"You're mine," he growled into my ear. "Not Niall's, not Zayn's, not Louis', and especially not Harry's. You're mine, and I will do what it takes to make you mine."

"Are you sure you're not out of time?" I looked at him over the rim of my glass filled with beer.

"I might be out of time, but I can fuck you better than any of them."

"Alright," I placed my glass down. "Then prove it."


2. running through airports

"Guys come on! We're going to miss the plane!" I yelled behind me. I was decorated in my high rise jean shorts, American flag tee shirt and cheetah print snapback. My dirty blonde hair flowing half way down my back. 

"We're coming!" Jessica yelled up to me. I smiled as I watched my other friends race to catch up, but I kept running. I made it to the gate, ready to give my ticket to the Spanish ticket taker. 

As I passed my paper ticket to the taker she watched me with disgust especially when my other four friends soon came crashing into me. Jessica was the closet to me, and then came Sam the most hipster guy you would probably ever meet, then Michael the preppy boy and I'm not sure how he ever got in our group. Finally picking up the end was Minnie, the girl who couldn't possibly be bothered but loved the excitement we endured.

So what do we do? We spend every summer festival skipping. And no not carnivals or circuses, but music festivals. We save our money all year just for one ticket but one ticket gives us twenty-four to seventy-two hours of absolute pleasure and the most amazing alcohol you can get your hands on, and that's when the music isn't on. We started festival skipping our last year of high school, and now all of them except for me were twenty while I was the baby at only nineteen. I didn't mind, but for being the youngest I was most definitely the leader. 

"Gracias," I said to the ticket taker as she gave me back my ticket stub and passport, soon my friends followed behind me. 

Jessica, Minnie, and I sat in the three seats together as Sam and Michael sat together. For being five completely different people we all got along. We were inseparable and always there for one another and that's why I love my best friends. A long time ago when we all got put together in a science lab was our first interaction together and after that we become that group of different outcasts. 

"I can't believe we are going to Belgium," said Jessica. Our breathing was still trying to catch up with us, but we kept our bright smiles. 

"So do you all think this will be better than TomorrowWorld?" I leaned forward to look at everyone.

They all nodded but Sam spoke, like always, "People say Tomorrowland gets pretty fucked up."

"Then let's make a vow. We all agree to let Tomorrowland fuck with us," I said and again they nodded.

"Agree," said Michael.

"Great, so let's leave Spain and go to one of the greatest music festivals in the world."

"Tomorrowland, better watch out, cos here comes the fucking Americans," said Minnie and we all laughed. 

Liam's POV

"We need to run," I said, putting my backpack over my back. "The plane is leaving soon." 

"Liam, we'll be fine," said Zayn, so laid back. 

Security provided us a small space to get out of the big SUV at the airport. We had minimal security coming with us, we tried not to have any but word got out about us going to Belgium and now all of England is attempting to get on this plane with us. 

"Gate B45 to Belgium will be closing in five minutes," a woman spoke over the loud speaker. 

"Fuck," said Harry.

"I told you so," I rolled my eyes. 

"We're going to have to do what Liam wanted to do earlier. We need to run," said Louis.

"Works for me," said Niall as he strapped his guitar onto his back. 

I smiled, "Let's go."

Soon we were running through the airport, security running behind us as the fans followed us as well. We definitely caused a disaster in Heathrow, but we didn't care, because we did reach the gate in time. We did get on the plane, and we made our take-off to Belgium. 

Paul and Eric were our bodyguards for this trip, our three days of excitement. Of course we would be staying for more than a week just like everyone else, but to enjoy the best music in Europe was exciting. We watched as the clouds passed by us, and as we crossed the many country borders until landing in Belgium hours later. 


When we finally got off the plane, there was of course paparazzi, but we were taken away from it and brought to the different hideaways halls. As we passed a gate there was loud talking, laughing and I looked at the gate that was releasing passengers from Spain. 

It was five people, and they most certainly weren't Spanish but I watched them with interest as customs checked our passports. 

They were each passing out necklace passes and putting them on. One girl dropped hers and she turned around and picked it up, as she stood back up she looked directly at me. Her dirty blonde hair flowing out from under her snapback. 

She kept my attention for awhile, her bottom lip dropping.

"Boston!" One of the other girls, obviously her friend, yelled. 

She turned at the word, which must also be her name. "Coming!" She yelled as she placed the lanyard over her head and ran back to her friends. 

I turned back to the rest of the boys where Harry was also passing out something. 

"Here's our VIP passes," he said handing one to me. I looked at the lanyard and noticed it was the same necklace the girl had dropped. 

The corner of my lips came up in a small smile as I whispered under my breath, "Boston." 

Okay so it's still May 15th where I live, so I didn't miss out! I went to see the Great Gatsby which was one of the many reasons I didn't update. Anyway! I hope you enjoy and I hope you are interested in meeting a dark side of Liam, because I am. 

Please comment, like, and favorite!

Much love, Morgan xx

ps: if you read Meet Me In Battersea Park--Eric the security guard should sound familiar :)

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