Nothing Like Us

This is the story of Lilly and Justin, Lilly is your sweet girl who doesn't get into trouble and has lived her life, Justin on the other hand is apart of a gang but has a good heart, violence, love, lust, drugs, sex and death, can Lilly and Justin's relationship survive?


1. Chapter 1


Lilly’s POV

“Lilly come on I’m gonna be late!”

“Yeah okay I’m coming”

I slowly grabbed my sketchbook and pencil and put it in my bag, not really bothered about where I was going with Hayley today, but as long as I had something to draw on and with I knew I would be entertained.
I hated that she was practically babysitting me whilst our parents were out for the day, it wasn’t like I couldn’t take care of myself, I was nearly 17 for craps sakes.
As I made my way down the stairs I put on my shoes and made my way in the living room to find Hayley sitting impatiently for me.

“Finally! How long do you take?”

“Yeah I know, I’m sorry”

I wasn’t actually sorry, but I knew it would shut my sister up somehow.

“Okay, I guess I forgive you” Her face looking from annoyed to happy in a split second, thank goodness, don’t think I could deal with a moody Hayley today.

As soon as we got in her car we took off, it had only been eight months since our family had moved to Los Angeles and already I just wanted to go back to England, I miss the rainy weather and my home, but ever since my dad got offered a promotion here I could see that it made my family happier, and I wasn’t going to let my feelings get in the way of that.
As the car slowed down and pulled to a stop I could see that we had stopped outside a big abandoned building, I was feeling sceptical to get out of the car, but Hayley was just all smiles so I easily figured that she had parked the car in the right place, once leaving the car I noticed that her new friends Erin and Bethany were standing by the old door of the building waiting for us, what the hell has Hayley planned for today?

“Hey sexy ladies!” Erin screamed as she ran to Hayley a hug.

“Don’t leave me out!” Beth whined as she got closer to us, Hayley gave her a welcoming hug before Beth came to hug me.

“What are we waiting for? Let’s go in!” Hayley screamed excitedly, it wasn’t till we actually got inside that I realised what Hayley wanted to do today, I should of guessed it, Hayley always loved to dance, ever since she was two, not gonna lie she’s amazing at it, but judging by the inside of the building this wasn’t a professional dance class, although it wasn’t in too bad of condition.

Inside there was a group of 6 guys and 3 girls, all looking around mine and Hayley’s age, 4 of the guys and all of the girls were in one big circle talking whilst the other two guys where by the CD player, most of the guys were shirtless, and by the looks of them all they weren’t horrible to look at.

“Hey guys, Hayley’s here! And she brought a friend” one of the guys said, as soon as all of them got closer to me and Hayley everyone had their eyes fixated on me, like a lion looking for an animal as its next meal.

“Hey everyone! I would have come alone but I was put on babysitting duty, this is my sister Lilly”

“Hey Lilly” they all said effortlessly


“So is she dancing with us today?” another guy said smirking, eying me from head to toe.

“Very funny Liam, nah she’s just gonna sit and watch me be flawless today”

“Okay, well you can sit over by those benches there Lilly till we’re done”

“Err, yeah sure, okay”

I walked over quickly to the benches, not trying to get in anyone’s way, as soon as I had my back rested onto the wall I immediately got out my sketchbook and pencil and let the inspiration run wild.


 Justin’s POV

Shit shit shit! I was running late for dance practice, I had an excuse but I wasn’t even close to telling them anything going on in my life right now, they didn’t need to know and I wasn’t gonna tell them if they asked.
As soon as I got through the door I knew they were pissed, but I didn’t care.

“Justin, what the hell man you’re 20 minutes late!”

“Yeah I know, I’m sorry, but I’m here now so can we just get practicing?”

“Well you came in at a shitty time for that, we’re taking a short break now” Josh was laughing weakly, still pissed, but he was glad that I was just here now.

I realised there was something different in the room, as I looked around my eyes found a girl sitting with Hayley, Erin and Beth on the benches, with what seemed like a sketch pad sitting on her lap, she must have been with Hayley since no one here ever really brings someone with them, Hayley was just an exception.

“Hey, who’s that girl?” I asked just as I got the guys.

“Oh that’s Lilly, she’s Hayley’s sister, she’s just here being babysat according to Hayley’ Aaron laughed.

“Thinking about hitting that Bieber?” Toby winked, then the guys laughing seconds later.

“Shut up man” I said pissing myself, but I couldn’t help but not look at her, any guy would be stupid and blind to say that she wasn’t gorgeous, because she was, she could get any guy with her beauty, and in that moment she looked around the hall and her eyes met mine, giving me a weak smile, then back to looking at Hayley, wow  is the only thought that entered my mind, her big brown eyes weren’t fooling anyone, they were stunning.

Snapping back into reality I realised that the break was over, now I had to focus.

Lilly’s POV

“Okay I’m finished, yeah yeah I know the deal, so where am I taking you then?”

As a deal we made earlier I got to choose where we got to go after this, I wasn’t gonna let Hayley get her way all of today, I never have and I never will, well most of the time.

“Well I wanted to get some new books at the library, then we can go home”

“Seriously? Okay, if that’s what you wanna do, let’s go!” Hayley wasn’t too thrilled with the idea of the library, but I was gonna make her pay for making me spend two hours with people I barely knew.

As we were making our way back the car I realised I’d left my bag on the bench, “I’ll be quick!” I yelled as I ran to the door, when I got in there I saw that my bag wasn’t on the bench, I quickly panicked and started to search under the benches when I heard someone clearing their throat as if to get my attention, I turned around to see a guy holding my bag.

“Forgetting something?” he smiled, and handed me back my bag.

“Yeah I did” I let out a little laugh “Thanks”

“No problem, I’m Justin by the way”

“Well it’s nice to meet you Justin, I’m Lilly” we both smiled at one another, until I quickly realised that I left Hayley at the car.

“I’ve gotta go, Hayley’s waiting for me at the car and I wanna get going now before the library closes”

“Well at least let me walk you to Hayley’s car, it’s getting a little dark”

“Err yeah I guess that’ll be okay”

We were walking in silence until he cleared his throat.

“So how come you were here today then? If you weren’t here to dance?” He let out a little laugh before his eyes were focused on me.

“Oh, well my parents were out for the day and apparently I still need looking after” Rolling my eyes, before I knew it we arrived back at Hayley’s car, we said our goodbyes and headed straight for the library.
Huh I thought, guys rarely even bothered to give the time of day to me and yet out of nowhere I had Hayley’s guy friends smiling and winking at me all day, probably just being polite I figured.

After we got home my parents were there just putting dinner on the table good I think I’m starving, After dinner I slowly made my way to my room, not bothering to put my pyjamas on I just slid into bed and slowly began to drift off. 

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