"You're mine," he growled into my ear. "Not Niall's, not Zayn's, not Louis', and especially not Harry's. You're mine, and I will do what it takes to make you mine."

"Are you sure you're not out of time?" I looked at him over the rim of my glass filled with beer.

"I might be out of time, but I can fuck you better than any of them."

"Alright," I placed my glass down. "Then prove it."


20. this kills me

Blurs, beeping and innocent cries was all that echoed through my ears. Was this a new beginning? The first sounds a baby hears when entering this world. Or were it the sounds that  life hears when exiting? 

There was a lot of commotion, moving about, in which I sort of didn't know why. No one was telling me anything and I was growing frustrated. 

Liam was no longer above me, but instead shouting to the top of his lungs about an ambulance and a selfish bitch. I felt immobile, but I was able to move my hands. I lifted my right hand and placed it over the pressure still forming in my chest. 

There was no blood on my front, so again I was confused. I placed my hand back down and I instantly felt wetness, stickiness. I brought my fingers back up to my face from the grassy ground and I saw what covered Liam's fingers, what made him frightened. 

My fingers were covered in dark red blood, with flecks of grass sticking to my covered skin. 

"Liam?" I tried to speak out and I don't know how, but he heard me over the loudness and screaming in the tent. 

"Bo," he said right away as he leaned down. "Bo, I'm so sorry."

I started to see sparks in my vision, and I knew I was going to black out from my blood pouring onto the floor. 

"It's alright," was the last thing I said before I was covered and swallowed whole by the blackness. 


A bright light started to form, with an incredible smell that could wake anyone.

"There she is," said an older guy, but not Liam. 

I looked up, the brightness to bright for my eyes and waiting for the adjustment to occur. Once I could see in front of me I saw Liam. His eyes red and swollen, dried tears on his cheeks. 

"Welcome back," said the older guy and now I realized he was a paramedic. We were inside an ambulance. "So, Boston, how's the other side?"

"W--What?" I breathed and Liam tensed his hand that squeezed mine, our fingers intertwining. 

"Nothing," he started. "Just wanted to make sure you could talk. Do you know what your name is?"

"Boston Cameron," I said. 

"Well, Miss Cameron you must tell your father that I'm a huge supporter."

I tried to scoff, but blood filled my mouth, unwilling to breath. 

"Okay, now," said the paramedic. "Take it slow." He suction cupped the blood from my mouth, opening my throat. 

I looked over at Liam to see his face in his hands. I reached over to him and stopped my hand over his. He slowly left the coverage of his hands and looked at me.

"It's alright," I said to him.

He just nodded without saying a word. The paramedic pricked my skin with a needle and hung an IV bag of fluid high in the the air. I was loosing myself again as I looked up at the florescent fake lighting filling the ambulance with brightness. 

"Bo," I heard Liam's voice. 

"She's going in cardiac arrest. Fuck, fuck, fuck," it was the paramedic. "Tom I need you to step on it, we can't let Cameron's daughter go!"

I wanted to shout out, tell him to shut up. Who cares about my father? I don't and sure enough they shouldn't either, but I guess I can't do much if my father was in politics. 

Instead I felt more pressure over my chest. It hurt and it was like I could hear every rib breaking as the pressure crushed down on me again and again. 

Then it stopped.

And I was gone.

~~Liam's POV~~

Hours went by as I stood watching the surgeons at work. I was caught between a thick sheet of glass and sterilized hospital oxygen, but my nails bit into my palm and I bit harshly down on my bottom lip. 

I separated myself away from the glass, even though I dreaded wanting too but I did. 

I walked down the busy hallways of the emergency room and operating floors. Beeping, running, commotion everywhere. It wasn't a place I wanted to be, but I continued down the hallway until I reached the waiting room. I stopped and sat down, reaching for my razor blade in my back pocket. 

Normally I would find a quiet place, hide away but I couldn't. I needed this right now, unable to wait. 

I put the blade to the inner side of my wrist and started to make a red line across my arm. 

"Mummy! That man is hurting himself!" It was a little boy across from the waiting room, pointing towards me.

"Oh my goodness," said the mother who stood up and started to shout for help.

I just kept ripping through my skin, until a hand fell over mine and tore the blade from my hand. 

"Liam stop," said Louis as he crouched down in front of me. "You're scaring the children."

"Louis do I look like I give a fuck?" I said to him.

He exhaled. "She'll be alright."

"No!" I shouted. "I did this to her!" 

"No you didn't," he spoke calmly. "She's strong, she will get through this. I just came back from the police station. The British Embassy is ordering us home."

"Who pulled the trigger?" I asked him.


"Who pulled the bloody fucking trigger?!" 

"Harry confessed that he did." 

"Of course he did. Jessica got out, right?"

"Yes--well I'm not sure." 

"I'm not going home," I finally said. "I'm staying here."

"Liam we have to leave Belgium or we all risk being arrested."

"Let me get arrested," I looked up at him. "I'm not leaving till Bo does."

"Well that's not going to happen," except it wasn't Louis' voice. I looked up to see the black tee shirts and dark jeans. 

"Simon I'm not going anywhere," I said to our mentor.

"Yes you are. You are leaving the country and going home."

"You must be insane to think that I'm actually going to leave."

"Then I'm insane," he continued. "Liam if you leave on the next plane out of here, I won't revoke your passport."

"What?" I choked. He could do that?

"Leave and I'll make sure you see her once everything is settled in proper countries, but we need to get you and everyone else out of here." 


"Bo, I'm so sorry," I said to her as I held her hand with mine. She was still coming off the anesthesia, and her breathing became more steady. 

The doctor said she was lucky. The bullet hit her side and scratched along her skin. The reason it was so bad was because of the extreme lose of blood.

Her entire chest was bandaged in white gauze and tears still crept down my face. My own wrist was bandaged but I just kept smoothing my fingers over hers.

"Maybe we aren't good for each other," I couldn't believe the words drifting off my lips. "Look what I've done to you." 

Of course she wasn't replying, but if only she could, she would be as upset as I am. 

"Liam," said Louis as he came by the door. "We have to go."

I looked up at him and nodded. I rather be able to see her, and not be refused her. So if that means I will have to leave, I will leave.

"Okay," I said to Louis. 

A couple minutes ago I wrote a small note, and it was folded several times into a square. I placed it in Bo's hand. The one I just occupied and was now vanishing from her touch.

"Goodbye," I whispered before I kissed her forehead. "I love you." I touched her hand one last time and then met up with Louis at the door.

"Lets go home," said Louis.

I looked back at Bo, unable to talk, move. Unable to know what was going on around her. 

I didn't reply to Louis but watched as Eric's suitcase was taken off the bus. 

"I'll see you all soon. Don't give Paul a hard time," said Eric as he popped the wheels of his luggage and was walking back onto the sidewalk. 

"Keep her safe," I said to Eric.

"Liam, she's my little sister. I wouldn't let her get hurt again. And Liam, last night wasn't your fault. I always knew Jessica was an instigator, but I didn't think she had the nerve to do what she did."

"No need to worry," said Simon as he exited the hospital doors. "She's being taken care of. Boston will be great and Harry will have some awesome therapy sessions I conjured for him. For right now we all need a rest. Eric, see you soon? I can't lose a security guard like you!"

"I'll be back, sir," said Eric. "I have to smooth things over with mom and dad, and I'll be sure to make it back overseas."

"I'll take care of your dad, after all he's donated quite a few dollars for our organizations. It's the least I can do!" 

"Thank you, sir."

"Take care," said Simon and once goodbyes were exchanged Simon placed his hand on my shoulder and turned me around. The sun must've gotten hotter since I walked outside, I could feel Simon's sweaty grip lacing into my shirt. "Liam, I meant what I said earlier. She's not going anywhere, but she needs the space and time to recover. Once she's ready I will be the first to get you on a plane." 

"Thank you Simon," I said to him. 

I was happy for Simon to offer what he did, but yet it still kills me to leave her here. I didn't want to part from her, keep her away. I wanted to be there, but I knew I wasn't allowed.

That's what hurt the most. 

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