"You're mine," he growled into my ear. "Not Niall's, not Zayn's, not Louis', and especially not Harry's. You're mine, and I will do what it takes to make you mine."

"Are you sure you're not out of time?" I looked at him over the rim of my glass filled with beer.

"I might be out of time, but I can fuck you better than any of them."

"Alright," I placed my glass down. "Then prove it."


27. very queenly

"You can't be serious?" I ask my dad as his personal tailor placed the expensive black tuxedo jacket over my dad's shoulders. 

"I am. Boston this is an amazing opportunity, you should be excited."

"Well I'm not," I said truthfully. "I don't want to go to any political dinner and I don't want to meet any political people."

"Even if that political person is Her Majesty?"

I dropped my arms to my side, and my eyes opened wide. "Now I'm really not going."

"Boston, you are going. I'm making you go, and don't think I won't order security to make you go." 

"You're unbelievable," I almost yelled. 

"You're the one being ridiculous, especially since I'm allowing you to bring Liam." 

"Oh," I almost breathed. 

"Does this look okay?" 

I turned at the voice and saw Liam in a black tuxedo with a silver bow tie. "You have to stop doing that," I said to him. "You already knew?"

"Your dad told me this morning, and had my tuxedo brought from Burberry. We'll match."

"Match?" I almost chocked on the words. 


I stepped into the silver dress, the silver silk fit nicely around me with rhinestones buried into the fabric. I brought the sweetheart neckline up over my breasts and looked over my shoulder at Liam, who was watching me intently. 

"Can you zip me up?" I kept my hands cupping my breasts as he walked over. He slowly zipped the dress up my back before kissing my shoulder. 

"I can't wait to unzip this tonight," he huskily spoke into my ear. 

Goosebumps rose on my skin, starting on my lower back and going up to my neck. 

I turned, surprising him. "What else would you do to me?"

He smirked, "I would take my hands and run them up your legs," his hands moved with his words, causing my eyes to quickly shut and reopen. "Place my fingers over your clit." 

His hand was over the silkiness of my dress, but his fingers burned to the touch. I ached for him, wanted him. "Keep going," I muttered, looking up into his eyes.

"I would place my lips over your breasts and suck," his words became heavy, his eyes hooded. My bottom lip dropped. "I wouldn't stop until you screamed my name, high on pleasure." 

I wanted to scream his name, just by looking at him. I brought my lip underneath my teeth. He tugged me close to him. My hand ran down his chest and stopped over his cock, I could feel him start to grow beneath my grasp. 

His lips came closer to mine, I could feel the hot breath coming passed his teeth and sticking to my tongue. I watched his lips and just when he could touch me I looked up at him, our breathing heavy.

"Boston, Liam! Limo has arrived!" My dad yelled on the other side of my bedroom door.

"Later," he breathed, before he pushed me away and turned me around finishing the zipper of the dress. 


Liam and I sat next to each other and if it weren't for our exploring hands under the table I would've fallen asleep through the political speeches. Now Liam's hand, which started on my knee, was rising higher and higher. It was on my upper thigh, my breath catching in my throat and I looked at him to see a nice smile on his lips. 

He liked teasing me. This was the Liam I remembered, always kept me guessing, begging, which was exactly what he was doing. 

"Ms. Cameron?" An older woman asked across from our table. Oh no, please don't talk to me, I don't think I could answer--. "How do you like London?" 

"Oh," I started. Pull yourself together Boston, ignore Liam. How comes that's so fucking hard to do? "It has changed a little since I was younger, but I have enjoyed it so far. It's a new experience, and I like new experiences." 

Liam coughed slightly and sipped from his water glass, "Sorry," he said. I smiled, now I've caught him off guard. 

"I love being in a new environment, the feeling is amazing, being taken too a different place and…," and being fucked out of your mind by the guy sitting next to me. "…learning new things." 

Liam gently squeezed my thigh, and my smile grew wider. 

"Yes, I'm enjoying London," I finished. "Very much."

"That's fantastic," she said to me. "Mr. Payne, how is your boy band? It has been a long time since I've last seen you all."

"We are all doing very well, Your Majesty," said Liam with a smile. 

Your. Majesty. How could I be so stupid? Hopefully my dad has a good campaign because I just spoke to the fucking Queen of England like she was my grandmother. I was so screwed. 

"I heard that terrible news about Harry. Such a pity."

"I know, Your Majesty, but he is getting better and should be ready by the fall tour."

"Very good. You all have always put on a good show. Ms. Cameron have you seen any of their fantastic concerts?"

"No, Your Majesty, I haven't but I heard they are very excellent." Breathe Boston, breathe.

"Well you must!"

"I will, Your Majesty." 

"Grandmother," I looked at the man where the voice was coming from. Prince Harry. For fuck's sake, I'm never going to dinner with my dad again. "The Russian Ambassador is leaving."

"Thank you Harry," she smiled as her grandson helped her too her feet and they walked away. 

I could finally breathe. 

"Calm down," said Liam. 

I just shook my head. "I looked ridiculous."

"What? You acted very queenly."

"Shut up," I rolled my eyes.

"Come on, let's get out of here," he said as he stood.

"Where are we going?" 

"I know the O2 Arena like the back of my hand." Which meant one thing, he knows where to be alone. 

I stood up and took his hand. 

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