"You're mine," he growled into my ear. "Not Niall's, not Zayn's, not Louis', and especially not Harry's. You're mine, and I will do what it takes to make you mine."

"Are you sure you're not out of time?" I looked at him over the rim of my glass filled with beer.

"I might be out of time, but I can fuck you better than any of them."

"Alright," I placed my glass down. "Then prove it."


13. why do you make me cry

"Liam!" I was screaming at the bus door. "Liam you bastard!" I shoved my hands on the door, creating loud clashes. 

~~10 minutes earlier~~

"Bo, let's go to the market," he said as he leaned against the cupboards.

"Okay," I said slowly. "Will you tell me what you mean by Harry being right. Liam, if you honestly believe what he said back at the tattoo shop, you're an idiot. I know your band, I know the members, and I know Harry. He always tries to separate people, it's what he does best."

"Bo," he repeated my name, his name for me. His eyes closed for just a second before he continued. "You don't understand. You think you know my past, the band's past, but you don't. Paul and Eric don't even know half the things that go on around me and don't even get me started on Simon and the rest of the mother fucking management."

He was tense, acting irrational. "Okay, then let's go to the market." If it was the only thing that would separate his mind from the rest of the craziness going through his head then I would do it. I walked down the steps and opened the door, Liam right behind me. 

I stepped down on the grassy floor and before I turned around I asked him, "So where do you want to go first?" 

Instead of him answering though, I got a door slammed in my face. Okay, yes that sounds ridiculous to what was actually happening. Liam wasn't kicking me out, he was simply going to ignore me. Try to get rid of me because of something ridiculous Harry said to me hours before. 

This was the beginning of my hell. 

~~present time~~

"Open the fucking door, Liam!" I shouted again. I felt like my fists were going to create dents into the sleek black metal of the bus's body. 

"Boston? What's wrong?" 

I turned around quickly to see the one I didn't want to see. Harry. 

"Go away Harry."

He exhaled, "He locked you out didn't he?"

I turned on him, my jaw clenched my fists tightened. I would strangle him here. "This is your fucking fault! If you would've just kept your fucking mouth closed none of this would happen!"

"Are you listening to yourself right now?"

"Please I don't have the time for a sarcastic dickhead." 

"Okay," he said raising his hands in surrender. "But if you would've listened to me, then maybe I would have told you about Liam and his past."

"What?" I crossed my arms.

"It was just a thought," he said as he sat down on the grass. He patted the grass beside him and I decided to sit across from him. 

"Tell me."

"I'm sure Liam has told you about the group of guys he joined a couple years ago. Three years correct? They got him involved in drugs and self harm?"

"Yes, he told me that."

Harry placed a small smile on his lips. "He tells you that he cuts himself for self-punishment because of you, to keep himself in 'control', right?"

"Yes. Harry where is--?"

"He makes you feel like you can't live without him and then you find out he's been drugging you all along, but you no longer care. You just want to be with him."


"He makes you feel so important that you would do anything to make him happy, including getting a tattoo of his name somewhere on your body, or more specifically on your ass."

"Stop," I warned him. "Just shut the fuck up. You don't understand."

"Really?" He questioned. 


"Okay, then let me prove it."

"Prove what?"

The amount of people walking between tents was large, but Harry searched through the crowd until a smile came upon his face. "Jessica!" 

My eyes widened as I saw my best friend get pulled from the crowd and walk over to Harry. 

"Hi Harry," she spoke as though she's known him her entire life. 

"Jessica, show Boston your wonderful mark," he looked from her to me.

"Harry," she started. "I told you not to use me in your revenge plan," then she looked at me. "Boston, I tried to warn you. I saw Liam at the airport as well, and I knew he was already planning to get under your skin. That's why I was so angry you spent all your time with him. It was happening all over again."

"Like it always does," said Harry.

"I don't understand," I begun.

"Show her," Harry persisted. 

Jessica exhaled before she looped her fingers in her belt loops and turned around. She pulled down her jean shorts slowly, before a small tattoo appeared on the same side as mine. It was almost identical. 

Liam's name written in his script, on her ass, showing his mark. He was with my best friend. 

"I can't…I can't take this," I said getting up, closing my face in my hands, upset. Tears started to form and fall down my face. 

Jessica came to me, placing her hands on my shoulders. "You need to get away, Boston."

"Did he have sex with you," I muttered, almost inaudible.

"What?" She asked me again.

I was growing mad, angry that my best friend was already with Liam. Angry at Liam for going through my friends like butter. "Did he fuck you?!" I shouted at her. 

Her eyes widened a little but then relaxed. "Yes," she said blankly and the tears became stronger. 

"He's done this to every festival we go to," said Harry. "The reason I'm concerned is because your brother is our bodyguard and you've fallen so quickly. Normally it takes him weeks to get the girl in his power, but you were so easy--."

"Great so everyone now thinks I just walk around fucking everyone I see." I said irrationally. 

"We never said that," said Jessica. "Boston, you are becoming controlled and you don't realize it."

"Why is he doing this?" 

"He knows you're a virgin," continued Harry.

"So?" I argued.

"What guy doesn't want to fuck a virgin. Let me guess he gets you so fucking hot, where you're about to explode and yet he stops you. Completely restrains himself from helping you reach your climax."

"How do you--?"

"This has been going on forever," finished Harry. "He's a dominate. He likes to control anything."

"I always thought Liam was the good guy, nice."

"That's what he used to be like. He never told you about his first girlfriend, did he?"


Harry exhaled. "His first girlfriend controlled him. She would not let him go out, and she was a dominate. Of course Liam was submissive, would do anything she told him. That quickly changed. She ended the relationship and all of a sudden we started to see a different side of Liam. He became mean, he was rude and harsh to the fans. Basically he turned into what the press thought I was going to turn into. If anything Liam and I completely switched personalities. He makes the mess and I clean it up. Jessica can be a witness to that."

I looked back at Jessica and she nodded. "After Liam left me, without a say without telling me anything, he just left. I was broken, because I thought what we had was normal, loving, and true. Harry contacted me afterwards and explained everything to me. I felt like a common slut, and kept my distance."

"How did this start with you?" I asked her. 

"Remember the One Direction concert your brother got us VIP tickets for?"


"I guess he noticed me, and afterwards security came to me and said that one of them wanted to meet me. I had no idea what I was getting myself into." 

"Should I do anything?" 

"Boston--," Jess started.

"You can't do anything," Harry said over her. "He's already marked you. You're his until he gets rid of you." 

I bit my bottom lip, so this is why he ignored the couple question. He was just waiting for the exact moment to get rid of me. "He's already kicked me out."

"No," said Harry. "This is what is different. He didn't kick you out, he pushed you away just a little. I'm not sure what his intentions are now."

"Just be careful," said Jess. 

"Harry," I said away from her. "You said it yourself. What's going on is different. What if Liam did find the girl he was looking for?"


Harry chuckled. "You can think whatever you want, but right now you are thinking exactly what he wants you to think."

"Well I also think you are wrong. Liam is different around me. He's not completely dominate. He lets me go visit my friends. I can do whatever I want."

"You can?" Jessica seemed to be incredulous. 


"Harry," started Jess. "It might be ridiculous and impossible, but could she have broken him?"

"No, she's only made a dent. She'll only break him when he's crying at her feet."

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