she was sorry to, I promised Ryan that I would keep Lillian, yet here we were, her no longer my girlfriend, her no longer to call mine, but I had to have faith, I wasn’t gonna leave her, she just needed time, in anyway this could make our relationship stronger, now that I had nothing to hide anymore, I would soon be able to call her mine again, call her my baby, my Lillian, and then having a bright future with her, the only girl I could see myself having a future with was right here in my arms, and I wasn’t prepared to give that up for anything, I’ll have Lillian back soon enough, my Lillian.


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